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    Craig @craig

    the magicians apprentice

    The Doctor is back in the first Episode of Series 9 (or 35) but where is he? When the skies are frozen by an alien force Clara is called in by UNIT. It turns out the person responsible, and the person who can help, is Missy.

    Capaldi, like the character of Twelve himself, has now completely settled into the role and he just IS The Doctor. At times darker than previous Doctors, he also has a much lighter, wilder side and it’s a joy to watch.

    He’s supported brilliantly by Michelle Gomez as Missy and Jenna Coleman as Clara. Gomez, in particular, steals all her scenes.

    This is brilliantly entertaining stuff, displaying Moffat’s skill at deftly moving from dark to light and back to dark again. It’s comedic and serious, rattles along, and ends with a cracker of a cliff-hanger.


    I like the idea of maximum extermination. ‘Cos partial extermination is for wimps.

    DoctorCapaldi @doctorcapaldi

    Have to say I was sceptical about the Master becoming Missy but as @craig said, the switch between darkness and humour and back again is brilliant. Gomez now seems to be the perfect choice!

    Enjoyed the 1st episode, I was praying for an extra half an hour. Next Saturday, please hurry!

    PaperMoon @papermoon

    Loved it, great starter to the season. Clearly, Clara and the Mixmaster have not been exterminated, but where are they? Is someone playing games with the Doctor’s mind here?

    @lisa well called, Davros.

    Off to watch it again.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    That was well worth the long wait and all the teasing.  I had worked out that it was Davros who was seeking the Doctor, but the twist was unforeseen.  And this is a Davros who, dying, is dialled back to something more like he was in the beginning but now, at the end, a touch philosophical and ready to acknowledge with resignation that he no longer has control of his creation.

    The Doctor’s oldest friend-become-adversary and his oldest enemy converging, and to what extent is he responsible for what each has become?  Would it have been better if he had actively saved the child Davros, or should he, as the cliff-hanger suggested, have exterminated him?  And what would be the consequences of changing history after the event?

    On a more frivolous note, the Doctor partying anachronistically in a medieval castle reminded me strongly of an earlier incarnation partying in 17t century Versailles (The Girl in the Fireplace).


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Well, if you are going to do a big continuity frenzy, you make it big, in your face and unapologetic.

    It’s not as if you needed to get all the references to get the story, but there was some strange window dressing to be had on the journey to Skaro. It really did remind me of the 50th anniversary in some ways, and it occurs that this may be SMs big splurge for 10 years of the new show.

    With the opening scenes set in the Maldovarium (Moff era) Shadow Proclamation (RTD era) and Karn (old Hinchcliffe era) you do seem to get the impression of skipping back in time to one of those pivotal stories of Doctor Who. The Hinchcliffe Genesis of the Daleks.

    Yea, I got the fanboy thrill at hearing the boys name, and it was great to see Julian Bleach back as the adult version. You enter this thinking you’re going to get one clash of the Titans and you end up with a different one.

    Loved the reentry of Missy and her casual “still alive, deal with it”. Actually liking some of her dialogue about her and the Doctors friendship a lot. Especially the human infatuation with sex, which may as well be some sort of slap in the face to a certain class of Missy complainer.

    Lots to sink in with this one. It took a meandering route to get where it wanted, but when it got there it was relentless.

    I think a few rewatches are in order before next week.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Well I know some of you lucky things saw an advance screening of The Magician’s Apprentice up at the Edinburgh Festival. Thanks for keeping us spoiler free all this time!

    Heartily agree with @craig that Michele Gomez is fantastic. Missy’s incarnation of the Master is charming and chilling, with just the right serving of psychopathy on the side. Her line to Clara – “See that couple over there? You’re the puppy,” was particularly delish.

    The Doc grandstanding at a medieval shindig with an electric guitar and cool shades was very funny, particularly mirrored in Missy and Clara’s faces and their exchange. “He’s never like this!” “Oh, you are new…” – heh.

    Narrative-wise, probably because I’m an auld whiskery codger of a fish, I thought this episode suffered somewhat from the “jeopardy problem,” meaning that the stand-off features didn’t really bite. Not for one iota of a second did I worry that Missy, Clara or the TARDIS are properly exterminated.  But no doubt this works differently for younger viewers.

