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    I’m inclined to agree about Mina, although I think you’re right that it was more to do with simplifying the structure of a story which – in true style of its era – was a tad prone to wandering about the houses.

    But I think Lucy was more of a metaphor for internet attention seekers – with their coterie of admirers (per @miapatrick above) – who, while they may get the attention they crave, do not necessarily get the attention that is good for them. She literally burned out, although I suppose you could equally see Dracula here as a metaphorical stalker – and rather too many celebrities have been killed by those. On balance I think I prefer the more on-the-nose metaphor here. But, whichever, it has to be said that women are massively and disproportionately victims of such things.

    Ultimately, at their most reductive, vampires are metaphors for male sexual violence.

    But Agatha is a truly great creation: an educated, skeptical heir of medieval monks like William of Occam. Empirical, experimental and reasoning. Conversations with that detective friend of hers in London would have been intense…



    Well. if the white ghosty things start singing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead we’ll know you were on to something…



    To be fair, I’m not sure stakes would be terribly effective against wolves and also, of course, wolves come with their own fear-lore.

    Another easter egg: the ward Zoe was in was ward AD 72. Check out IMDB if not familiar.

    Burned Lucy was epic and her demise a splendid nod to Buffy.

    There was a bit of fluff on Twitter about the ending, arguing that Dracula was talked to death and that he should not have had that last bit of redemption, to which I say: give over you twats.

    Zoagatha showed Drac that his entire self-image was lie built on cowardice. Showed him, by exposing him to light. Destroyed him in his own eyes in an empirical(1) and unarguable way.

    And Moff is very clear that the baddies don’t truly know they are baddies and that redemption is always, always possible, even is only in the smallest of ways.

    Also a couple of nice nods to the oft-overlooked fact that Bram Stoker’s was an epistolary novel.

    But I now really, really want the Sister Agatha The Vampire Slayer spin-off.



    1. From the Greek empiirias, through experience.


    A reminder that when we take the piss out of trolls, there is a very really nastiness behind them:


    Two Whos talking Who (don’t know what event)…



    Anyway, is there something wrong with my computer? Where are all the posts from new members who signed up to complain about diverse casting?

    I think they just sent a representative.

    SJW whinge: check

    Cuck: Check

    Erratic punctuation: Check

    Poor anger management: check

    Inability to get laid: implicit.

    @miapatrick @cathannabel

    I like that they showed her genuinely traumatised by the transportation.

    Yes! This!

    hey aren’t behaving like Cybermen ever have done

    Hmm. Army of Ghosts?



    Why does the Master have to steal a body?

    Somewhere in the dim recesses of my memory is the thought that this is an echo of something that has happened before. BG (but not necessarily DW)….

    I have a flash of memory from many, many many years ago, of an air stewardess going along a plane and collecting passengers (who have all be shrunk) and putting them in a a box.

    Cannot, for the life of me, remember what it is from though.

    Why do I seem to be the only one who thought the electrical charge thingy going down the stringy things, when Yaz was there, seemed neurone-y rather than DNA-y?


    Dracula 2:

    Speaking of fake outs….



    Definitely not just you.

    @badwolfalice   @twelveismydoctor

    I thought they had a “neurones firing” vibe. Makes me think this might be a psychological representation of being squished into a matchbox.




    Well I thought it was a hoot, and anything that get the Angry Virgins vexed has an edge in my book.



    How is your squeeing going? ‘cos you’ll need to get it out of your system by Sunday!


    General observation: still let down a bit by some lacklustre editing – scenes cut just a beat late (better to be early, as a rule) and a couple of “spell it out for the inattentive” moments that I suspect are forced but those-up-above rather than wanted.

    And, of course, we know where Sacha Dahwan met the Doctor before…



    welcome back to the land of the living(-ish).

    Speaking of living-ish, a forum for Dracula?



    An interesting comment let down by some puerile whinging about SJW/feminist crap that make you look like the worst Youtube fuckwit.


    Well I think we’re going to have to give Chibbers credit for a World-class fake-out…


    Happy New Year.


    Neil Innes, RIP. He played a set ay Kingston Poly in about 1980 that remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Also, for those who know their spoof history, co-created The Rutles with Eric Idle. But this is lovely.


    Nice Jodie Whittaker interview, hopefully not regional-locked. Spoiler-free, bar a few brief clips from the trailer.


    Synopsis from the TV on my BT box:

    “The time traveller returns for a fresh set of adventures, beginning with a two-part story. When intelligence agents around the world come under attack from alien forces, MI6 turns to the only people who can help – a certain Doctor and her companions. As they travel the globe in pursuit of answers, threats arrive from all sides, leaving Earth’s security resting on the team’s shoulders. But where will this planet-threatening conspiracy lead them?”


