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    One hit and you’re hooked.


    @janetteb @redihfraggle

    No, that was a Challenger – a full-on battle tank, rather than the light tank.

    Pyramids/EotW is a decent shout, but from memory they were regular troops with regular camo, rather than UNIT black.

    Any excuse – the greatest Doctor entrance ever. Anachronisms!:



    OK – it that case, either Dark Water/ Death (S8) in Heaven or the Zygon Invasion/Inversion (s9) two parters.

    Both have “UNIT going into action” sequences.


    A bit late for remembrance weekend, but Jona Lewie was very vexed that this got treated as a Christmas song.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>When you go home, tell them of us and say,
    For your tomorrow, we gave our today



    There was a similar (but not the same) vehicle used in Resolution, the last NY special (clip below) and I think it likely, but can’t recall) that similar would be have been used in S4 eps with UNIT in them (Sontaran Stratagem?). Others with better memories than me might chip in…

    In modern Who, UNIT vehicles tend to be black.



    You may find this of interest. 



    @janetteb @mudlark

    My mum had a simpler answer when I phoned to ask how long to cook whatever new thing had taken my fancy:

    “Until it’s done.”



    As I said almost exactly a year ago about the same twat.

    There are legit questions about how the show is going, and the answers are far from simple. But none of those fuckers add anything but noise, so boot them hard and move on.




    There used to be a book call How To Boil An Egg, which taught basic survival skills to students…



     It is easier than saying “cameraperson”

    Try ‘camera operator’, which has the virtue not implying that there is a cyborg gathering the pictures (or cinematographer – for stills there is no gendered way to say “photographer”).

    Similar to the old canard of “chairman” – a perfectly proper change is to “chair” as the short form of “in the chair”. No clumsy constructions needed. But ‘moderator’, ‘convenor’ or ‘principal’ are all perfectly sound non-gendered terms for the same to role.

    Just as “fireman” became “fire fighters”, dumping what gender they are, preferring what they do.

    It really isn’t hard to be considerate, and to demand consideration while offering none, as does @missy, is canonical hypocrisy.



    To quote Princess Anne;

    Bert Lance, actually.

    Fact checking – it makes you look less ignorant.



    It’s bowel streak, a vile misogynistic little shitweasel and noted Angry Virgin. and we are more than familiar with his vile spewings – and you would be too if you ever paid any attention to what people actually said, rather than just getting stampy-footed when people pointed out how gratuitously offensive you are being.

    Don’t post that shit here, especially behind a blind link.


    @all and any

    If any of you are toying with kicking the tyres of Apple TV+, then do it if only so see the wonderful Dickinson, with Hailee Stienfield. Worth the subscription for that alone.




    There will be no dissing if A Muppet’s Christmas Carol!



    To be fair, Sunni and Shia did bring us I Got You Babe….


    Well done Spawn – you are now legally responsible for everything you do!


    PS @craig – we really need a new sofa.



    You might want to scroll upthread 😉 (also, you’re link is broken)


    I think Tennant (with Davison) was in Comic Relief – Time Crash, the rather touching meeting of two Doctors.

    This, if not region locked:


    @winston @thane16 @janetteb

    And Shaun Dooley’s little surprise :

    And Phoebe Waller-Bridge and sister help out Prisoner Zero



    Some people prefer not to be defined by their relationship to others, but in their own right. Not a hard concept to grasp.

    Actor, waiter and mayor (one who acts, one who waits-on and one who leads city government) are all gender neutral terms. They only became something else when people feel the need to point out that a woman’s primary identity is not what she achieves (acting, waiting-on, governing) but that she has a vagina.

    This is also true of Doctors.


    @winston @thane16 @janetteb

    Unlikely that the full “Making of…” will be available outside the UK, but worth checking local BBC sources just in case. It’s 90 mins and I got round to watching it last night. Fascinating to see who great actors like Jim Broadbent, Helena Bonham-Carter, as well as all those noted above, are so insecure about their abilities (as well as their awe and delight at getting to work at Abbey Road).

    But Whittaker quietly steals it with her from-the-heart breakdown when recording her vocals with her late nephew’s parents present.

    Side note: Adrian Lester’s entirely beatboxed version of Stevie Wonder’s I Wish is quite extraordinary. 28 tracks all done by him. In one day.

    The album is now available, at least in the UK, on iTunes and presumably other sources.


    ( @thane16 – I think Tennant and the entire cast and crew did 500 Miles)


    @craig @jimthefish

    Spammer in the house  – jonnysimpkin123



    Shaun Dooley (Epzo from The Ghost Monument) got a similar surprise in his cover of Never Grow Up (he was nervous and singing with his eyes closed, to imagine he was just with his kids – so didn’t see Taylor Swift come in).

