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    tommo @replies

    @serahni great post. #60884

    tommo @replies

    this episode was one of the best horror shorts i’ve ever seen. what atmosphere!

    tommo @replies

    @thane15Β  – hello mate. better late than never, right?

    tommo @replies

    So, after carefully putting back my exploded mind i thought i’d leave a comment on my favourite Who forum.

    Loved the whole Cyber-Bill narrative and the wonderful way human emotional sub-plots are inter-woven in a way only Who can do.

    No.1 returns. The Crimbo episode is going to be ‘2 doctors’ scenario then it seems. What a way to send/welcome another Doc under a fresh tenure.

    Will Capaldi regenerate at the beginning so the episode is an intro to the new Doctor or will they delay it EVEN more. I assume the Xmas episode will be Moff’s last one?

    My only, slight, miniscule, tiny gripe would be the way the last 3 regenerations, for me, have been too drawn out imho. I find that it starts to lose it’s grip a bit. Not complaining though. As i said, it blew my mind. It usually does.

    I realise it’s an epic TV event and they wish to build tension but sometimes less is more…?Β  I stand by Ecclestone into Tennant as the best AG regeneration yet in terms of perfect pacing. We’ll see….

    Who is it going to be….?

    Merry Christmas πŸ™‚



    tommo @replies

    A triumphant return indeed.

    I was feeling echoes of Tennants/Davies finest hours in ‘Midnight’ & ‘Waters….’, respectively , in the episodes antagonist.

    The repeating, then absorption of a person plus the endless streaming of water made for a tidy little nod-back to almost a decade ago, (jeez). really, a decade already.

    Great, rapid yet precise storytelling. i have a wonderful feeling that Moffatt is going to go all out in his final season. I’m also feeling he will be gathering as many loose ends as he can find to tie into a wonderful finale. Can’t wait.

    What is in the vault?

    tommo @replies


    I have been thinking for awhile that in the new year, I want to attempt a rewatch of the entire series from Rose onward, partly to revisit old episodes that I enjoyed and partly to get a look at the older in relation to the newer, and see what I think about it all and how it has changed.

    funny you should say this as i also decided to do this a few months ago. i am now up to the forest episode of series 8 having started and continued chronologically from 2005’s series 1.

    one word – fabulous! hope you get the same enjoyment out of the marathon as i am having.

    I have the hobbit to do as well as soon as i receive the extended TBOFA this week. oh yes. the winter time is geek out time.

    tommo @replies

    very interesting discussions indeed. it would certainly put missy’s final words in episode 2 into some context.

    tommo @replies

    @cybrdragon – i’m totally with you there mate.

    tommo @replies

    @notime – i second that entirely. welcome also.

    tommo @replies

    how cool would it have been if the man who initially ‘looked after’ the doctor in the desert was Canton Delaware 3rd or maybe the 4th….? πŸ˜‰
    it would have been a further, secure tie up with that whole impossible astronaut diner setting. speaking of which, @blenkinsopthebrave – invisibility does indeed work with a broken chameleon circuit as that very thing occurs in the aforementioned episode. in the oval office no less. πŸ™‚

    @swordwhale – ‘donna’s diner’, i see what you’ve done there. πŸ˜‰

    tommo @replies

    @rorysmith – you’re bang on with the Ashildr/doctor theorising scene. i totally imagine moffatt reading this very forum in prep for a scene like that. i think all those theories they bandied were posited on here at some point. it reminded me of that scene in Sherlock (series3) when he’s discussing how he escaped his jump from the hospital roof with that ex-cop character.

    raid the forums for ideas? why the hell not?


    At some fundamental level, Clara and the Doctor simply can’t communicate with each other.

    lest we forget, also back in series 8, when she stole the tardis keys and held them to ransom. a great example of the ensuing toxicity you mentioned re. their relationship development. reckless isn’t the word sometimes. this could well have been the beginning of the end for clara and the doctor.

    @ozitenor – re. your no.3 query. it is not the necessarily the pilot that chooses the chameleon setting or destination but sometimes the ship itself. tardis’ are living things remember with conciousnesses of their own.Β  the pilot is just along for the ride so to speak….

    re. the time discrepancy with ‘Utopia’, maybe that story was set in another universe, a ‘star system or two’ away possibly……? πŸ˜‰

    tommo @replies

    the ‘run you clever boy, and remember me’ line has that much more poignancy now doesn’t it?

    also, i was loving the sheer amount of whoniverse referencing occuring in this episode. another one i have just recalled is the ‘knock 4 times’ motif from the 10th’s tenure. “they always knock four times” – excellent.

    tommo @replies

    @puroandson – one word friend. ‘spoilers.’

    just stick with it and watch it through to the end. love from the uk. πŸ™‚

    tommo @replies

    @spider – i suspect not. capaldi has the eyes for sure. i suppose they’ve all had their angry streak but that grief-stricken, subdued, simmering rage was played perfectly by him. it’s a good question though for sure.