    Technically a couple of days late, but satisfyingly secular (well, OK, pagan)


    “Strong is fighting. And it’s hard. And it’s painful. And it’s every day.”


    A little bit of sad magic.




    Whatevs. Yesterday the Premier League used the anti-racism protocol for the first time at Spurs-Chelsea (incorrectly – they lacked the balls to take the teams off, as the protocol requires) and Stormzy got monstered by major media who changes “Yes, 100%” (meaning yes, definitely) to “Stormzy says Britain os 100% racist”).

    I am sure this entirely unrelated to how “uncomfortable” all those Good Germans feel.

    I have reciprocated your Twitter unfollow, on the principle that is we are going to be childish we might as well go all-in.



    As I am sure you are aware, Wellingborough is about 8 miles up the A45 from Northampton. It is where my brother lives, with his wife.

    His Polish wife. (It only took her 21 years to get British citizenship from first application.)

    She puts a huge strain on the education system…by being a teacher.

    Some her her friends put a huge strain on the health service….by being nurses, and doctors, pharmacists and care assistance.

    Many put a huge strain on the logistics industry by delivering Amazon’s packages.

    Other put a huge strain on farming by getting the crops in.

    Some people have skin in the game in a manner that is not remotely metaphorical.




    The preferred spelling is R.A.C.I.S.T.



    Not really the point I was getting at. History is littered with reasonable people appeasing the unreasonable. I cannot think of a single instance where it ended well. Pretending that they have a point just eggs them on. This applies to idiot Corbynites as well as racists.


    @janetteb @thane16

    Somebody falling in their sword when the fucked up insulation, you say?



    Another question: if someone is using weasel words to downplay their motives, how is it possible to avoid the conclusion they aren’t being honest about their true motives? And in the absence of honesty how is it possible to have debate?

    And given the hatred they have unleashed, what can they possibly do to make amends.



    No problem.

    This is an earlier Dixie Chicks, a version of a Patty Griffin song that I am fairly sure is craftily obscene, in the same way – but rather darker – as Roam, discussed upthread:

    And the glorious White Trash Wedding:


    Not strictly a BBC Approved spoiler, but a Digital Spy interview:



    They’re not racist, but… they’re uncomfortable.

    “I’m not a racist, but…”

    Yes. They are. Stop making excuses for them.




    Natalie Maines is a quite extraordinary singer and Emily Robison and Martie Maguire are superb musicians . This is sung entirely at the top of her register and is quite breathtaking (check the lyrics and see what a heartbreaker this song is).



    100 plays on Spotify, or a 99p purchase on iTunes.



    he was sacked from on newspaper







    You are a fucking idiot.

    Just fuck off.



    Rough Trade is probably the most famous label in punk and post-punk.

    Already done.


    Apparently there is an effort to get this to Christmas No 1. While I don’t imagine for one second that this will be permitted to succeed, I endorse approve of this effort:



    Also, the electoral college was chosen at the insistence of slave owning states, to protect their interests.



    Cummings is an amoral lying fascist, Milne an amoral lying communist, Adonis something of a has-been but trustworthy and with an intact moral compass.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: For clarity, I am using the F and C words in their correct sense, not as hyperbole.



    Further to the note upthread about anti-semitic tropes, this epic thread is a handy explainer. It is very much from the PoV of a alienated former Labour-supporting Jew, but really the tropes are universal and used by hard left and hard right alike. You should follow Sara Gibbs she is very funny and outstanding (and sometimes heartbreaking) on autism too:

    Also, this graphic shows where Labour lost the election (the waste of space in question is refusing to resign):



    I am not remotely interested in engaging with your witless sophistry.

    Just fuck off please.



    did Jewish families move accounts off-shore or was this a deliberate ranting?

    It’s a classic anti-semitic trope, and a favourite of the anti-semitic left. All Jews are rich, innit? (‘Rootless cosmopolitan”, although a slur more commonly associated with Nazis was, in fact, nicked from Stalin.)

    2016 referendum: 48/52 and as a matter of law advisory only, with no obligation to act, and as a matter of fact massively corrupted by misinformation some of which is repeated above, but immediately hijacked by the hard right to attack “citizens of the world”. Sound familiar? But not just Jews this time.

    All of votes since then: 52-53/47-48, but apparently we have to act on the one hopelessly bent vote because the rules are so badly broken that…well, reasons.

    The British left is making exactly the error that the German left made in in 1930s of thinking it would be their turn after the chaos caused by the far right. Moderate British conservatives are making the same mistake that moderate German conservative made in the 1930s of thinking they could ride the tiger.

    That is not a comparison I use lightly.



    Is this it?



    Alas, the teaser is region-locked.

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