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    I did not know about the Doctor Who connection with Grant Imahara. Thanks for the clip.

    49…that is way too young.

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    Happy Canada Day, @winston @blenkinsopthebrave and all our other Canadian friends. I have yet to visit Canada but I have a great, great, great grandfather buried in Canada. The story is that when his wife died he came to Australia to visit the son who immigrated here then went to Canada to visit the other sons and daughter who had gone to Canada…[Read more]

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    Really sad to hear that about Louis Mahoney. He was a great character actor in film and television over the years. And a major figure in advancing actors of colour.

    He could put so much emotion into that short scene in Blink.


  • @davros I had a similar problem with links. This forum seems very buggy at the moment.

  • @davros One of my favourites is when Mickey calls Jack ‘Captain Cheesecake’, and Jack retorts with ‘Mickey Mouse!’ That one made me laugh.

  • @davros

    It’s been pointed out to me that was Rose says is “And Captain Jack Harkness has transported to the Sontaran home world”, meaning that perhaps he went willingly, perhaps as part of a mission.

    Possibly. I’m picturing it as a Jack/Strax team-up.

  • @davros Captain Jack on Sontar is a fun thing to imagine. We need that as a Big Finish audio!

  • @davros Great review! As a kid in 2008, Silence In The Library/Forest of the Dead absolutely terrified me. I couldn’t step in shadows for weeks; I had to jump over them.

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    @davros These are some of my favourite Dr Who episodes. Recently I went through and did a rating for every season of AG Who. This series got the top score as there is barely a dud episode. It was nice to have Martha return and not be pining for the Doctor and was nice to see the friendship between Martha and Donna. Always good to see Wilf and…[Read more]

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    I too am enjoying these reviews. Always nice to have an impetus to talk about “Who” and is nice to recall past episodes. Your work on these is appreciated.




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    Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your reflections (and your son’s) on the episodes.

    And the quotes..!

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    I’m wondering whether racial integration was really so smooth in 1929.

    Not one of my historical areas, so I wouldn’t know about Central Park Hooverville specifically – but Wikipedia says that the St Louis Hooverville was well known for being completely integrated. Given that, I’d say that whether or not it’s historically true, it’s a…[Read more]

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    @davros I have to disagree re’ Gridlock which, despite the flaws you mention, and there are underlying logical flaws in much of Who, and most other stories for that matter, is a great story. It is one of the episodes that I re watch frequently. The other point you made that I cannot agree with is D.T. not being charismatic. He is and I can believe…[Read more]

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    @davros   It sounds like so much fun watching these episodes with your son and nephew. I agree that a six year old might struggle but 11 is a great age to watch Doctor Who. I am watching with my 11 year old granddaughter and it is so great to see it through her eyes.I came to the show as an adult so its fun to watch a kid enjoy it and sometimes f…[Read more]

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    It has only just occurred to me while reading your commentary that there’s an odd disparity between what I think most fans of the reboot consider the golden age and the received wisdom about the quality of its content.

    I think for a lot of people, David Tenant + Billy Piper = Who at it’s best. In terms of the dynamic between the leads,…[Read more]

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    @winston and @davros We often quote the “tin dog” line. It was so good to see Sarah Jane again. She was my “first” companion and I always loved K.9 We have a plastic model on the mantle shelf in the living room. I really enjoyed Sarah Jane Adventure too. So much better than Torchwood.  Tooth and Claw is a good episode too though I think that was…[Read more]

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    @mark-reach  Hi and welcome to our friendly forum! It is a good place to be a Whovian.

    @davros  Both of those episodes are great although the wolf creature still scares me and makes me jump in “Tooth and Claw”. In the next episode “School Reunion” is one of my favourite scenes of all Who,  Sarah Jane seeing the Tardis for the first time in ma…[Read more]

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    @davros I haven’t seen much of pre-2005 Doctor Who yet so there’s a lot of those that I don’t recognise, but I know #11 is a Dreg from Orphan 55, #12 is clearly Gallifrey but I’m not sure what the shapes in the foreground are, and #19 is the Pting from The Tsuranga Conundrum. I recognise #15 but can’t think who she is. I’ve seen some people on…[Read more]

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    @davros Isn’t that last screenshot Brendan?

    It’s still not clear to me why the regenerations of the Timeless Child are so different from the regenerations we have seen of the Doctor. Throughout the series, the Doctor doesn’t age to that extent. The closest I can recall is Matt Smith’s Doctor in “The Time of the Doctor”, in which he had visibly…[Read more]

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    @davros I’m thinking either the Tardis got stuck like a police box around this time and the memory wiped Hartnel doctor accidentally stole his own Tardis (because she wanted him to, and because of Claracle).

    Alternatively, the Tardis chose to get stuck in that shape because of the meeting between the two Doctors which the Tardis knew (time works…[Read more]

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