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    Delta @replies

    Not necessarily, we don’t even know if the device that the Doctor uses is a teleport.
    It could be some sort of biological 3-D printer for all we know.

    Delta @replies

    Perhaps the hybrid is Dalek Cann,who will return to finish what it tried to do in Stolen Earth, and destroy the Daleks and the Time Lords

    Delta @replies

    Which explains why there are no doctors in other realities.

    Delta @replies

    Another idea is that the Doctor is actually bringing other doctors in from other universes.

    Delta @replies

    I agree, Source Code was pulled off well.

    Delta @replies

    As in created by rearranging the latent atoms into an exact clone of the desired object.
    Technically, then the doctor is manufactured, rather than cloned.

    Delta @replies

    When you watch it, the Original Pilot is much more to our tastes, but was too modern in the 60s.
    The Doctor in the Pilot reminds me of Capaldi.

    Delta @replies

    There is no proof that the time Lord’s ever did this.

    Delta @replies

    The idea of time repeating itself is a pretty lazy idea.

    Delta @replies

    There are many types of clones, not just biological ones.
    The doctor’s had no idea what they were doing until the end, simply repeating the same actions over and over again.
    Thy only become aware when they realise the meaning of the bird, and so became part of the cycle.
    The Doctor at the end simply thought that the diamond wall had been worn down somehow and just went with it.

    Delta @replies

    @juniperfish ,
    Perhaps, this is a case of the wrong Doctor in place of another.
    Perhaps, the 12th Doctor, replaces The War Doctor.
    I have some points to support this:
    The War Doctor.dies at the and of the day of the Doctor,
    In Heaven Sent, the Doctor reveals that time lords can take weeks to die.
    So, the war doctor is dying from the veil.
    And the twelfth is suffering inside a tomb of guilt in the war doctor’s place.

    Delta @replies

    A clone is a living copy of a living thing.
    The Doctor is a living thing.
    The Doctor, from this story on, is a clone of the original
    Also, when is the existence of Daleks with human/Galifreyan emotions and/or abilities.

    Delta @replies

    @miaotrick, the doctor wasnt responsible for anything genocidal,as the Day of the Doctor shows.

    Delta @replies

    Listen, the premise is solid, but the cloning and the million,million
    Corpses sort of mess the story up.
    Also, this isn’t the Doctor anymore, it’s just a clone.
    On that note, how can Gallifrey just be existing billions of years in the future.
    By the way, The Hybrid is actually in doctor who in several forms:
    Dalek Zeg, Dalek Cann, and any of the Daleks from the season opener.

    Delta @replies

    What did I just watch?
    This is a terrible story that is ridiculous.
    We can’t even call The Doctor good as by the end,
    He seems to be willing to commit genocide, if you take the final scene into consideration.
    What were they thinking when thy wrote this?

    Delta @replies

    Let’s see if you can come up with a better theory

    Delta @replies

    Maybe, missy was married to the doctor and the Doctor ran from Galifrey
    because he caused her death and regeneration into a male, who felt both love and anger towards him, and he left with her young daughter,Susan.

    Delta @replies

    Has anyone read the comic strip in DWM with Ian,Barbara and the tribe from

    An Unearthly Child?


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