    i also loved that Clara’s ending was re-closed so to speak;

    this time it was the doctor who was the victim of the companion. that reversal was a deft touch. as mentioned earlier in this thread, she has been part of his timeline, embedded within it since ‘name of…’.

    the doctor couldn’t take the human side just like a human (donna/rose) couldn’t take the time-lord side of the mind and therefore had to ultimately forget. brilliant.

    re. the music. it was simplified somewhat and played on organ i think. had that synth sound but it was definitely the melody from series 1.

    oh and one more thing. rasillon addresses the doctors new regenerations. no closure, i know, as he states that he doesn’t know how many he was given by the TL’s but it’s food isn’t it…?

    just the beginning…

    tommo @replies

    @pedant – yes, i caught that one too. great nod.

    tommo @replies

    so much awesome. a couple of things whilst it’s fresh in my mind.

    loved the ‘bad wolf/rose’ theme echoed at one point.

    the doctor finally goes full ‘time-lord victorious’

    so much more but i need processing time….

    well done on another superb series team.

    tommo @replies

    @midnyt – that jacket design is awesome. nice one.

    i’ve drawn Doctor 12…

    doctor 12 - tommo

    doctor 12 – tommo

    tommo @replies

    has it been clarified at all since the ‘the time of the doctor’ whether the time-lords granted him a full set of regenerations or just that particular one (capaldi)?

    i re-watched ‘time of…’ last night and i don’t think it’s made clear in that. Smith mentions a ‘whole new regeneration cycle’ but that could be referring to that singular regeneration occuring. it is somewhat unprecedented as he confirms by saying that it ‘takes some time to break it in’.

    smith’s doctor AND his physical body, prior to this moment are ready to die. he has accepted his fate and yet all of a sudden has to deal with a whole new re-boot, so to speak, thrust upon him. hence the prevailing fear that has plagued Capaldi’s doctor.

    maybe the the episode will tie in to ‘time of…’ in that respect. ie. the time lords granted him another face so that he could (eventually) be summoned for whatever sinister/or not purpose. a tie-in also to ‘day of…’, as mentioned by someone earlier on here would be neat. something explaining capaldi’s appearance at the end of that episode.

    one more before i forget; what if clara has always been a claricle but this was just the final one? the one he managed to save and therefore was able to live on past 11’s timeline into 12’s. it may go some way to explaining her reluctance to settle with danny (until it was too late) and the pull of the doctor and his way of life being too overwhelming or too learned. also her increasing rashness in decision-making which ultimately led to her downfall could be attributed to her being a claricle whose mission it is ‘to save the doctor’.

    to me, the events in the ‘the name of…’ were never really resolved in that the clara that the doctor rescued from his timeline was still her ‘post splintering’, if you will? perhaps he just grabbed the first one he found in there.

    tommo @replies

    @brewski – love that link you make from the mind palace revelations into the 4th wall breaking that has been occuring throughout the series.

    i too am looking forward to watching the series in a secondary order if it turns out to be the case that there is a parallel thread concurrently running.

    wow – quantum writing. (moffat rules)

    tommo @replies

    @jphamlore – did he have his sonic sunglasses on him at all? i seem to remember a shot of him in a corridor putting them on or am i mistaken?

    tommo @replies

    anyone seen a recent horror movie called ‘it follows’? one of the best horrors made in the last decade for me. it’s just the opening prologue immediately conjured it up in my mind.

    also, why did the crystal wall not reset like the other rooms in the prison…? did i miss an all-important sentence?

    capaldi, as most have already said, was totally captivating. he held my total focus for 55 minutes effortlessly it seemed. a hearty pat on thy back to moffatt and crew.

    tommo @replies

    @phaseshift – good point. ME could well mean Ashildr. the plot thickens….

    tommo @replies

    so the time lords spend 2 billion years trying to torture information re. the hybrid out of the doctor, he breaks out and apparently confesses almost immediately – ha. i love this show so much. capaldi is the epitomy of the ‘cool doctor’.

    one question though; why did the crystal wall not reset like all the other rooms..?

    roll on saturday πŸ™‚

    tommo @replies

    @arbutus – ashildr herself may fit this criteria no….?

    It might be fun to see some distrust, some uncertainty.


    tommo @replies

    just remembered that the phrase cards made a little appearance again. loved that.

    tommo @replies

    @geoffers totally concur with your point about Clara’s departure being exclusive in the fact that she is the only companion so far (AG) to have actually died in the viewers true sense. or so we are being led to believe….

    tommo @replies

    first off – phenomenal episode, as usual.

    in a previous thread, possibly ‘sleep no more’, one of the wonderful minds on here, (sorry i forget who it was), made a post re. the arc for this series having a solid thread of prejudice/refugee/acceptance, or lack of, of others despite differences etc. running through it. this episode, in my mind, was no exception. the reaction to Rigsy in the trap street was clear evidence of this. one citizen even said ‘we don’t want your kind round here’, or words to that effect. i realise that the alleged murder allegation was the obvious surface narrative but there is a clear mirroring there of instances of historical western racial prejudice in that phrase.

