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    @auntie8nay6 I think I saw the first few episodes of Doctor Who. I remember I was ‘too young’ to be allowed to watch Quatermass and the Pit – which was a truly scary BBC sci-fi. ‘Who’ came along four years later. Patrick Troughton was my favourite early Doctor. I sort of lost interest after Jon Pertwee, though.

    I became a fan of Blakes…[Read more]

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    @auntie8nay6 Hi Welcome to the site.

    I began watching during the Tom Baker years when I was in my teens though I think I might have been frightened yb an old episode when I was very young, watching TV at my grandmother’s. My family did not have tv at the time.

    Tom Baker is “my Doctor” though I really love all the re-boot Doctors. I was very wary…[Read more]

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    @auntie8nay6   Hi!  I am a fellow Whovian and your northern Canadian neighbour. Glad you found the site, we all love The Doctor here so it is a very nice place to be. I watched a few episodes of old Who when I was young but like you I started with new Who in 2005 and I have never stopped watching and loving the show.I watched the first episode be…[Read more]

  • @auntie8nay6

    Welcome to the site. I am ancient enough to have discovered Doctor Who as a small child around the time when the very first  episode with William Hartnell was shown in the UK in November 1963. I was in Australia then, and I suspect it may have screened a few months after that in the colonial wilds of Australia. I do remember my…[Read more]