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    Hm. After all this hoo-ha, and the absolute gripping last episode, I found this one rather anticlimactic. Or at least not what I had expected. It did have nice moments and twists – I liked Mel becoming “evil”, for example. Regarding the plt, I got a bit lost. The Doctor, Mel and Ruby travelled in… what exactly? A Tardis materialising from the…[Read more]

  • Wow. What the hell was that?! I almost forgot to breathe in between.

    Anyway. Nice to see Mad Auntie Mel again, and Rose and Kate Lethbridge Steward. Also the scene where Ruby was introduced to her confused me a bit, as I thought they did already meet in 73 Yards. But I realised that was a different timeline and an older Ruby, and I guess they…[Read more]

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    And another one – great episode! I’m sure there was lots of detail in there that I missed, but I liked it anyway. Shapeshifting bird aliens, nice! And a fascinating new character named Rogue who went from villain to hero. It would be a pity if he didn’t re-appear.

    Lots of emotional drama for the Doctor – “can you lose your friend if it means…[Read more]

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    Wow. That was quite an episode. It felt a bit weird as the Doctor and Ruby only seemed to play a minor role as we see everything from Lindy’s POV. And what a dystopia! White rich kids whose parents pay a fortune so they kids can party undisturbed. Not able to find their way anyway without being told by the bubble where to put their feet. It…[Read more]

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    And straight into the next one. I loved it! Although I’m still not sure what actually happened. If I understood it correctly, the woman who stays 73 yards away from Ruby is her own older self. Or her ghost, after dying? And the reason she was there was to stop the Doctor stepping on that fairy ring setting free (?) Mad Jack. Who then became the…[Read more]

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    Here we go. I think this is my favourite episode of 15 so far! I loved the tension and “simple” setting, almost the entire episode took place in one place.
    There was a lot in it: the Doctor trapped and not able to work his usual magic (apparently the Sonic Screwdriver is no good for defusing landmines). The cruelness of landmines in general and…[Read more]

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    Finally managed to continue with this series. Not entirely sure what to make of this episode – I loved a lot of it, especially MAestro and the general concept of what would happen to the world without music. And the idea (and meansto use that as a weapon! I had also been looking forward to some Beatles music, but the end felt more like High School…[Read more]

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    This one wasn’t really my cup of tea. I didn’t really like Adam, who so very clearly had his own agenda and seemed to be exclusively focused on his personal gain. I kind of liked the end when his mother (?) came in and snapped her fingers – good luck explaining that, sunshine! I also was somewhat irritated when Rose quite happily gave him her…[Read more]

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    And here we go again. I’m not really a fan of Daleks, so I was kind of dreading this episode, but it turned out much better than expected. Possibly because there was only one Dalek involved, and that was robbed of its usual state of being. I definitely did not expect ever to feel sorry for a Dalek!
    The Doctor being chained up and tortured was a…[Read more]

  • I finally managed to continue my adentures with Nine. I liked it very much, especially “Aliens of London”. One reason was probably that I finally seem to have gotten used to different incarnations, but I also just loved the idea of aliens putting humans on like suit, and trapping all the alien experts in a meeting to get them out of the way. And…[Read more]

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    I admit I haven’t been here for a while, and am still in the process of adapting to “other” Doctors. Ncuti and Millie are doing a great job and I’m sure I will adjust to their style soon. At times, it felt a bit too hyperactive for my taste, and reminded me of a character in a different show that I don’t like. And I guess Ten was just as…[Read more]

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    And here we go again. Still feels weird with this Doctor, but I guess I’ll get used to it eventually. And it’s interesting to see how he IS the same character. All that time-lordiness, the not explaining, occasionally almost arrogance. Although this incarnation seems to be somewhat less emotional and emphatic – he didn’t seem to consider even for…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent Yes, finally 😉 Thanks for the explanation about the Nestene Consciousness and the link – although I think for now I will be fine without additional background. But I absolutely love that it’s there – and that Doctor Who is a show that appreciates its fanbase’s enthusiastic attention to detail (probably because a lot of the people…[Read more]

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    @devilishrobby I may have expressed myself a bit unclear – I liked the new Doctor and will certainly see what future episodes bring for him. I certainly didn’t mean to criticze Ncuti’s performance as the Doctor, I’m sure he will be brilliant!
    It was just this particular storyline that did not “click” with me. I didn’t really get the connection…[Read more]

  • VickyMallard replied to the topic The Church on Ruby Road

    @ps1l0v3y0u Yes I have seen the previous three episodes – this episode was my start to watching Doctor Who episodes that do not have David Tennant in it 😉 I loved all three of the specials with Fourteen and thought the bigeneration scene was brilliant. So I was quite sure I’d like Ncuti as the Doctor, I was just almost disappointed about the…[Read more]

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    And here we go again – as I am finally out of Tens, Fourteens and Fifteens I guess I might as well start at the beginning. Okay, relatively. Maybe because I’ve seen so many episodes with the Tenth Doctor recently, I connected a lot better with this episode than with the Church on Ruby Road. It was of course a lot more familiar – the Tardis, Rose,…[Read more]

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    So I finally managed to watch my first episode with a “new” Doctor that is not Ten/Fourteen. Which was weird, but I liked the character. However I really struggled to click with the storyline and the singing goblings and all that. One reason may have been that I was doing something else while watching it, but I found myself wondering what the…[Read more]

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    So this is it. The end of an era. I am so overwhelmed right now that I can’t really recapture much of anything. The Master was never one of my favourite villains though. So I focused on everything else, and boy, once again they seemed to have brought everyone back! (I guess they filmed those scenes together with the DoctorDonna episode?) We went b…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent : thanks, I’ll go and find out more there. Regaring the bus not pulling over etc.: well, I wasn’t really unduly worried either – it IS a heist movie and if he does pull over it would be a very short and rather boring episode – but I can’t help wondering about such little “errors”.

  • VickyMallard replied to the topic The Waters of Mars

    What an episode… but let’s start at the beginning.

    I’m confused. The Doctor decides to take a trip to Mars, we see the return of the red spacesuit (and I was halfway expecting Donna to follow him out of the Tardis until I remembered she’s no longer there), but why does he land the Tardis in the middle of nowhere and takes a hike over to the bas…[Read more]

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