    The “Would you kill Hitler/ Davros if you had a time machine” problem has been done already in Genesis of the Daleks, and it was a particularly fine story and a high-point for Tom Baker (nice to see him relive it on-screen here). Sooo, despite all the bells and whistles, this was in some respects treading old ground. However, the hand-mines were a super Dali-esque touch, and “the boy Davros” does have a nice ring to it.

    And of course, this is a new twist on an old dilemma. We know the Doctor couldn’t destroy the daleks at their origin-point way back during his fourth incarnation, even for the sake of millions, so his apparent readiness to destroy Davros at his origin point, for the sake of one companion, does pose interesting questions. I thought Missy’s speech about needing a Time Lady to harness the power of the TARDIS, followed by a very long dalek pause over Clara was a big hint that Clara may indeed be the daughter of Time Lords herself.

    Yes, I’m still holding out for Clara having Time Lord blood. I like @bluesqueakpip ‘s (and no doubt others’) speculations that Clara is the Doctor and Missy’s daughter. That would be a hoot. We shall see…

    The real fizz in the bottle of this episode, for me, was definitely the Missy/ Doctor/ Clara chemistry. Clara’s struggle to comprehend the Doctor’s long and complex relationship with Missy, particularly given Missy’s responsibility for Danny’s death, was well-played by Jenna.

    If we are revisiting Skaro, I want to know what happened, eventually to the Thals.


    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    I thought it was really good actually. I was pretty much hooked from the word “Davros”. I’ve always loved him as a villain and any story where he features prominently is worth watching just for that (even the series 4 finale, as bad as it was). It also looks like we’ll be seeing some of his backstory which interests me greatly, as I find him so fascinating as a character that I want to know more about him. I also really liked those creepy hand things in the opening, which were genuinely unnerving feel like they came out of a classic 1970’s horror film, more of that please.
    Plus 60’s Daleks.

    Now I’ve mentioned my dislike of Missy here in the past (nothing against Michelle Gomez as an actress, just didn’t care for her performance in series 8), but aside from a couple of irritating lines I actually did not mind her in this episode. In fact I think I may have revised my opinion of her somewhat, in that in the pantheon of Masters I would probably rank her above John Simm and Eric Roberts rather than below as I did before (still get a kick out of watching Roberts though, “this is an Ambulance!!!”)

    That’s not to say I thought it was perfect though, I thought the scene where he rides in on a tank with an electric Guitar was too silly and a bit cringe worthy to be honest. Also, I thought the first Doctor said that “you can’t re-write time, not one line” or something to that effect. So why does the Doctor introduce modern phrases and technology to medieval britain?

    But overall I’m actually really excited for next week.

    @pedant Maximum Extermination sounds like the title to a bad 80’s action film.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @phaseshift yes all those intro threads are interesting. The Maldovarium is a Star Wars tribute, from beginning to end, as has been pointed out before, so perhaps <laughs> this is the Who version of “Did Solo or Greedo shoot first?”

    The Doctor sending his last will and testament to Missy  (and Clara fully expecting it to be for her) was perhaps one of my favorite moments. As was Moff’s tease (via Missy) that perhaps the Doctor has also had a female incarnation along the way.

    The Doctor as Magician, tortured by the fact that perhaps Davros is his “apprentice” is a theme worth sucking on. I feel the score calls for a rendition of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” at some point.

    Looking forward to the “I’m his nemesis!”, “No, I am!” strop-off between Missy and Davros which is surely on its way.



    Craig @craig

    Just because I wanted to post this all day but it contains spoilers, here’s the great Stuart Manning’s (@stuart_manning on Twitter) retro poster for tonight’s episode.

    The Magician's Apprentice retro poster

    Spider @spider

    I think I have managed to pick my jaw up off the floor – but to be honest, only to pour a great deal of wine down it.

    Oh my! THAT is how you open a series. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the like!

    I had suspected Davros so pleased I got that right. Knew Missy was back and Gomez as before was fabulous.

    I had assumed the Doctor’s ‘will’ had gone to Clara, but liked the way it was played/explained here – it is completely right it should go to Missy. I agree with @juniperfish about the Doctor/Missy/Clara chemistry/relationship being a real highlight.

