• Very good! But yes, bit confused by Kent’s appearance. Did they not do lampshading in the olden days?

    Salamander played as such a git, ambling after the wounded Kent. Props to Troughton.

    But could Astrid not have just have sent all the other shelter dwellers who weren’t seeking a dramatic confrontation up the tunnel? They didn’t really get an…[Read more]

  • Food (and hello all) – I thought the reaction to the turkey leg in Last Christmas indicated an aversion to at least some forms of consumption, but perhaps he was just feeling a little queasy at the time.

    Metabolism. Mr Lefty insists I mention people have different responses to satiety hormones which can lead to them feeling fuller sooner, but…[Read more]

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    Was planning to watch the Daemons anyway. Think some of you guys recommended it.

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    @ichabod, I really like the narrow aperture theory of memory (which I recall cropping up somewhere else in my reading recently!) It seems like a useful tool for the temporally afflicted.

    I thought Deep Breath dealt well with the sense of chaos that might precede the narrowing, a deep breath, drowning for a while, then, by the “I’m not your…[Read more]

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    Hey @purofilion et all. I’m still confused, but that’s not hard!

    Guessing I’m missing a chunk of Smithy timeline. I thought he was convinced he was a goner in the event of Trenzalore, suggesting he knows about reaching the limit. When did he find that out? Post Day of but pre Time of? (In the event of Trenzalore, break universe)

    This is a rule I…[Read more]

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    Wow! Looks like I missed class! Fortunately this is the modern sort of course where the notes are all online 😛

    Thank you @bluesqueakpip for further illumination

  • @scaryB, yes I must remember these BG episodes have been hand picked by experts for awesome! @juniperfish, I love the little Troughton I have seen, he might even be my favourite (other than 4 and 12), for his incredibly deft touch, but I especially liked Seeds of Death and he was delightfully quixotic in the Three Doctors.

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    @craig, @jimthefish, was fascinating to watch, the work and integrity of Forsyth and the faith of Puttnam is apparent. Was an interesting point about the women, Stella and Marina, Sky and sea. In a way it did reduce them to symbols, over idealised, but Forsyth plainly believed it to be the case that women were often just different. I was thinking…[Read more]

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    @pedant. 🙂

    I guess that major timeline reworks in the approach to anniversaries aside, 12 can never interact with any of the previous regenerations then.

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    Too tired @bluesqueakpip. It’s a given that …Smithy did complete! Dammit. I see now, he had to complete as he didn’t know of any future incarnatio

    Ah well. As a way of resolving that plot and requiring the finding of Gallifrey this regeneration, I quite liked it 😉

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    Oh dear, it is far too early in the evening to be this much in need of bed :/

    So inevitably, a thing pops into my addled head.

    So you do 1 really important thing 13 times in your 13  different selves, because you need do it 13 times in order to make sure you get the really hard sums really right, and you are doing the really hard sums right up…[Read more]

  • Yay! Astrid exposes the shortcomings of the security guys!

    Boo! Benik might give Salamander a run for his money in the horrid git stakes, with a higher pulling the wings off flies quotient.

    Yay! Bruce may be a terrible security boss, but he might be a good egg!

    It’s all unravelling pretty fast. Can’t wait for next week’s thrilling instalment!

  • @juniperfish, I seem to recall a touch of eyebrow related local politics in Deep Breath 😉 I agree and I think the approach of the story being driven away from the big issue towards the nitty gritty of interpersonal politics and human motivation like this does means you are absolved from having to fix say, climate change, in an episode so can…[Read more]

  • Dum dum dum! Who’s shoes are those then? I have a suspicion what way this is going, but I think someone may have clocked that in the previous ep.

    Also, the underground city! Salamander clearly just likes toying with people.

    “I ‘ave returned, and I bring … weirdly pattern fabrics!”

    “Oh. Well, we’ve already got some of that, Salamander…[Read more]

  • Agree with @bluesqueakpip, Troughton really showing his quality, Salamander is a scary dude. Again impressed with Doctor Who dealing with meaty issues, presenting well rounded minor characters like Griff the chef and particularly Fariah. Victoria is wet, but sweet, and Astrid and Fariah offset her silliness just fine.

    The thing that strike me…[Read more]

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    Terrifying, Craig. Thank God no orgy scene, although Piggy as Willow is inspired casting, but nightmare fuel, right enough.

    I think Local Hero was one of the first pieces of film I remember seeing which portrayed a Scotland I recognised at all, although there were obviously others, like the afore mentioned Gregory’s Girl. It also impressed on me…[Read more]

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    Do love it. Haven’t seen it since our VCR died years ago. Will have to remedy with a DVD. It is cutesy, but the delightfully venal villagers avert the cute.

    Something about it struck me as recalling Greenvoe by George Mackay Brown, only with humour and where everyone ends up poor but happy, rather than miserable and dispossessed. We’ve done that,…[Read more]

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    Deep breath @ichabod 😛

    Saw the chimp story, cue jokes about Scottish Chimps preferring a deep fried Mars bar!

    Have seen that gang, they are quite socially … robust, when it comes to who gets what at feeding time. Afterwards, all sweetness and mutual grooming. Possibly by way of apology?!

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    Oh @lisa there has literally never been anything better than that. There is so much goodness I can’t make up my mind which of the good is best!

    @ichabod love surprisingly sweary Doctor.. Oh, hang about..

  • A magpie could do worse than hang out here and pick up shinys.

    @ichabod, how did I miss a parapsychology series set in Glasgow?!? Off to find it, Lovely Bones (the film), @Craig, Man in High Castle looks great.

    Cucumber, banana.  I sort of see your point @juniperfish, and I guess it echoes what Julie Walters was saying about a preponderance of…[Read more]

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