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    Anonymous @


    yes, I say “death” too. It sounds insensitive to my ears though. I went thru a stage and so became annoyed when hearing “passed away”.

    “To where and what I’d add?”  I was just angry. I’ve found the news of Rickman’s death and Bowie’s difficult and somehow it’s made me angry again (“why them?” or some such) and a bit miserable so I cannot sleep. It must be after midnight. So I shall put my head down and try.

    Still, I watched some Who and some Buffy and felt a little better. Buffy provided needed succour as did Sleep No More, oddly.

    Kindest and to a happier day (today!)


    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  For whatever help my comments were, you’re welcome of course.

    And yes, dead is “dead” in my book as well — because whatever happens to the soul, assuming there is one, without the body it inhabited it’s no longer that person, with all his or her connections with family, friends, colleagues, etc.,  but something (or nothing) else.

    ichabod @ichabod


    PuroSolo — I’m with you on the anger; these losses never seems “fair”, although I maintain that we don’t have a clue, really, whatever we may believe.  I’m thinking of Robin Williams, whose death made more sense as suicide in some form when it became known that he’d been suffering with Parkinson’s disease for some years (that, at least, is what I read recently). Parkinson’s brings dementia in its later stages.  For such a witty, agile mind watching itself slowly dimming out, a pre-emptive death might have been a welcome release.  Or not; how can we know?  Moving through our own perceptions and constructions of the “real”, we rarely glimpse the roots or the results of our own actions and decisions, let alone anyone else’s.

    Well, that’s one glass of wine; now for the one that sends me off to sleep.  Maybe tomorrow, “Sleep No More” instead, and see how that works.  Hard to imagine it as an effective soporific, but why not?




    So this stands up to repeat viewing much more than I expected it to. (Although helped by spotting a missed detail dealing with the “Hang on, ism’t Clara still converting” issue – the real conversion-trigger was the signal in the video).

    But compare it with the grace note at the end of Blink, and you see that Gatiss, while being brilliant at generating creepy atmospheres, is still comparatively weak at “planting the landing”.

    Anonymous @


    Does it?

    I did like it -a lot and watched it probably three times in three days but not since. I’ve kind of (ahem) skipped it in my re-watch!

    So I’ll check it out. Not sure what my misgivings were originally -if I had any it would have been the seeding of the ‘conversion trigger’ (to steal your words -I often do anyways! 🙂 )  in an obvious enough manner. I wasn’t sure it had worked. Although that could have been me being thick (also logical).

    Little things such as Clara being dragged in right beside the Doctor into the sleep chamber without this man who can do immense mathematical sums in his head whilst on the run from the Daleks noticing she was in there! That was a silly moment and probably so small it warrants no attention from me -just a vague niggle.

    Maybe I didn’t like it enough because the Doctor didn’t solve the problem this time? Or because rather a lot of people died (however that didn’t bother me in Under the Lake -those people all had wonderful character roles beautifully padded out).

    Perhaps I felt it was shoehorned in at the wrong part of the season and yet I recall thinking that it was exactly in the right place at the time? Like the beginning of a B theme in a sonata -it was the transition and neatly done in that way.

    Mm. Must watch it again considering the time break.


    Missy @missy

    Can’t say I’m fond of the above.

    However, that won’t stop me watching it again – now and then.



    KBranagh @kbranagh

    I just saw “Sleep No More”
    Maybe not good like the previous episodes but again, a solid and strong 44 minutes. A little confusing in some point of the plot( i need a second rewatch) but brillant and genious in others. This new enemy of the dirty-eyes-sleep dust is so weird and awesome at the same time, congrats to the great Mark Gatiss, maybe the most original new enemy in Doctor Who(xD)
    Now i’m curious to see how the story end in the second part.

    Guys one curiosity, i know it’s late for that now but….i want Mark Gatiss as the new showrunner of the show! I love this man and i think is very similar as writer to Moffat! And he knows the series very well, is on the team since the season 1.
    Opinions? I’m the only one?

    Missy @missy


    Oh joy of joys, another admirer of Mark Gatiss! How d’ye’do.
    Isn’t he a wonder.
    Interesting thought, aobut him taking over from Steven Moffat. I’d think that he’d almost certsinly write at least one episode for series TEN.
    He will of course be co-writing Sherlock with Steven Moffat.
    Sleep no More, stioll doesnt fill me with enthusiasm, but then perhaps I’m simply not getting it.



    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @kbranagh @missy I would have loved Mark Gatiss as the next show runner as I’m a big fan of his work not just on Doctor Who but on his brilliant series the League of Gentlemen, his excellent adaptation of A ghost story for Christmas and of course of him and Moffatt’s great Sherlock series. He is an incredibly imaginative writer and that was one of the main positives of Sleep No More as it was very creative. His other episodes have also been on the whole very good (don’t mention Victory of the daleks!) I especially liked Cold war, The Crimson Horror and the Unquiet Dead they were all great stories!

    I’m sure Chibnall will be good (at least I’m hoping so!) but I would have loved to see Gatiss get a chance to run Doctor who

    winston @winston

    @kbranagh     @missy and @thedentistofdavros   Mark Gatiss is a great writer and not a bad actor either. He has written some really good episodes of Who and I am a big fan of Sherlock. I think he would make a great show runner but is probably just to busy. I have high hopes for Chibnall.

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @winston Good point I forgot to mention that he was a good actor as well as writer and yeah I suppose he’s just to busy in the end although there is one plus side to him not becoming the show runner we can see him writing and acting in more than just Doctor Who because he doesn’t have the stress and workload of being head writer!

    Missy @missy


    He’s an excellent actor. I love him as Mycroft in Sherlock – you could slap him couldn’t you! That is until you find out exactly what he has had to put up with his little brother – sorry off subject *blushes* big fan of Sherlock too.



    KBranagh @kbranagh

    Gatiss is a lot better of Chibnall! I hope in a two showrunners..maybe who knows! An year is a long time. We must send some letters to him. 3 episodes(in two years) of sherlock is not a big deal.

    By the way,I can’t wait to see the second part, i hope in another Gatiss script to end the story, this monday i watch face the raven.

    Missy @missy


    I hope you will enjoy Face the Raven. It actually brought tears to my eyes, as did Heaven Sent, and Hell Bent.

    Happy viewing.



    KBranagh @kbranagh

    Tears? Seriously?is so good?
    I can’t wait then.

    Missy @missy


    The tears were for the Doctor’s reaction – the look on his face.
    I hope that you enjoyed the Raven.



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    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Um.   Well, I’m not sure that made sense.   Yes I know that clue was in whose Point of View was could access.   And the reveal at the end was a good spooky shock.   But somehow it just wasn’t enough fun to make me want to re-watch to sort it out in my mind (unlike, say, Last Christmas or Listen), and it was too confused for easy following who was being chased/killed, not helped by the gloom.   And also, since I know we lose Clara (who is one of my favourite companions) next episode, I’m disappointed that there isn’t much for her to do in this ep (other than run around like everyone else).

    I’ve just re-watched it and I was hoping to find it better than I rated it first time round (as sometimes happens) but it just failed to grab me.   On paper the concept is really ingenious and I should like this ep – I do like these monster-puzzle eps, like Flatline or Listen, and the bombshell ending should have been my cup of tea.   But the storyline felt too muddled for the ending to have much impact.

    Ah well.

    django @django

    Each to their own. I love Sleep No More, but I know its not for everyone. I have a response similar to the one above when I watch Amys Choice. I really can’t stand that unfunny comedy! 🙂

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