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    Scatamonky @replies

    Here’s one:

    The Doctor had already been to Trenzalore…….so how did he not recognise it when he arrived there the second time?

    Shouldn’t the UPS (Universal Positioning System) on the TARDIS still have it saved in its memory?

    Scatamonky @replies

    I’ve still only watched once….on iPlayer after a long and hectic Christmas day at about 1 in the morning.

    I enjoyed it but I do have some questions.

    1. How old do we think the Doctor is now? He was 1200 in The Day of The Doctor, waited 300 years for Clara the first time to return, but looked a HELL of a lot older comparatively the second time…maybe another 500 making him somewhere around 2,000 years old now!

    2. His future tomb at Trenzalore has now been averted? So Clara never did jump into his timestream but then again, if she didn’t then neither did The Great Intelligence so maybe one cancels the other out?

    3. Plus…..if Trenzalore is now longer his final final resting place, then somewhere else is….albeit in another 12 regenerations and 50 years BBC time from now…..but it’s still out there somewhere ans somewhen!

    Scatamonky @replies

    Dammit Juniper Fish! Just when I thought my theory had some legs you go and remind me that we did see Gallifrey burning in “The End of Time”.

    I’m not the biggest fan of retconning. I think that’s why I’d be much happier to learn that Gallifrey never did burn. In terms of storytelling I’m always happy to believe whatever you tell me. I just hate it when a writer establishes something like “this character can fly” and then later has the guy running!

    What I’m trying to say is, once you’ve stated the rules, do not break them on a whim because it makes the story you want to tell easier!

    Scatamonky @replies

    I hadn’t thought of that Thommck – but you’re right! It is  Moffet’s style to raise as many questions as he answers.

    That would be a great way to kick off Capaldi’s reign and ensure the message boards keep buzzing throughout his tenure!

    Scatamonky @replies

    That’s a good point Geoffers, that’s a fully fledged bastard of a good point (10 points if you can name that movie!)

    There is no way that that conversation could have happened twice.

    The only way it all makes sense to me in a linear sense is this.

    The War Doctor takes the Moment into Clark Kents Barn and begins trying to activate it. Now do you remember that movie Paycheck with Ben Affleck? Lets say that the Moment the Moment appears is the beginning of his memory trace.

    Now lets imagine that the moment he regenerates into Ecclestone is the end point of his memory wipe. Then from his own perspective he went into that shed tried to activate the Moment and woke up after a regeneration with the war over and no sign of Gallifrey. As far as he knows he did destroy his planet and everyone on it.

    From an outsiders point of view, Gallifrey never burned. It was always transported into the freeze frame planet sized picture frame. Genocide is a pretty awful crime and I think The Moments punishment to the Doctor for even considering pushing the button was to spend the next 400 years thinking he had!

    This pans out fine for me as long as we’re only thinking about War Doctor and his successors, however it takes another leap of imagination to wrap your head around

    a) all his previous incarnations being contacted

    b) all his previous incarnations having no memory of what happened after it disappeared!

    Scatamonky @replies

    That thought had occurred to me too Jim. The Timelords are an ancient race that have been around for millions of years….

    …..surely in all that time there must have been at least one other Doctor that decided to take the name Doctor!

    My Timelord knowledge is sparse compared with you fine folk on here but I always imagined that there is a distinct difference between being Gallifreyen and being a Timelord. So although there have been billions of Gallifreyens throughout history maybe only the top 1% ever make it to Timelord status. Didn’t they say in “The End of Time” that some go mad when they are presented to the Vortex for the very first time?

    However, when you see the Doctor stealing the Tardis with Clara’s guidance the repairmen seemed more like run of the mill garage mechanics than creme de la creme of the very elite scientific minds!

    So Tardises seem almost common,  everone’s got one…..its essentially a Gallifreyen Ford Focus!!!! 🙂

    Scatamonky @replies

    I have just read this whole topic, all 5 pages. There are some truly inspired ideas in here so I’m hoping someone can clear this up for me…

    Trenzalore is the final resting place of the Doctor. I took this to mean that if he runs for another 1,000 or 50,000 years, regenerates once more or 100 times more that this, at the end of it all is still where he eventually ends up.

    And in here we see his entire life as the rip in space/time, Clara jumps in and sees all his faces including The War Doctor that he tried to hide even from himself……so why wasn’t Capaldi’s face in there?

    That’s Query 1.

    I did listen to the arguments for and against trying to hard to explain the hows and the whys but I would be interested to hear you suggestions for how he contacted all his other incarnations….


    …..or are we to believe that The Moment facilitated that too? Then she also contacted the Capaldi Doctor? In that case why stop there…..unless Capaldi is the last and it is he that ends up at Trenzalore?

    But if that’s the case it brings me back to …..

    …….why didn’t Clara see Capaldi in the timestream?

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