    For me, what I particularly liked is how it pretty much sidelined Clara’s (and indeed ‘all’ companions) importance compared to the history of the Doctor / Master. We spent a lot of series 8 seeing how we thought Clara was becoming the Doctor(ish) – this shows us how very different the real situation actually is. For me, it’s not what Missy says – it’s what the Doctor says when Clara asks him about this that is the real gotcha here – I can’t remember the exact dialogue but something about knowing her (the Master) a long time.

    Once the Daleks did Missy in (and I did not see that coming, I really thought they were going to take her offer!), I knew Clara and the Tardis didn’t stand a chance!

    One of the saddest moments for me was seeing Bors with Dalek head stalk! That says a great deal for the writing and acting – that a minor character I only saw in a 6min prequel was what got me MORE than the MASTER, CLARA and the TARDIS being destroyed!

    Mr Moffat, round of applause.

    Dammit! I’ve spent SO long looking forward to today and now I have to wait another WEEK! GAH!

    I think I need a hug! – purely just to hide my face of course.


    DoctorDoctorWho @doctordoctorwho

    Sorry if I missed it, but if the TARDIS was destroyed, how did The Doctor go back in time to Child Davros at the end?

    zoohead @zoohead

    The first time in a long time that Moffat made an episode that I found better than “Meh”. Hopefully this indicates a return to form, but I am disappointed that those stupid Dalek people things are back. However at least they had proper point this time.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @doctordoctorwho  Clearly, the TARDIS wasn’t actually destroyed… She’s always been dalek fire-proof historically, so I’ve no doubt she popped off just before the explosion on her own initiative to dust off a new sonic for the Doc and get back in the game.

    Spider @spider

    @doctordoctorwho  No idea BUT … The TARDIS is not the only way to travel. Missy and Clara used Vortex manipulators.

    DoctorDoctorWho @doctordoctorwho

    @juniperfish Thank You! That would make sense!

    Ludwig @ludwig

    Loved it to bits. The hand mines were scary! Very pleased that they used Julian Bleach again, instead of a different actor.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Did anyone spot whether Missy and Clara were still wearing their vortex manipulators? If so, and Clara’s was slaved to Missy’s control, that’s how they escaped extermination.

    Can I also give a rousing cheer to the ‘next episode’ trailer editor, who finally managed to do a preview that didn’t include major spoilers?

    Anonymous @

    @danmartinuk has posted his review on The Guardian. I’m afraid it’s business as usual BTL.

    Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the main criticism seems to be with Davros ie, he was killed at the end of Journey’s End. It seems to me that some viewers still haven’t grasped the concept of timetravel.

    My own take on Davros being alive is that this episode, from Davros’ point of view, takes place after he escaped the Time War but before he hatched his diabolical ‘Reality Bomb’ scheme.

    My evidence? The Supreme Dalek definitely was destroyed in Journey’s End but he’s very much alive on Skaro. The Cult of Skaro also appear to be alive and well – Dalek Sec is seen lurking about a few times.  Davros is lying through his teeth about dying – he’s just extremely ill and/or tired from using his own cells to rebuild the Dalek army.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @bluesqueakpip I didn’t notice, but have no doubt that was indeed the escape mechanism…

    Just realised that boy-Davros got his inspiration for the Dalek eye-stalk from the hand-mine design (an eye in a limb) – nice touch!

    Anonymous @


    I’ve had a quick look – it isn’t clear whether Missy still has her Vortex Manipulator but she had her arms in the air when she was shot and she didn’t attempt to activate it. Clara, on the other hand, is still wearing her VM. Her hands are obscured at the moment she was shot so it’s possible that she activated it.

    Anonymous @

    Wow. Possibly the most cinematic Who has ever been, even more so than the 50th, to me.

    I had posted about not wanting Davros to return if it was going to be more of the same- and luckily, they thought of that too. Stunning reveal. Great angle to take, and the raison d’etre of the episode, you’d imagine:

    Davros made the Daleks. But who made Davros?


    The Maldovarium and the serpent servant were both very Star Wars. Nice to see an Ood and a Judoon again.

    I must admit, that if the whole ‘frozen planes’ thing was just to show Missy trying to get their attention, something that isn’t going to come back, it was gigantically overdone and over-long for that purpose, you’d think.

    Will rewatch tonight.

