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    Craig @craig

    Now this, for me, is an absolute cracker. This could have been a movie. In fact, it’s better than most movies. It’s full of great ideas, dilemmas and character development. I could probably have done without Gadget the robot, but you can’t have everything, and I think Gadget’s probably a shout out to Huey, Dewey and Louis from Silent Running (another sci-fi with bio-domes in space – if you haven’t seen it, check it out) so I’m not too bothered really.

    First broadcast on 15 November 2009, it’s dedicated to the great Barry Letts who died in October 2009. I can’t think of a better tribute to him.

    The Doctor lands on Mars and encounters the first human colony there, Bowie Base One, commanded by Captain Adelaide Brooke. The base comes under attack from sentient, dangerous waters and the Doctor finds he must make some difficult decisions.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    While I believe this to be the best of the Tennant specials, beautifully written, acted, and produced, this is only the second time I’ve watched it. I actually find it just so horrific, so difficult to watch on an emotional level. But it is a crucial piece in the Tenth Doctor’s evolution.

    The setting is beautifully realized and the tension is ramped up perfectly, as one by one, people are taken over by the body-snatching alien life form. And along with this tension is the tension we feel from the Doctor, as he realizes where and when he is, and is prevented from leaving when he could still bring himself to do so. When he is finally free to go, it is heartbreaking to watch him slowly walk away, leaving these people he so admires to their doom, the sounds of their destruction in his ears. Really, really heartbreaking. And we watch him slowly go mad.

    When he bursts back in to help them, we feel that familiar triumph– the Doctor is here, he will save them! But that typically Tenth Doctor energy he brings doesn’t ring quite right in this; it feels not triumphant but desperate. Because what he’s doing is wrong. And the whole final scene with Adelaide is brilliantly done, right up to the look on his face as he realizes that she has stolen back her destiny, that he is not after all victorious over time.

    I didn’t mind the robot, because in addition to being clearly referential, it also fulfills a purpose in fetching the TARDIS. However, the magical disappearing Ood feels artificial, and accomplishes nothing, since the Doctor is still in rebellion when he enters the TARDIS. We are left with the cloister bell ringing ominously in our ears as the episode ends.

    The 10th Forever @ryan1888mclaughlin

    Honestly my favourite new who episode. The acting is of a phenomenal level and the enemy is actually scary in comparison to most enemies. The fixed moment in time episodes I always seem to enjoy but this one tops the lot. Although this isn’t an accurate historic event for us, as the episode progresses you can feel and relate to this as a crucial moment in the history of earth and why it always must stand. Overall, the dark side to the doctor I enjoyed rather than the energetic and happy one purely for the fact it had never been done before in new who. The acting of tennant when he realises where he is and at what time is phenomenal and this is a true tear jerker with the music in the background adding to the feels. Furthermore, the actor who plays Adelaide Brooke stole the show for me and her surprise decision at the end really made me go “Wow”!

    Overall a 10/10. One for the memories!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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