The 50 Greatest moments in Doctor Who


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It being anniversary year and everything, I thought it might be self-indulgent fun to have a think about the 50 top moments in Doctor Who over the years.

Everyone will have different ideas so join in with your own list!

Here is mine:

1.  Hartnell regenerating into Troughton in Tenth Planet.

2. The Dalek shooting Tennant in Stolen Earth.

3.  Ian and Barbara bursting into the TARDIS in Unearthly Child.

4. The TARDIS exploding at the end of Mind Robber.

5. Troughton, Jamie and Zoe running to the TARDIS as the Time Lords arrive and slow down time: War Games.

6.  Eccelston grabbing Rose’s hand saying “Run” in Rose.

7. Hartnell locking Susan out of the TARDIS and saying goodbye: Dalek Invasion of Earth.

8. Sarah being attacked by the Mummies: Pyramids of Mars.

9. Mrs Harris walking into the ocean: Fury from the Deep.

10. Tom Baker’s “three types of robots aboard this sheep” speech: Robots of Death.

11. Vicki and Steven discovering the Monk’s TARDIS. Time Meddler.

12. The Dalek reveal: Frontier in Space.

13. Katarina’s suicide: Dalek Masterplan.

14.  The Master stealing Tremas’ body: Keeper of Traken.

15.  Troughton’s speech about remembering family: Tomb of the Cybermen.

16. The “dizzy daleks” moment: Evil of the Daleks.

17  Sarah-Jane meeting Tennant’s Doctor: School Reunion.

18.  Troughton’s speech about fighting evil: Moonbase.

19.  Pertwee’s death scene: Planet of the Spiders.

20.  The moment when the Brigadier meets the Second Doctor in Three Doctors.

21.  Smith’s final moment with Octavian: Forest of the Dead.

22.  Tom Baker’s scene with Davros where he grips Davros’ hand: Genesis of the Daleks.

23. Troughton struggling with Salamander as the TARDIS dematerializes with the doors open: Enemy of the World.

24.  Pertwee’s speech about the hermit who lived under a tree: Time Monster.

25.  Tom Baker throwing Sarah-Jane Smith out of the TARDIS: Hand of Fear.

26.  The fungus belching through the Underground : Web of Fear.

27.  The fob-watch reveal where the Jacobi Master is unveiled in Utopia.

28.  Eccleston warning the Daleks he was coming for Rose: Bad Wolf.

29.  Troughton’s “string of sausages” recrimination of the Master in Mind Robber.

30.  Adric’s death: Earthshock.

31.  Tom Baker’s “what’s it for” speech from Pirate Planet.

32.  Smith’s fish fingers and custard scene with young Amelia Pond: Eleventh Hour.

33.  Pertwee’s denouncement of the Controller as a quisling: Day of the Daleks.

34. Tennant’s discussion with River about who she is: Silence in the Library.

35.  Rory becoming an Auton and killing Amy: Pandorica Opens.

36.  Tom Baker’s “indomitable” speech: Ark in Space.

37.  Pertwee being forced to “dance” by the Queen Spider: Planet of the Spiders.

38.  The insane Cyberman approaching Jamie, Zoe and Isobel in the sewers: Invasion.

39.  Tennant and the Doctor/Donna resolution: End of Time.

40.  Troughton convincing Vaughn he is on the wrong side: Invasion.

41. Jo forcing Time Ram: Time Monster.

42.  Troughton fighting Varga for the control of the laser: Ice Warriors.

43.  Davison’s death scene: Caves of Androzani.

44. Tom Baker meeting Romana for the first time: Ribos Operation.

45. Eldrad being “killed”: Hand of Fear. (end of episode two)

46.  Sarah, strapped to a chair, as the Krynoid pod opens: Seeds of Doom.

47.  Tennant standing off against Mr Finch around the swimming pool: School Reunion

48.  Clara’s reaction to the TARDIS: Snowmen

49.   Harry Sullivan trying to give Tom Baker a medical: Robot.

50. River seeing off the Dalek: Big Bang.

Its possible that The Name of the Doctor will change this list…


  1. 43. Davison’s death scene: Caves of Androzani.

    Known to Davison as “Nicola Bryant’s Cleavage Scene”!

    I would add

    – “You poor lonely boy” from Girl in The Fireplace (along with most of the episode, to be fair). – And also “Are you my mummy” – Empty Child
    – “We’re all just stories in the end” – Big Bang
    – And the remembrance service at the end of Family of Blood
    – The last 8 mins of Vincent and the Doctor (from “Hold my hand” on)
    Oh, and Davison answering “fast” when asked if he bolws slow or medium.

  2. A few more (not in any particular order):

    Mme de Pompadour’s explanation of time travel to Doc 10: “There is a vessel in your world where the days of my life are pressed together like the chapters of a book so that he may step from one to the other without increase of age, while I, weary traveller, must always take the slower path”. This is just, lovely.

    Davros’s entrance in Genesis.

    Pertwee’s mention of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect in Day of the Daleks.

    Ecclestone looking at himself in the mirror for the first time in Rose.

    Ejecting 25% of the Tardis in Castrovalva.

    Having Three Doctors on screen all at once in, er, The Three Doctors.

    Smith’s “what did I see” stop motion sequence from The Eleventh Hour

  3. Lovely list. Another one that always sticks in mind for some reason is Davison being interrogated by Stein in Resurrection of the Daleks.

    Or Davison’s realisation that something’s wrong with Castrovalva. It was that scene alone that made me realise that I was going to love him as the Doctor…

  4. @JimTheFish

    You have no idea how close both of those moments were to being 50 on my list – two essential Davison moments.


    Davros’ emtrance is great – but it is not until you have seen Genesis that you know what it really means. At least in my view.

    Both Girl in the Fireplace and Three Doctors would be in my fifty best stories list, without question. Note to self: make another list…


    Agreed re Davros but I just remember looking and thinking “Wait, his wheelchair looks like the bottom half of a Dalek. Hang on, he’s only got one eye. This guy is trouble with a capital T”

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