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    I find this episode also very “A”wesome!. Gallifrey in fear, the Doctor angry, the Catacombs, ME,  the story about the boy, and the End of the Universe. I concur with what they said about the dying Stars both thing and i said them before they did. The Ending was sad and promising “HE STILL RUNS”.

    And the DINER has anybody noticed it´s the same Diner as in the Impossible Astronaut were he dies “ohh” right. The only thing bad was about the Hybrid there was still no suitable explanation.

    But thats the Doctor his Secrets have Secrets Secrets.  I can´t wait the next Season


    To all fans of the Doctor Who serie is this and will this episode be a gift of god.

    I mean: “WOW” to see this episode gave me a shiver. I am still smiling because of the feeling of epic.

    To see a true “PARADIS-LOOP” i am honestly amaze. And I … … …… ;D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)