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    Worst Christmas special of AG Who?  Naahh – for me thats the Matt Smith Narnia tree people thing (forget the name)

    Definately the third quarter where it fell down for me, ending was meh but I like the idea of giant stompy robots dagnabbit.

    (Watched waaaay to much Transformers, Robotech and Zoids when I was younger. Then there’s all the…[Read more]

  • What about Ducktales?  Sure theres a crocodile in it somewhere.  😛

    Anyone still wayching Musketeers?  Last weeks was a bit weak but next weeks looks like a belter. Though they’ve done the typical “bloke sees his evil ex” bit and “Dogtanian gets it on” bit

    (I will always refer to him as Dogtanian, greatest ever interpretation!)

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    Wow. Lots of new people arriving. None of you are Romanian right?  The Daily Mail won’t like you coming here on taking our blog posts!

    (God I hate that paper)

    Welcome Tekdrudge!  Lots of us are Nuwho (I’m a TV movie / Nuwho myself).

    I really need to watch more Old Who. Might sit and watch some on Youtube. After I watch Thor, and The Hobbit, a…[Read more]

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    A girl?!

    Are girls allowed on the internet?


    In all seriousness, welcome to all newbies, may your Who-ness be Cloister Bell’d across the dimensions

    Or something.

    Anyway, back at work and wishing I was still drunk! Huzzah

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    I think the irratability comes from Oswald Dalek not turning Carmen off and constantly harping on about her Souffle.

    Theres always one irrating relative at Christmas!

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    Hahaha, @MartyB – I work in Automotive so after a day reading Nissan or Honda technical specs is enough that I go home and don’t read anything that isn’t ‘Dog ate bone, bone was bad, Dog was sick. Dog died’.


    (The Dog died series is excellent)

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    Technically, I’ve read the Etiquette tab, but then again, I’ve technically read my companies HR guidelines- If you asked me for a quote from it, I wouldn’t have a clue  😛

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    Hahaha, the Lurker at the Threshold indeed!

    I lurk as I can’t usually add anything to the conversation. Never stops me at work like.

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    Companion wise, I’m hoping we (like @Shazzbot) get an Alien, or even a Human from a different time period. Jamie-like for example. Victorian Claricle would have been excellent.


    What is everyone wanting from the next series?

    Me, I’m hoping for a full blow arc. Not one or two episodes that center around it. But something in every episode, hints…[Read more]

  • @Shazzbot

    I dunno, I think he’ll only appear last 5 minutes tops. This is Smiths swansong remember, so unless they do a Two Doctor story (oooooh, wouldn’t THAT be good!) they won’t overshadow him by booting him off halfway


    @Rob – By combining the Quantum Entanglement theory of that all space is linked and that Space can be ‘folded’ – this…[Read more]

  • Personally, the thing I want to see (and I appreciate it has nothing to do with anything else) is the Doctors significant other.

    Not River (unless it is River), the Grandmother of Susan. Thats been bugging me for years!

  • @janetteB

    What was the dream about?

    I had a weird one where DT and MS materialised on my sofa (no TARDIS, they just appeared to the TARDIS sound), I fanboy’d, then Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and Worf (Not […]

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    Hope the Dean Swift went well, although I wasn’t online I raised a glass to HTPBDET.


    Hopefully will still make it to Cinema tonight, might have to watch it at home but I should be ok. CANNOT WAIT, this is gonna be awwwweeesome

  • I liked the Science, but I expected more WHo… IE mentioning examples within the show or explaining the Cybermen or the theoretical existence of the Silurians but maybe I misunderstood the […]

  • Loved that. Fantastic.

    Though the Matt Smith scene really jarred for me, it was nice, (nd maybe this is how my mind works) but it kicked me out and I started theorising. WOuld have been better if they’d had images of all 10 other Doctors around the Tardis.


    What else happened after credits? My SKy Box cut it out halfway through the Peter…[Read more]

  • Hmm, I read that line completely differently again.


    The Souffle is not the end product, its the recipe-all the little things that go into a life – that makes the souffle

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    You see, I just can’t resist Spoilers. I have to know. Its like Chocolate cake!

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    Did I miss something with The Twonkfaces?

  • ThumbnailLast year I got given this Tardis watch…

    And I’m hoping for this new version with Gallifrey symbols on

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