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    And, of course, we know where Sacha Dahwan met the Doctor before…

    Mmm, could’ve be in Wired … 😉

    At the time, I thought they missed a quip when the Doctor rumbled O’s game:

    DOCTOR: No, no, no. I read your file. You were a champion sprinter.
    O: Mmm. Got me. Well done.

    O should have added, “YOU were always the expert on running.”

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    Prior to Season 10, there were only two episodes that I would seriously tell people to skip: “Love and Monsters” and “Sleep No More”.

    “Gridlock” was pretty dire but it did provide some new details on Gallifrey, and the message from the Face of Boe, so you can’t really ignore it completely.

    I thought Season 9 was mostly pretty solid. D12, Clara,…[Read more]

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    Sorry for all these postscripts…

    Not at all displeased to see Nick Frost there. It was only a matter of time, as the rest of the cast of Spaced has already been in Doctor Who (Bailey, Pegg and Hynes).

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    @coly: yes, I thought about Orson too.

    But, Time Can Be Rewritten.

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    Oh yeah, and the symbol for3W reminded me of a representation of a pocket universe…

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    Surprising and impressive pair of episodes. I would not have expected any of that, basically. (Though I suppose we had already guessed the Master thing).

    Shame to see the last of Danny but I am glad they didn’t hold back on the tragedy.


    BTW I wish they would not give so much away in the previews during the closing credits: in the Forests of…[Read more]

  • Eh Oop, I’ll begin placing the images for my little posters here. Most of them are yonkoma-ish. Beneath each image I’ll put the link to the Cheezburger page in case you want to up-, or for that matter down-, vote.

    Cheezburger page for this poster

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    Not quite a non-speaking role: he says “Hello, who’s there?”

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    Ah yes. Thanks, ScaryB.


    The boy who plays the Doctor is uncredited, I wonder who it was.

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    The Doctor tries to share his burden by making Clara take some of his responsibilities. She doesn’t like it.


    The “fantasy” part of this science fantasy is a bit too strong for me: the moon as egg idea is too ridiculous. And why were the Nasa astronauts _all_ British? Or did the British Space Agency just happen to buy the Space Shuttle and…[Read more]

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    Looks as though “It’s a rollercoaster with you” might be 12’s catch phrase as he said it in The Caretaker and also in Into The Dalek.


    Mind you, 11 said something similar in “The Time Of The Doctor”.

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    I hope there is some proper explanation for Danny as an adult not remembering meeting The Doctor or Clara as a child.

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    Nice episode, cute idea. Furthered his efforts to make Clara more Doctor-like.

    He seems to tacitly accept that he was an officer as he _dismissed_ the soldier. When he says “Ancient soldier being driven by malfunctioning tech…” he might as well be talking about himself.
    “You knew this would be dangerous”

    “I didn’t know. I certainly…[Read more]

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    Absolute gem of an episode. Great original concept, funny Tardis-related humour, genuinely scary for the younguns, and nice further development of the Clara-as-trainee theme. She seems to be warming to it. Shame she lied to Danny, that’s not going to go well. So why is he trying to make Clara take his responsibilities? Obv, Missy is involved.

    The…[Read more]

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    Also, is it really possible The Doctor doesn’t realise Rupert=Danny and Orson is near identical to Danny? If he doesn’t, he really must be getting old…if he does, then what is his game?

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    I didn’t really love this story: the alien element was perfunctory and I really didn’t like the snobby dismissive vibe from The Doctor. The anti-soldier vibe is too over the top. He was a soldier: he basically _is_ a soldier whether he likes it or not.

    Can’t imagine any of the previous Doctors being so contemptuous: well, maybe the 6th. Didn’t…[Read more]

  • The question of how many regenerations River experienced remains open. We don’t even really know whether the regeneration at the end of The Day Of The Moon is her first.

    Probably seems likely there were regenerations between The Day Of The Moon and the start of Let’s Kill Hitler, for reasons others have discussed in this thread: she needs to be a…[Read more]

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    Any possibility at all that The Doctor recognises the face as that of John Frobisher? I suppose we don’t _know_ that The Doctor has encountered Frobisher but he does generally keep tabs on major events on Earth. (Where the hell was he that week anyway?) Because there would be _plenty_ of important reminders that The Doctor would be sending himself…[Read more]

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    Alrighty … Basically I wanted to make comments on specific Classic stories such as The Five Doctors, The Dalek Invasion of Earth etc.

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