The Trods of Trodos – Doctor Who’s ‘Also-Ran’ monsters…


The Trodos Tyranny -

Return of the Trods -

The Trodos Ambush -

Pursued by the Trods –

The Time Museum –

Take it with a grain of salt.  These comics are the products of a different era, a different culture.  The stories are brief, almost superficial.   They’re like potato chips, more food-like than food.  There’s a sense of brevity to the things, I think that an average story would be hard pressed to translate into a fifteen minute episode.  They weren’t great literature, even for their time.  But, I think for the people who grew up with them, they were probably pretty terrific.


  1. @DenValdron

    Thanks so much for that! I never knew about the Trods. As I have said–probably far too often–I was there at the beginning. Wide-eyed and innocent in 1963, in front of the TV. But I never got into the comics. Perhaps it was something to do with access–Australia and all that. I don’t know, but Doctor Who was only ever TV for me.

    Your story of  the Trods was fascinating!


  2. Your welcome.  If you hit the links you can actually find a great many of the old Doctor Who comics online.  Start with the Klepton Parasites and cross your fingers.

    Doctor Who has fractured into its own multi-media world.  The comic strips and the novelisations, of course, are the two most well known and long lasting spin offs.   I’ve tried to explore the wonderful world  of Fan Films, and I’ll keep exploring, as time and inclination serve me.   Then there’s the audio stuff, beginning back in 1965 with the lost Journey into Time, and now with Big Finish’s literal alternative audio empire.  There’s almost too much.

    I’m glad you enjoyed that.  I might take a stab at a few more  of the ‘also ran’ monsters, if I can think of interesting things to say.

  3. @Bluesqueakpip @DenValdron

    Thank you for that -these pictures and cartoons you’ve included are quite spectacular. What a long and involved job. You must have done dozens of these fan fic, and other, reviews. It must be a project of love.


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