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    omg I did not notice the color of the Doctor’s T-shirt changed!!! I had to look up stills from the episodes.

    Maybe she has not-empty pockets now…

    good username, anduril

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    “when you break an egg and scramble it you are doing cosmology.”

    @juniperfish @pedant @anduril (Halloo! if you are a new member: welcome -yes, indeed it was around the red and blue tie/ balloon that I found this site with its super-clever bonkerising)

    Red Shift:  and the Doctor’s, “let’s get a shift on!”

    Is it all related?

    @geoffers. I…[Read more]

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    @Blenkinsopthebrave Sorry you are having to wait, friend, to watch along. I can recommend VPN . A reputable one is ExpressVPN but you do have to pay a monthly fee. You can cancel anytime though, so you could just have it for Doctor Who’s run.


    @anduril @pedant @cathannabel

    I’ve had a look at the Doctor’s T-shirt and…[Read more]

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    @anduril – so possibly just a bit of a laundry mishap??  I rather like the idea that the Tardis might malfunction in those very prosaic ways as well as in its more cosmic functions!

    I joined in part-way through the Great Bow-Tie Adventures and am not sure I ever entirely grasped their complexity but it was fun, and a fab introduction to this lovely place.

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    @pedant and @anduril Have I been summoned by costume bonkerising!?

    (@anduril – my icon is an old reference to the red/blue bow-ties of SmithDoc and the elaborate, some might say obsessive, theorising thereof, in our former home on Dan Martin’s recaps at The Guardian, before @Craig created the Better Place).

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    it may seem trivial to some, but not to the bonkers-izing peeps on this forum! well spotted! i still haven’t had time for my normal re-watch (or two), and i was so focused on catching the dialogue and following the story that i completely didn’t see it… even when she was running around without the coat. i feel like a total failure……[Read more]

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    Oh my word – well spotted.

    That was a really well stocked charity shop!

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    @anduril Yes, I noticed that  – maybe the Tardis can replicate her charity shop outfit in different shades?  If so I want one, never mind the time travel, just the convenience of clothing cloning.  Will have to watch out for any further developments on that front.  As for significance – some of the longer-serving members of this Forum will rec…[Read more]