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    And here we go again. Still feels weird with this Doctor, but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually. And it’s interesting to see how he IS the same character. All that time-lordiness, the not explaining, occasionally almost arrogance. Although this incarnation seems to be somewhat less emotional and emphatic – he didn’t seem to consider even for…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent Yes, finally 😉 Thanks for the explanation about the Nestene Consciousness and the link – although I think for now I will be fine without additional background. But I absolutely love that it’s there – and that Doctor Who is a show that appreciates its fanbase’s enthusiastic attention to detail (probably because a lot of the people…[Read more]

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    @devilishrobby I may have expressed myself a bit unclear – I liked the new Doctor and will certainly see what future episodes bring for him. I certainly didn’t mean to criticze Ncuti’s performance as the Doctor, I’m sure he will be brilliant!
    It was just this particular storyline that did not “click” with me. I didn’t really get the connection…[Read more]

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    @ps1l0v3y0u Yes I have seen the previous three episodes – this episode was my start to watching Doctor Who episodes that do not have David Tennant in it 😉 I loved all three of the specials with Fourteen and thought the bigeneration scene was brilliant. So I was quite sure I’d like Ncuti as the Doctor, I was just almost disappointed about the…[Read more]

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    And here we go again – as I am finally out of Tens, Fourteens and Fifteens I guess I might as well start at the beginning. Okay, relatively. Maybe because I’ve seen so many episodes with the Tenth Doctor recently, I connected a lot better with this episode than with the Church on Ruby Road. It was of course a lot more familiar – the Tardis, Rose,…[Read more]

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    So I finally managed to watch my first episode with a “new” Doctor that is not Ten/Fourteen. Which was weird, but I liked the character. However I really struggled to click with the storyline and the singing goblings and all that. One reason may have been that I was doing something else while watching it, but I found myself wondering what the…[Read more]

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    So this is it. The end of an era. I am so overwhelmed right now that I can’t really recapture much of anything. The Master was never one of my favourite villains though. So I focused on everything else, and boy, once again they seemed to have brought everyone back! (I guess they filmed those scenes together with the DoctorDonna episode?) We went b…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent : thanks, I’ll go and find out more there. Regaring the bus not pulling over etc.: well, I wasn’t really unduly worried either – it IS a heist movie and if he does pull over it would be a very short and rather boring episode – but I can’t help wondering about such little “errors”.

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    What an episode… but let’s start at the beginning.

    I’m confused. The Doctor decides to take a trip to Mars, we see the return of the red spacesuit (and I was halfway expecting Donna to follow him out of the Tardis until I remembered she’s no longer there), but why does he land the Tardis in the middle of nowhere and takes a hike over to the bas…[Read more]

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    Not quite sure what to make of this episode – the setup reminded me of “Midnight”, which was probably intentional as the Doctor made a similar comment at one point. I liked how they played around with the giant fly aliens, which initially appear to be the bad guys but actually aren’t. What I absolutely loved here was that the Doctor was without…[Read more]

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    @ps1l0v3y0u  I am not sure what you mean with the unquestioning worship of The Oncoming Storm (is that a specific event?), and as far as eye candy is concerned I have been perfectly satisfied with Ten/Fourteen 😉

    And just to avoid any misunderstanding – what I wrote was simply my personal opinion about the episode, not a statement of fact.…[Read more]

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    Now this feels weird… I guess there was a bit of time between the episodes, but for me the Doctor has just lost Donna, but steps quite cheerfully out of the Tardis as if nothing ever happened. Well that all right then! Anyway, it looks like he’s landed right in the middle of a Charles Dickens story. And then there is… another Doctor?! Okay, to be…[Read more]

  • Part 2 – Journey’s end
    And here we are with the second part. Regeneration into the hand, that’s… handy. Rose and the Doctor finally united, and Donna looks at Jack saying “You can have me. No really, you can have me.” LOL. And now we get Mickey and Jackie too, how cool is that! I always loved Jackie! The Tardis being towed off, not so cool. I f…[Read more]

  • Part 1 – Stolen Earth
    The end of the universe is imminent, but everything looks normal. Except that the Earth suddenly vanishes – good thing both the Doctor and Donna were in the Tardis at that point. The next bit was very interesting for me as we see a lot of people who I probably should be knowing but don’t really. There’s Martha and Unit, so fa…[Read more]

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    Phew. And another brilliant episode. I have to watch that again at some point. At the moment, I don’t even have words for it. I mean I had heard about the episode before, so I knew the Doctor wasn’t “really” dead but only because Donna never met him. (Okay, in the middle of a series it is rather unlikely that he’s properly dead, but still it…[Read more]

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    Oh, what a brilliant opening. Donna and the Doctor take a break from saving the world and almost getting killed in the process and go on holiday. Ish. Donna relaxing by a completely deserted pool and the Doctor is eager as usual to marvel at the wonders of the universe. Or in this case the planet. Yes, I wonder, what could possibly go wrong?!…[Read more]

  • @janetteb and @winston: Thanks! I admit I enjoy exploring this world of the Tenth Doctor and going on a journey into the unkonwn with him. I mean with some episodes I have been spoilered and vaguely know what happens, but seeing it is just so captivating!
    I admit that these two episodes (SitL/FotD) are currently not on the top of my list (although…[Read more]

  • This seemed less creepy than the first one, maybe because it had more Donna in the “fake” world in it. Or because we already knew about the Vashda Nerada and there was less shadows. I got a bit confused in between but I loved the scenes with the Doctor and River Song, whom I assume is his future wife? And she knows the Doctor’s name, which I guess…[Read more]

  • Silence in the Library
    This was not really my kind of episode – a tad too creepy for me. But definitely an interesting concept, just like “Blink”. “Almost every culture on every planet fears the dark – and not without reason…” Thank you Doctor, that will certainly help me to fall asleep tonight!
    River Song was interesting, she sounds like she’s hi…[Read more]

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