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    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Have fun, and keep asking questions.

    Just on the subject of those cover versions that vie for your affections, and the originators giving them wholesale support (like Hurt from @faegrl), I can’t help remembering a band that gets mentioned often (looks at @craig) Jesus and Mary Chain.

    Their song “Head On” (and I’ll post a link to the original) was a brilliant song, and then it was covered a few years later by The Pixies. I can remember the Reid brothers being immensely complementary over this version.

    The video is notable as well – the record company was desperate for a single release and video for MTV when the band traditionally told them they wouldn’t co-operate. They only agreed to it if they could:

    – Perform the song actually “live” to camera, with a namecheck to J&MC.
    – Do it once.

    So – 12 cameras setup, recording one take with sound and vocals, it was one of the cheapest videos filmed that year. It was voted the MTV “Breakthrough” award at what was really the end of their career. There are so many ironies in this you don’t know where to start!

    Debs @debs


    Wow! I didn’t know about that! It’s crazy and totally brilliant! I do prefer live performances and recordings,I must admit it!

    Arbutus @arbutus

    One more stab at getting caught up on this string of great music!

    @purofilion, I just love the Byrds. Enough said there.

    @TheKrynoidMan–  Geoffrey Burgon, yes! There’s an example of a composer who can be musically literate and still fully engage the emotions of the listener. (We’ve had this conversation before, I believe!) And thanks, @purofilion, for the Brideshead Revisited theme. I had forgotten that little gem: a brief, simple structure with a lovely emotional arc to it. The solo trumpet is as evocative as the countertenor in the Tinker, Tailor theme, both achingly pure and soaring.

    @phaseshift  I seem to have heard of Arctic Monkeys, although I’m not sure where or when. That’s a great song.






    Arbutus @arbutus

    @fatmaninabox  — How do you not love a band that writes songs about medieval history? I know that you have a great tradition in the UK of folk-rock bands delving into history, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard one that mined as far back as the War of the Roses! Especially when it leans way more to the rock side than the folk. The closest equivalent I can think of in Canada is the Newfoundland group Great Big Sea, who started out as a trad-Newfie-pub rock band, and have absorbed a lot of pop/rock sound over the years. They do straight up pop songs, traditional east coast stuff, and lots of their own songs that tell old stories. Here’s a sample:

    And as added value for our British friends, this Slade cover that was an early hit for them. (In fact, it was my introduction to GBS, when I heard it in a CD store and had to ask, “Who the heck is that?)


    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @phaseshift – Wow, I was not aware of the DW Confidential with “Hurt”. Thanks for sharing that one and it’s very fitting to the Eleventh Doctor, I think. 🙂

    Hmm… I need to find more episodes of DW Confidential, as I was unaware of that show completely. I get my new episodes of Doctor Who from Amazon and that’s about it. Rarely do they include specials with their downloads. Anyway, here’s another song. It’s an old one and a bit moody, but it’s raining here today and it’s on my mind. Maybe next time I’ll have a happier tune. 😉

    Anonymous @

    Anonymous @

    Hellooo @arbutus and @blenkinsopthebrave and @whisht and anyone who is a fan of Burgon: I’ve always connected some of his compositions with that of Michael Nyman. Not so much The Piano (is that its title? -wife arrives in NZ with abusive husband, played by Sam Neill) but The Draughtsman’s Contract.

    @arbutus it has the same soaring climax and eclipse that Brideshead  used.  I remember seeing The D Contract when I was about 17 and it ‘blew ma mind’! As for Arctic Monkeys, I always thought they were a bit underrated actually. People in the snotty music departments would complain about their simple chords – I, iv, v, vi, I. In fact, the melodies above were in contrary motion most of the time giving any song a riveting momentum and a focus on the lyrics which at times were incredibly incisive (about society) and very funny. Some to look for are Teddy Picker and Cornerstone. The former has some connection with Duran Duran that I found hilarious at the time but I can’t really remember much more than that! Their videos were really creative; sometimes cheap, sometimes expensive -or ‘dear’ as my mum would say. Actually back to  The Piano film, I remember being stunned that Harvey Keitel, who was in a number of Hollywood films around that time, played such an interesting character in the movie: in that it was a success, I think. The desperate dreariness of it really unnerved me and I couldn’t continue to watch it; a bit like Blue Jasmine and A Winter’s Bone. Kindest, puro.

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus – Oh, they go back even further than The War Of The Roses. This one’s about the Trojan Horse!

    It’s a live version and the audio quality is a bit dodgy (as is the audiences dancing 🙂 ) but it’s the best version I could find. Should you need them, the lyrics can be found here

    Loved the GBS cover of Run, Runaway. I’m familiar with the song but didn’t realise it was by Slade (how on earth could I have not recognised Noddy Holder?)

