• @tardigrade:  living in the US, I only caught the Tom Baker and Davidson episodes back in the 80s. But I’ve recently since caught up on Colin B. and later thru peer to peer shares and you tube.  He’s not so bad in retrospect as I think the producers put him in a bad spot with the aweful costume and broken second season.  Peri was real annoying bu…[Read more]

  • @whofangirl-73: I predict she loses the sonic screwdriver. It’s too much a phallic symbol.  #5 (P.D.) burned his out, if I remember right, and never replaced it. But more importantly.. Can she play a guitar?  Oh and what will poor Strax say if he encounters the Doctor now?  “Boy! What did you do with the real doctor?!”


    Random musings here… Remember how #11 (Matt Smith) took an inventory of body parts immediately after regeneration? – “arms, hands, fingers – lots of fingers, ears, yes, eyes too, nose – and I’ve had worse, chin, … hair – I’M A GIRL!”  That scene was a huge hint of things to come.

    I think Jodie Whittaker will do just fine, as long as the…[Read more]

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