    Fair bit of Who connection: David Tennant, Suranne Jones (Idris) and Olivia Colman (Prisoner Zero) do, respectively, Proclaimers’ Sunshine on Leith, Clean Bandit’s Symphony and Portishead’s Glory Box.

    But Whittaker’s Yellow does seem to have rather hit people in the feels. She was umming and ahhing between this and Sky Full of Stars as a tribute to her nephew, who dies at 3 from complications related to Down’s Syndrome, and I think the feeling really comes through.


    Jodie Whittaker rehearses Yellow, for Children in Need: gets a bit of a surprise:



    The closing line of that PotN is just genius.



    LOOK AWAY NOW!!!!!


    Dracula in Buffy (riffing on the high camp Hammer Horror, not Bram Stoker) served the purpose it was intended to serve – to be a massive misdirect for what happened at the end of that episode (which itself had been carefully set in motion two years earlier).

    Its secondary purpose was re firmly re-establish the show as about vampires and demons, not golems.

    Now if you want to fret about an over-romanticised vampire, several hundred thousand moist 15 year olds decided that Spoike was just luuuverly romantic poet who’d taken a wrong turn (But then, James Marsters says he though he played him too soft in <spoiler redacted>.

    Also. It was American TV in the late 90s/early 00s. You were never going to get anything other than chisel-cheeked chaps.

    So sitting there thinking “that’s not Stoker’s Dracula” is to sit there with the point flying over the head.




    The funny one.


    It occurs to me that you may not have seen this:



    I have lost count of the number of times I have walk past that piano. Never seen it not being played, always on my way to an appointment.




    Watch it how you want. Seriously. Ignore the blather.

    But be aware that S6 has some seriously heavy duty material that you might want to ease up to, given your current situation. Both @thane16 and I had this in mind with our comments.

    But I would recommend, if you can, watching it in order (ideally on DVD because the version on Amazon Prime is the hideously remastered version  that utterly disregarded the colour palette that Joss Whedon carefully chose). Should you decide to do this you will

    1. Discover one of the sweetest love stories ever told, only to have your heart ripped out …and then find that there is an even sweeter love story waiting to rush in;

    2. A genuine first for US network TV that I won’t spoil, so remind me. Relates to 1 above;

    3. In amongst the general brilliance (and a few clunkers – not all of 147 eps can be good), 5 of the most brilliantly inventive single episodes ever, each of which is carefully slotted into the narrative;

    4. A moment when you might think “OMG what have they done?” but don’t do what I did and bail for a year or two, only to have to catch up later, meaning I was late to TWO (count ’em) of the 5 of the most brilliantly inventive single episodes ever.

    5. An episode that you will know, immediately, was written from truth;

    6. A fine ensemble cast never once taking their eyes off the ball.

    7. Oh, and one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the history of television (possibly the World).

    But watch it however you want.



    You might want to remove the spoiler there….



    I’m an with @thane16 – Buffy, if you have never sat and watched it, has a through line (well, two really) that runs across all 7 seasons, with season 5 – imho – the finest single season of serial TV ever made, a perfect collision of character, metaphor, arc and theme. But it was that because each season built upon the one before, with things that happened earlier having consequences many years later. Specifically the major character arc in Season Six had its seeds sown in the 3rd episode of season 1.

    There is hardly a modern show that doesn’t owe a debt to it (including Doctor Who, something RTD has stated) – it was that innovative.

    If you can, treat yourself to the whole lot. You won’t regret it. And as you do, go find Jim’s blogs as we all did a watch-along with Puro and Spawn.



    The boogie-woogie pianist in in St Pancras International station, one of the business railway stations in the country (Eurostar terminus (on the upper deck to the pianists right), and trains from both the places I have lived in the past 20 years).

    It used to (possibly still does) boast the widest single-span roof in the world and is really quite beautiful). It also stars as King’s Cross Station in the Harry Potter films, despite the real KX being about 50 yards way – but nowhere near as impressive.

    So people don’t stop because they are on their way somewhere, possibly on a deadline!


    With @winston in mind, The Cure and the impossible sad and beautiful Pictures of You. 



    The usual sources. It might be on Netflix or Amazon Prime (or other streaming services) in your area, and is certainly available on Bluray/DVD it most regions.

    Then of course there are the various totallylegitimatedownload sites, but those you will have to find for yourself with all of the attendant risks to the health of your computer.

    Night of the Doctor (safe to watch if you have seen Name of the Doctor) is on Youtube.\

    This may be region locked: (but it should be on BBC America’s channel too)


    Various celebs are contribution to a collection of covers for Children In Need (annual telethon type thingy)

    Jodie Whittaker covers Yellow, by Coldplay



    You are not alone in being banjaxed by S7. Netflix had completely the wrong running order, with Day of the Doctor erroneously at the end of S8, and did have Time of the Doctor.

