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    Hmmm, after first watch have to say overall I was very underwhelmed by this one  – did have great promise and initially the threat of the Dreg was very good but then it lost me with a nonsensical everyone aboard the transport (the only reason everyone seemed to come along was in order to sacrifice themselves rather obviously at various plot…[Read more]

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    Just had a thought: 5 planets, 5 days …

    5 stages of grief perhaps?


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    Hello all it’s been a while!  Happy New Year and all that!

    Well, wow! That has been a great start to the new series! Much better than last series – which I did enjoy but felt was lacking a bit in a few areas – one of which was a lack of proper villains for the Doctor to face up to and riff-off. This (and to be fair last years New Years special)…[Read more]

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    @puroandson !! A very belated welcome back from me – from what I can see you are some sort of hybrid now? Apologies for my belatedness, but I had a complete rush of spolier utter lockdown which involved even not looking on this site about any comments over the last couple of episodes.

    I caught the ‘don’t stop me know’, which indeed was the Queen…[Read more]

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    I was just commenting to a friend about how I had watched much of series 9 through the slight tinted vision of knowing Jenna was leaving and therefore there was going to be a sad ending along the way. In a way this is mirroring the Doctors viewpoint – as we hear him say a few times about losing her, and also the look he gives her at the end of The…[Read more]

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    That. Was. Amazing.

    Seeing the old console room made me squee out loud. The doors even made the noise!

    I was convinced at the start the Doctor was talking to a Clara echo that he had sought out and that it was her who didn’t recognise him. That was VERY cleverly done.

    And the barn! And the Doctor on the bed. And Gallifrey and … y’now…[Read more]

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    Oh my 😮

    That was fantastic! Too much to take in right now. A very different episode, a very different idea. My only slight criticism is it did drag a little bit in places at the start. But Capaldi was splendid in this. The bit when he says something along the lines of ‘but you still won’t be here’ about Clara I think I must have got a bit of…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip no worries. I figured it was a case of posting timey wimeyness and wasn’t deliberate XD.

    I agree that future episode titles (and perhaps any specific quotes from people about upcoming episodes?) might be better under approved spoilers. Personally i prefer the discussions and bonkers in this forum to just be based on what we have…[Read more]

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    Yeah my annoyingly analytical brain goes haywire with any little bit of info so i have to try not and feed it. For example had to really quickly stop reading the last post by @bluesqueakpip as i felt that was starting to go too far (i dunno if it did or not as i didn’t read).

    Totally agree everyone is different as to what is a…[Read more]

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    Just need to say for me some of the previous discussion has been wavering a bit over into spolier territory 🙁

    I didn’t even know the name of the next episode (i mean the one next weekend not the one today – which again i only found out here) and i haven’t heard the Moffat interview as i try and stay away from such things (i have a backlog of…[Read more]

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    Hi all. Late to the party again for this episode. Apologies in advance for any typos in the following post as am on my phone rather than my pc.

    All in all i really enjoyed this epiosode and thought it very clever. Loved the way it was filmed. On first watch i had started to twig something was off when i was sure we were seeing Clara’s point of…[Read more]

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    Wow. THAT speech. I think the fly that got in the eye of @juniperfish may have got to me too – in both eyes, multiple times (I name them … the time flies!). Have we ever seen 12 more emotional than he was here? And in fact now I think about it  through most of this episode?

    I had been very skeptical about Osgood coming back, as I feared it…[Read more]

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    @kharis Excellent spot on the clothes! Will be very interested to see how things pan out on that.  So very sorry to hear of your recent troubles. I have never suffered myself, but been close due to a family member that has been through depression. It is hard and awful and I wish you the very best. Sending you hugs – in a Clara way that even if…[Read more]

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    @ramzeppelin I really was planning to listen that time but basically, I didn’t.

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    How fortunate for the Doctor that Ashildr did not decide to accelerate the rate of human progress to get off this rock.

    Or, maybe she did accelerate it and that’s why we are where we are now! 😉

    Oh and other things I forgot to mention, loved the Jack Harkness reference, and also let out a cheer at the shout out to The Visitation, yay!…[Read more]

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    Right – rewatched and with the benefit of being far more awake, enjoyed that episode a whole lot more as I had missed a huge amount of what was going on first time round XD

    The bit where Ashildr realises she does actually care made me think of when Twelve has his moment in Death In Heaven with Missy (when he announces ‘I am an idiot’). Ashildr…[Read more]

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    Ok, just finished watching for the first time, now to caveat the rest of my opinion its late, I’m tired and i have been drinking so, future watches will change. Initial thoughts are that I am very disappointed and thought most of that was pretty rubbish and did not enjoy most of this at all. I really hope with a second watch it will make things…[Read more]

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    @lisa, @blenkinsopthebrave, @purofilion@ichabod  cheers! It was a very cool trip. Rewatched Fires Of Pompeii last night. Loved it even more now! No jet-lag, only 1 hour time difference from the UK so no probs there.

    Ok, now caught up with comments. Overall I really enjoyed the episode. The scene cut from the practicing with real swords to the u…[Read more]

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    Hello all. Not been on for a bit as I’ve been away – on holiday for my brother and friends 40th birthday trip to Italy. Therefore only caught up with this latest episode this afternoon. I’ve not read through any of the comments yet – will do that in another post later, but just needed to share something first. Bear with me, it’s indulgent and a…[Read more]

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    Just watched this for the second time. On first watch I wasn’t sure at all, thought it was a bit slow and clunky. However, I had absolutely NO idea it was going to be a 2 parter! That was a lovely surprise! Plus, episode set in Scotland! Yay!

    On second watch it all fell together a lot better. Like the way it builds the tension and then we get the…[Read more]

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