    DoctorDoctorWho @doctordoctorwho

    Also, I read somewhere recently that later in the series, we are going to learn the reason The Doctor left Gallifrey, like a confession…and it was said in this episode that the dial containing The Doctor’s confession will open when he dies… uh oh

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Just also realised that Missy previously sings “Hey, Missy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind” (Toni Basil’s punk-pop 1980s hit) in Death in Heaven, just before she callously kills Osgood 🙁 Moffat you monster…

    JimboMcMaster @jimbomcmaster

    Hello, it’s been a while. I’ve dipped into the forum from time to time since the last series (or Christmas?) but haven’t posted again until now. Nice to see familiar and new ‘faces’ alike.

    I’m left with that slightly mixed feeling that I often get with Moffat’s ‘big’ episodes. Not quite sure why, but it happens sometimes.  It’s not such a bad thing because I’m still excited underneath it all, but maybe its ‘idea-overload’ or something.

    Very happy to see Davros back, I really liked Julian Bleach in the role before so that’s good. Am I right that this is the first time the Master, Davros and the Daleks have all appeared together?

    I liked Davros’ observation about the thrill for the Daleks of an extermination. It does rather explain why throughout the show the Daleks have often taken a long moment between spotting their prey and actually zapping them (conveniently giving the Doctor the chance to escape!). Those moments seemed ‘too convenient’ before, but now will make perfect sense!

    All in all, a good opener but I think my full opinion will be reliant on what occurs next episode.

    Will we find out why the Doctor thinks he’s going to die? Or will that thread be stretched out until Capaldi eventually leaves the show?

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    Curse you @juniperfish, now I have the Toni Basil song stuck in my head.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Some thoughts, because I really, really should be doing some work…

    I’d say Steven Moffat is definitely messing around with Terry Nation’s version of the Daleks – but Terry Nation based the Daleks very firmly on the Nazi’s and made it very clear that the Daleks were a bunch of racist gits.Fifty two years on the conception of a race that has to be evil is itself looking more than slightly racist. That wasn’t Nation’s intention: he wanted the Daleks as a parable on the evils of racism and xenophobia.

    I suspect time is going to be altered, just enough to make it possible for individual Daleks to be on the Doctor’s side, or for at least some Daleks to understand the concept of ‘peace treaty’. Maybe not in this story. But before Moffat’s tenure is over he’s going to leave future producers with a Whoniverse that has no such thing as a completely evil race.

    Playing the long game, this is. First of all the Time Lords change the Doctor’s future, so he regenerates into Peter Capaldi. Then the Capaldi Doctor meets a ‘good’ Dalek (Dalek Rusty). Now the Capaldi Doctor (who should never have existed) meets the boy Davros. Presumably if he hadn’t, Young Davros was about to get horribly injured (but not killed) by the hand mines.

    Unfortunately, the first time Capaldi Doc meets Boy Davros, he funks it. The idiot was taken there (where he needed to go, not where he wanted to go) to help the child. Time has been changed enough that Davros remembers the meeting with the Doctor, but not enough that Davros has changed (see Kazran in A Christmas Carol – time can be changed, but changing people is really hard).

    But this explains Dalek Rusty, last series. We had to be introduced to the idea that good Daleks are even possible. I seem to recall that the BBC’s programming game also included a helpful Dalek. Way back at the beginning of Jenna Coleman’s run, there was also helpful Dalek Oswin. 🙂

    Did Missy ‘escape’ from Gallifrey? Or did the Time Lords send him/her back into the universe? Clara saved the Doctor’s life, Clara persuaded the Time Lords that the Doctor needed help, and Clara-the-time-traveller is a creation of Missy…

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @thekrynoidman Lol – oops!

    Also interesting that the Doctor seems content to leave Clara in Missy’s hands – as if he knows she won’t hurt her… hmmn…

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @bluesqueakpip Heh – love it. Those sneaky Time Lords – if you can’t win the Time War against the Daleks by means of front-line all out fighting, Nightmare Child and all, then tamper with their time-line in order to add a teensy pinch of empathy, and win the war by love-bombing them instead!

    Spider @spider


    He knows Missy was the one responsible for putting them together in the first place. And they BOTH came to find him. Plus it was Missy he entrusted his last will and testament too. there is a lot going on there

    And LOL to ‘lovebombing’ the daleks. Oh that had me in stitches.


    Anonymous @

    I do love Moffat’s trollbait in the square scene with Missy, getting at both the ‘female Doctor’ and ‘asexual Doctor’ crowds.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    speculations that Clara is the Doctor and Missy’s daughter.