    Until *cough* somebody *cough* patiently explained it to a CS helper…, much like @mudlark has done for you.

    Before watching Day of the Doctor, you could usefully watch Night of the Doctor, a “minisode” that is readily available on Youtube (was well as resolving an issue about whether  a certain incarnation of the Doctor was canon.


    @craig @jimthefish

    I think it is time for a new sofa. Let’s go all in with the pink dayglo this time.

    The TV thread is getting there too.


    Those of you of a special effects nerdy disposition may enjoy this: NerdyMcNerdFace(book)



    Another Netflix bit of wonder stuff, prompted by @thane16 the Elder.

    Watch Unbelievable, an 8 part “limited series” (ie only one season, I think) dealing with the Washington and Colorado serial rapes and starting with the truly shocking and infuriating treatment of the first victim, bullied into retracted her complaint.

    What it does brilliantly is let the police procedural format speak for the victims and to damn the incompetents, without melodrama. The three female leads – Toni Collette, Merritt Wever (as the two cops who crack the case) and Kaitlyn Dever as the, doubly-abused first victim, are superb, but the whole show is marked by skilled use of restraint. It occasionally spells out the obvious for the benefit of the hard of learning, but never descends into preachiness.

    UK viewers may recall a 1983 documentary episode called A Complaint of Rape, which exposed the dreadfully inept handling of rape cases by Thames Valley Police. It led to wholesale changes in how sexual offences are handed in the UK. One can only hope that this re-telling has a similar impact.

    It may also prompt recollections of Lindy Chamberlain and Joanna Lees – women who had unjust suspicion thrown on them at least in part because they weren’t hysterical.



    I thought I was more concise 😉 but a bit of Ursula is never wasted.

    (I did my Masters ta LSE and, in true LSE style, we had our own term: “Ideologically sound”, used in exactly the same way – always satirical, usually self-deprecating.)


    @craig @jimthefish

    I don’t think Dr Sachin Gupta is the right kind of Doctor…


    @thane16 – knowing your thing for planes….

    Bugger. Completely forgot it was Battle of Britain today, and I always post this somewhere. Ah well, only 30 mins late



        Missy didn’t use the term as a pejorative at

    My. You really are new around here, aren’t you?

    There is no non-pejorative use of the term. Putting the most positive possible spin on it still leaves it as a lazy, disrespectful dismissal of something that a lot of people have put a lot of careful thought into. But specifically, Missy doesn’t see it as correcting anything, but as ruining it. She hates the female Doctor to the extent of refusing to watch her.

    Does nobody read for context anymore?



    The term is sometimes used in an attempt to correct for a perceived injustice, historical or current.

    It is never used like that – it is a pejorative, exactly as Missy meant it – used as a way to justify being offensive and getting all uppity when people pop back. I would challenge you to find a single instance of use in a positive sense. Those who actually work to:

    correct for a perceived injustice, historical or current

    are the ones on the receiving end, and it is never, ever, a compliment and it is never, ever, use as self-description.

    Quite why you continue to defend the indefensible is something only you know. What’s the point?



    Lee at his finest – never once raising his voice.


    Did you or did you not ask what the phrase means?


    A thought experiment: every time you find yourself thinking the term “political correctness” might be appropriate in a sentence substitute in “being considerate” (because that is what the abusive term is intended to deny) and see how that makes the argument look.

    I believe you could be on the money with the being considerate playing a part with the selection of a women as the Doctor.” suddenly doesn’t seem quite so incisive, does it?



    I’m perfectly aware of the history, etymology, historical usage (as a self-correcting satire by the the left on those who got a bit too ideological pure) and how that was warped and corrupted by conservative writers into an assault on any who committed the sin of giving a damn about the hopes, dreams and feelings of others. And from there, how it degenerated into a lazy weasel phrase use as self-serving justification for second rate edgelords wanting to be offensive without rebuke and to hide behind when their pitiful little prejudices were challenged.

    In 1963 it would have been exceptional indeed for the lead in any drama, never mind a new family sci fi show, to be anything other than a straight white male, and this was true of Doctor Who despite its first producer being a “pushy Jewish bird” and its first director a “posh wog” (and gay at that).

    It is not 1963 any more, and that is the only justification needed for a female Doctor.



    Nah,. Every time anyone wants to hide behind those pathetic weasel words as a justification for their prejudice and hatred they will get it with both barrels.


    Saw a spoiler that the new season will feature Noor Inayat Khan.

    Look her up, if the name doesn’t ring any bells.





    the political correctness playing a part with the selection of a women

    What the fuck does this even mean?


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