    Whisht @whisht

    @phaseshift – nice Pixies cover version!

    Oh, and while I can’t remember suggesting the “music that made you think of Dr Who while you were listening”, its such a good idea that I’ll happily take credit until @angryandpeeved says “oi – that was mine!”

    @faegrl – Cash’s ‘Hurt’ is fantastic – truly where an interpretation is better than the original (I remember reading how it convinced him that he could write tunes after a period of lack of confidence).

    and if we’re talking cover versions, and tying neatly with @debsobsession ( 🙂 ), Common People is a classic, and this a surprisingly good cover version.

    And as Phase has just asked everyone for their favourite unlikely cover version, this is quite fun.
    Its not a Love Song though.

    Although as cover versions go, this is so good, it’d be difficult to Beat It.

    Craig @craig

    @phaseshift @debs @whisht and everyone else. Unlikely cover versions?

    More Frank Turner, from when I used to go see him with about 20 people. Now he does huge venues. But here he does a record store gig, half a mile from where I live (but it’s now moved, to Camden I think). Sadly I didn’t make this one. But this is a great cover of one of his favourite songs, ‘The Outdoor Type’ by The Lemonheads.

    Given the nature of this forum I think we can probably all agree on most of the lyrics.

    I can’t go away with you on a rock climbing weekend
    What if something’s on TV that’s never shown again?

    Craig @craig

    Oh and bit of shameless promotion now. My record label’s first release is a sort-of cover version of a Gloria Estefan track. Original (you only have to listen to the first minute or so):

    Our deep-house version:

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    Common People is actually my favourite song of all time, but I love the Shatner version almost as much.

    Speaking of bizzare cover versions….

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    For the theme of covers, here’s one of a favorite Kansas song of mine:

    Whisht @whisht

    @craig – nice Frank Turner version.

    I liked the cover of the Esteban song (though its so far from the original as to be a different song on first listen!). Kinda preferred the last 3rd.

    can’t remember the Amber Grooves site since I last saw it – have you been tweaking there as well as here?

    Whisht @whisht

    Ah @thekrynoidman – I love the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain!
    Seen them a couple of times – the first time was years ago; the singer was standing and is a big guy (well over 6ft) which just made this version of an 80’s classic even better.

    Whisht @whisht

    btw just checking with any/everyone here – are you getting a LOT of Muppet ads on YT?

    I know its Easter but this is getting ridiculous! Although the Spanish one that I got with Senor Coconut* was kinda fun…

    * link for anyone who like @faegrl likes a bit of the “La Puertas”

    Actually FaeGrl – I know neither the original nor cover artists of Dust in the Wind but think I prefer the cover (on first listen). But mainly as I like the dirty guitars at the beginning!

    In terms of covers, I kinda cheated with Nouvelle Vague and Senor Coconut as they’re pure cover albums.
    I was also tempted by Nick Cave but again, its a (brilliant) covers album, but I’ll try and avoid bands I’ve linked to in the past doing excellent covers its worth hearing.

    so instead, how’s this one – when I mentioned it to a friend once, he simply burst out laughing at the incongruousness of an alt-rock (or whatever classification they flew under at the time!) doing a funk classic.

    And if simply the concept made him smile, hopefully it’ll make others, as its a great version

    Craig @craig

    @whisht Glad you liked the track. Some DJs are playing the vocal bit, others are playing the ending that you liked. I’m just glad they’re playing it at all.

    Amber Grooves site hasn’t changed, although I’m gonna post a new track on Monday which is a chill-out/banging techno tune (if you can imagine what that is).

    Cover versions

    @everyone I was at Burning Man a year and a half ago and I crawled out of my tent one morning and I heard this, played by my now friend Russ (he wasn’t a friend at the time), who told me it was by a certain “Richard Cheese”. He does a lot of this kind of stuff (Dick Cheese, not Russ).

    I’m not endorsing it, but it did make me laugh as I ate cereal amidst a dust storm. I coughed, a lot. It probably helped me get over the night before.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @whisht – The best way to avoid ads on YT is Adblocker! The ads on YT drove me crazy, so Adblocker is so appreciated. You can download it free for any browser you use. I use Chrome, so I got the add-on here:</span>

    As for the cover, yes I like a few of the old band named Kansas, although I love the dirty guitars of the cover more so. AND violin! You can’t go wrong with adding that instrument to any cover song. 🙂

    @craig – LOL! Yes! I can’t stop laughing at Richard Cheese’s covers! I’m a huge Nirvana fan, but I love this one all the same. It gives me a giggle every time. 😉

    Craig @craig

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, the general music thread was reaching its limit, so I’ve started a new one here:

    And I’ve started it with a doozy (or is that doosy?).

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