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    Did we see LindaLee in this? Here best review yet.


    Anonymous @

    How good was Frank Slkinner?…one of Britains best stand ups and quite the George Formby fan as well

    lisa @lisa

    Watched this episode again because of Perkins and now having seen thru to ‘Death in Heaven’ my new hunch
    is that maybe Perkins knows Missy thru helping to engineer the ‘nethersphere’ project ? Is that why
    he had cold feet about staying on with the Doctor? Or maybe I wonder if he might have collaborated
    with Missy on something else which could be a future episode. He did turn down the Doctor in such a way
    that seemed sort of strange. Anyway that is what I am thinking now.
    This Perkins character [mystery] is still bugging me

    Arbutus @arbutus

    I thought there was a really unique pace to this episode. It was a series of quiet, intimate scenes and conversations, punctuated occasionally by 66 second bursts of intense excitement. And the soundtrack! Absolutely pitch perfect, classic mystery mood music. As far as I noticed, we didn’t hear the familiar heroic DW theme until the Doctor made his move, taking on Maisie’s emotions to confront the Mummy.

    It was filled with lovely small moments. The Doctor finally said what had clearly been bugging him all series– We don’t have time to mourn! Meeting a real monster is “everyone’s dream”, and, when accused by Clara of knowing that there would be danger, “I didn’t know… I certainly hoped.” And Clara, on being asked if the good times had always been like this, “Now that you mention it…” The heroic death of the damaged captain was very moving. He had submerged his best qualities to the point where his worst nightmare was a mystery shopper! But he recovered himself and died bravely, thanks to the Doctor.

    The last few minutes were lovely. The Doctor and Clara on the beach, when the Doctor finally, in a sense, explains himself and why he acts the way he does. Then the moments in the TARDIS with Perkins. He and the Doctor had enjoyed such a lovely chemistry throughout that I was as disappointed as the Doctor when Perkins turned down his offer. It was beautifully done: the Doctor looks briefly surprised and then quickly accepts it, and Perkins looks regretful, as though he is well aware of what he is giving up.

    Clara, by contrast, is unable to give it up. It was hard not to view the ending as a bit of a cliffhanger, in that her decision to lie to both Danny and the Doctor was clearly a hint that things were not going to end well. On thinking about it, I really don’t think there was a single piece out of place in this! (Possibly the fact that Clara chose to lie to the Doctor about Danny, rather than just say, “I’m coming, I’ll sort Danny later.” But that’s really a nitpick, especially given where we now know the arc was heading.) I may have to rethink my placing Time Heist in first place now.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Arbutus’s review  (posted 7 years ago now!) was, I thought, very good.

    At the risk of being superfluous, I scribbled some comments on the episode, I might as well post them here.

    This starts with a bit of a surprise – Clara and the Doctor behaving as normal. What happened about the meltdown at the end of Kill The Moon? Well, it transpires that this is the farewell trip. They manage to evoke some of that slightly melancholy ‘last time’ feeling.

    This episode builds quite slowly. Danny (on the phone) seems to have accepted Clara’s relationship with the Doctor, even as Clara has decided to end it.

    Perkins, who initially seemed to be about to attack the Doctor, turns out to be an ally. The other characters are quite well sketched in, even Quell, who turned out more sympathetic than we’d expected.

    The sarcophagus was a neat bit of misdirection, I was sure the Mummy was going to come out of it.

    The climactic scene moved surprisingly fast. The Mummy’s fingers coming out of the Doctor’s face were a uniquely horrid scare.

    ‘Gus’ sounds remarkably similar to Max Capricorn from Voyage of the Damned. The Doctor was shockingly clinically cold-blooded as he proposed summoning Maisie so they could observe her assassination by the Mummy. Even worse, he recruited Clara into lying to her. And it turned out he was expecting trouble on this trip (without telling Clara) which almost prompted another showdown. And then the Doc took the ‘curse’ off Maisie onto himself. Which allowed him to utter the immortal words “Are you my Mummy?” In between fascinating asides to Maisie (“By the way, you weren’t being paranoid. She really did poison your pony….. Oh, and your father. Sorry.”)

    And he solves the riddle of the Mummy by surrendering. At which point the weaponised old soldier no longer has any function and just – stops.

    However, the real enemy, Gus, hasn’t stopped – “Survivors of this exercise are not required.” Nasty.   The identity of Gus is a mystery for the future – but I don’t think it was ever taken any further.   Just a thread that was never developed, I guess.   But that’s okay, not everything has to be accounted for.

    Clara was really lying rather recklessly to the Doctor at the end of the episode. Still, nice to see she’s reconsidered her decision to leave. I think she’s addicted to her travels with the Doctor, which is a good omen for the future.



    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent   There was a lot I liked about this episode including the clothes, music and the spaceship made to look like a very elegant train. The cast was great and I was disappointed when Perkins didn’t want to travel with the doctor. What? The cigarette case filled with jelly babies brought a silly grin to my face during a very melancholy scene.

    The mummy was scary in its relentless attack once it had found a victim and the Doctor demanding details during the attack was shocking . The Doctor stops the mummy and saves the train but Gus will remain a mystery.

    I must also say that Clara was very beautiful in her costume, that period suited her.

    Stay safe.

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