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Coming Soon: The Greatest UNAUTHORIZED Doctor Stories!



This is a working cover for a book I plan to publish this month.

The Trods of Trodos – Doctor Who’s ‘Also-Ran’ monsters…


The Trodos Tyranny -

Return of the Trods -

The Trodos Ambush -

Pursued by the Trods –

The Time Museum –

Take it with a grain of salt.  These comics are the products of a different era, a different culture.  The stories are brief, almost superficial.   They’re like potato chips, more food-like than food.  There’s a sense of brevity to the things, I think that an average story would be hard pressed to translate into a fifteen minute episode.  They weren’t great literature, even for their time.  But, I think for the people who grew up with them, they were probably pretty terrific.

Loncon3 – the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention

Where to start?

It’s when that meet-up with your friends in the pub gets a bit big. So it turns into a day, with stuff organised. We can get Connie to talk about writing and Kate can lead the discussion on Marvel movies and didn’t Jody edit a fanzine?

And then it gets a bit bigger because somebody suggests a mega meet-up with all the other meet-ups across the country. It turns into a weekend.

At that point, world domination is inevitable.
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2000AD (Doctor Who “Gridlock” Edition)

Sometimes you just get a weird confluence of circumstances. With a high improbability factor, this weeks collaborative viewing offers City of Death and Douglas Adams other work, Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It has a distinctive late 70s feel which is complemented by RTDs Gridlock. Wait… Gridlock!?

Yep – Gridlock. The one with Ardal O’Hanlon as a cat. Released in 2007, this episode made a few deliberate call-outs to another cultural Sci-fi Icon – 2000AD, to celebrate its then 30 years of publication. I thought a general explanation of the comic, some content I’d recommend, and some handy spots in Gridlock would be in order.

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Adventures in the 9th Dimension – Dr Who Comics


Do you remember the story when The Doctor met Santa (or Jeff as he’s sometimes known) on another planet?


What about the one where time ran backwards for the TARDIS crew for an entire visit?
The time the Quarks fought Giant Killer Wasps?
When the Dr abandoned his grandchildren on a Planet called Zebadee?
Cybermen on skis?
Perhaps not, as all of these stories took place in the form of comics.
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The Sandman – a primer for Doctor Who bloggers

After Nightmare in Silver, you’ll have noticed a few of us discussing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. Even drawing a few parallels. So who is this Sandman, you may ask. Is a comic really worthy of discussing in relation to Who? Can supposedly sane people really regard a comic as high literature? Well, let me tell you a few things. Pull up a chair. Ignore the banging. That’s just the Unspeakable Thing in the Cellar. It’ll be fine as long as you don’t talk to it or feed it any fish.

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