    Did you notice that Missy got described as ‘the Wicked Stepmother’ this week?

    Space Dad and Wicked Stepmother. If they’re not Clara’s biological parents, they’re definitely being positioned in the parental role.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish


    Yes – and given the news about the Christmas episode <spoiler klaxon and happy dance> I have no doubt Clara’s parentage will be revisited 🙂

    midnyt @midnyt

    Awesome start to the series.  can’t wait for next week.  I love Missy setting Clara straight on a few things. Michelle Gomez is really fun.   She reminds me of River the way she’s always pushing the Doctor’s buttons just for the hell of it.  Add the freedom of being the bad guy.   I hope she doesn’t go away to quickly.  I love how Capaldi has really owned his Doctor.  Again,  can’t wait for next week.



    @juniperfish et all

    She’s always been dalek fire-proof historically,

    Somewhere since the reboot (possibly under Ecclestone, but not certain) it was spelt out that the Daleks know more about how to destroy Tardises than anyone bar the TimeLords themselves.


    Indeed. And that process was kicked off by showing that Daleks are capable of fear (when confronted with one R Song)

    triturus @triturus

    Thought I might make my first post here at the start of series 9. So, hello.

    Enjoyed that episode a lot. I must admit, though, that I was slightly worried about how it would come across to the fabled ‘casual viewer’; I’m so far down the fan rabbithole that I have no idea how people who aren’t steeped in the history of the show react to episodes that hang so much of their weight on the past. It’s probably just 80s cancellation-anxiety rearing its head.

    Also, my father-in-law apparently enjoyed it, even if he didn’t have a clue why Skaro was such a big deal. And he chuckled at the guitar/tank scene, which seems to have annoyed a few fans.

    I’ve just been reading the Graun Dr Who thread, and my favourite comment so far is the person complaining that they never explained how Missy survived, unlike in the old days where it was all completely shown on screen how the Master escaped from Xeraphas. Because, y’know, the show is so silly now compared to the serious old days.

    Anyway. Looking forward to next week a lot.



    CitizenVexx @citizenvexx

    This episode was a solid start to the new season. I really liked the opening scene with the hands. Visually awesome!

    I am loving the Missy character the more I see her. She brings a different angle of entertainment to the screen. Capaldi is brilliant and shines per usual. It is a shame they have persisted with Clara this season. I am all Clara-ed out from last season with Mr Pink. 🙁

    A few things I don’t like with the storyline though. They mention the Doctor is dying AGAIN. Haven’t we been through this before? It seems like an old tired plot. I see some people have mentioned that Clara could be Missy’s daughter. Oh boy I hope NOT. I got bored with the whole Amy / River secret scenario in previous years. Don’t do it again. *yawn*

    I look forward to next week.




     They mention the Doctor is dying AGAIN.

    I think that is a bit of linguistic jiggery-pokery to mask dark themes for the kiddies.

    The Doctor has just (as far as we can tell)  left a young boy to die and is shame-ridden. “Dying of shame” is not a new trope, redolent as it is with the shattering of illusions, the abandonment of hope and dissolution (“Never cruel nor cowardly”, eh?). He’s playing fast and loose with a Chieftain II in 12th C Essex, which is pretty much the Doctor equivalent of a bender. This Essex, apparently, had Las Vegas in it and he was only leaving one way.

    I’m wondered in the past if Clara was Susan’s mother – although I doubt the Missy-is-mum thesis, it would be interesting and Moffat would have quietly slipped an origin story past us, without actually doing anything so dull as an origin story.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant But they do emphasise, here and in the prologues, that the Doctor is going towards his inevitable destruction/darkest hour, and so on, which we have seen a lot of recently. I mean, the core plot point of series 6 was the Doctor’s inevitable death at Lake Silencio, then series 7… his inevitable death at Trenzalore. So it is a bit tired. Admittedly, Moffat approaches those two deaths in significantly different enough ways that you rightly don’t see too much complaint, but you know. I guess it’s the equivalent to RTD’s ‘alien invasion means the end of the world/universe/etc’.

    Missy @missy

    I’ve just finished watching this.
    My gawd! What an episode and so many surprises. To speak truth, I’m absolutely gob-smacked!

    Be back later.


    lisa @lisa

    Well I just finished and wow that was awesome! Great opening and ending and middle bits.
    So this is going to be a season about more unfinished business? I have to see this again
    to get my head around all of it. Lots to take in. IN the end I noticed a blue light
    when Missy and Clara get blasted. I don’t think that is the death ray. I think
    we can all assume they have not been exterminated.

    @juniperfish So Missy as stepmom? Feels like a clue. Maybe speaks to some form of
    relationship. Maybe River had a kid? Or possibly something happened to Clara when
    she became the ‘impossible’ girl? Something the Tardis did. Like what happened
    to Amy getting pregnant with River on the Tardis and then River had ‘special’ gifts.
    Its possible that Clara has some Tardis DNA in her now.

    Anonymous @

    To @janetteb, who posted this in the prologue thread:

    The boys rewound the final scene a couple of times and it was concluded here that the battlefield might well be Skaro at about the time of Genesis of the Daleks when they were running about with WWII style weapons. (Or maybe WWI.)

    Your boys may be clairvoyant. Be afraid.

    Petrichor @petrichor

    Greetings to everyone, I am new to this forum. This is actually the very first forum I’ve joined period. I never felt the need to speak to others about anything on TV or otherwise things in general.

    This season opener was very good and at the same time WTF? I wasn’t expecting all of what happened… I was thinking the young girl in the teasers was the Master in a newly regenerated form or earlier on in the current regeneration. I had another thought it might have been the doctor’s daughter but, that fell apart a little bit in my head, but made sense at the same time. Kindy wibble wobbley timey whimmy stuff. Because the master was once regenerated into an infant or brought back with a spell of some sort I cant remember exactly but, either way regeneration is a lottery anyway. who’s to say when a time lord regenerates they have to be a “adult”. The girl in the preview is rather young looking and at the same time she calls the Doctor “old man” That could be either a term for a daughter talking about their father or crazy pants Missy master talking about the Doctor as her boyfriend. Or it could have been Melody / River regenerated some how possible the same way the  master was brought back when he was killed the first time in the 10th Doctor’s season but she is growing up again like the master had too.

    …….I’m sorry there are way too many thoughts in my head for this  I can’t convey everything I’m thinking. But, I’m sure everyone on this forum has the same problem I do lol!!!  Humans!,….So much bigger on the inside! lol! anyway I’m tired and have work tomorrow and I got to S*** ,  Shower and Shave.

    I hope to have more contact with everyone on this forum in the future or I can’t wait to look back on this an laugh.

    Missy @missy

    Time Lord

    Yes, it did take a little time *no pun intended* to get there, but my gawd, what a journey!

    My jaw hit the keyboard when the boy said his name. That’s SM for you, always the unexpected.

    Missy was fantastic, she has super lines and delivers them to perfection.

    Roll on next week.


    Missy @missy


    Craig, has there been a Royal Albert Hall Doctor Who Prom recently? The last one we saw, was with Matt smith.

    I felt you’d be the one to ask, but feel free if anyone else knows.



    Missy @missy


    H U G.

    Will that do?


    lisa @lisa

    When Missy refers to Clara as the puppy of the couple I had to wonder who
    was that couple? My hunch its the Doctor and the Tardis as the couple.
    Clara became the pet puppy from the time she saved the Doctor by following him
    thru his timeline and picked up some Tardis inside her. That’s also why she was
    able to achieve the mind meld with the Tardis circuitry. As for stepmother Missy,
    that’s just Missy insinuating herself into the extended family. Of course the
    Doctor never thinks of his companions as pets – although there are plenty of humans
    that think of their ‘pets’ as children. Even Davros thinks of his Daleks as children
    (I can insert puppies, kitties many words all similar concept?}
    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if SM puts a different twist on it.

    Missy @missy


    Quite right. In Cold War, with Matt Smith, he said that he’d reset the Tardis to re-locate if danger threatened.
    So, she probably did. She’d out think the Daleks every time. Then went and got the Doctor.
    Well, it’s a theory.


    Missy @missy


    Hello there, I’m pretty new too. If you are a Whovian, this is a great place to be.



    Missy @missy


    Good theory lisa. I remember The Doctor’s Wife (written by Neil Gaiman, who also wrote Neverwhere) and the Tardis telling the Doctor that she loved him. so, The Doc, the Tardis and Clara + all the other companions (possible exception Rose)as the puppy.


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