    re. clara’s death. i did not find it underwhelming. in many ways, to me, the fact that despite her now legendary status as a companion who has saved the doctors life more times than any, the simpleness of her departure gives her character even more nuance. she was the epitomy of human brilliance in her acceptance of her fate i thought. i think she even started to break the icy exterior of ashildr in the end.

    it’s like donating a ton of money to a charity anonymously. the true hero doesn’t seek adulation. merely does what is right because it is the right thing to do.

    as far as the dip of sound during her final scream, i found that poetic too. chilling but poetic. we had a reference from the victim earlier and were left to hear hers ourselves.

    but hey, she’ll probably turn up again next week. πŸ™‚

    bring it on.

    tommo @replies

    @kharis – is River still ‘psychically linked’ to Clara? (name of the doctor)

    re. the sandmen being blind. how do we explain the Rasmussen sandman? he had fully functioning eyesight as far as we know. i suppose if he was the ‘5 year sleeper’, he may have gained the ability of full human reconstruction…? i suppose it ties into that ‘the whole episode was just a story’ theory that was mentioned earlier….

    @bluesqueakpip – the daleks built a time machine way back in order to chase the doctor through time in series 2’s (BG) ‘the chase’. i watched it the other day.


    tommo @replies

    all this talk of dreams and dream-worlds reminds me of the episode ‘amy’s choice’ in series 5 featuring the dream doctor, brilliantly played by Toby Jones. i loved that episode.

    there’s no obvious links to ‘sleep no more’ but i just fancied mentioning it. maybe the dust is a load of psychic pollen floating around….hehe.

    tommo @replies

    i noticed Clara refer to the cables that ‘pulled her in’ to the Morpheus machine as snake-like. did anyone immediately link that to the first 2 episodes? Colony Sarf and his cable mimic…? hmmm

    maybe some dalek foreshadowing…?

    i liked the episode. Capaldi on top-form as usual. Shearsmith never fails to impress me either.

    tommo @replies

    on the subject of memory-wipes; was anyone else feeling echoes of the series 6 episode β€˜the beast below’?

    sorry my bad – the episode i was referring to was in series 5, not 6.

    tommo @replies

    @jphamlore great analysis re. the human ignorance toward ET life followed by some great replies. i forget, how is it that the whole RTD era of humanity becoming aware of alien life has been somewhat expunged? was it Smitty’s crack or bang maybe? i realise Amy’s memory was affected due to the crack in her bedroom but was the whole planet memory-wiped too. please remind me someone, i must have missed a line.

    on the subject of memory-wipes; was anyone else feeling echoes of the series 6 episode ‘the beast below’? specifically the idea that citizens were told the truth if requested and then given the choice to forget what they knew. that was one of my favorite episodes of that series.

    @serahni i’m with you on the lack of resolve so far re. Clara’s timeline leap. I thought the same thing at the time. there wasn’t really an explanation offered. whereas you come to accept that sometimes not everything has to be ‘clarafied’ in this show, Moffat certainly has a way of tying loose ends……..eventually-haha, and this seems too significant an event to be left dangling imo.


    tommo @replies

    @missy – thanks so much.

    i have a capaldi to go up shortly.

    tommo @replies

    so i drew John Hurt’s doctor.

    The War Doctor

    This incarnation needs more love….<br />The moment passed remember.

    tommo @replies

    Clara’s mother’s maiden name is Ravenwood.

    Episode 10 of this series is titled; ‘face the raven’


    some great theorising on here as usual everyone.

    tommo @replies

    <span class=”useratname”>@spacedmunkee – re. It Follows (great film)

    tommo @replies

    @nerys – oh right. i was referencing the moment in ‘name of..’ where she jumps into the timestream;

    tommo @replies

    hi guys. great forum, great minds, great show.

    pretty new here. nothing to really add in the way of theories that hasn’t been floated already.

    however, a little niggle. Isn’t the quote from Clara; “run. run you clever boy and remember ME” ?

    tommo @replies

    hi all. i’m pretty new here so don’t know if was mentioned earlier but the name of the founder of the 3W facility – Prof. SKAROsa – is/was a nice foretelling of the ‘magicians apprentice’ scenario i thought….

    tommo @replies

    <span class=”useratname”>@meisiluosi</span> – thanks very much. glad you like my style. one of the reasons i adopted it is because nothing is ever really finished. i don’t like endings.

    great work too btw.

    tommo @replies

    sorry i mean no.7 (mcCoy) πŸ˜‰

    tommo @replies

    my obsession with this programme shows no signs of abating.

    Doctor Who is the reason the BBC was created.

    tommo @replies

    Hi everyone.

    i joined this forum yesterday after having been a massive ‘whovian’ since i was about 4 years old.

    one of my personal favorites being no. 8 (mr. mcCoy)

    i look forward to countless hours being passed on here discussing all things who with you all.

    just thought i would put up a link on this here thread sharing some of MY art/illustration work i have done. below is a link to my DA page. please scroll through and check out my Doctor series of pencil portraits. it’s always fulfilling to receive feedback from people who love this show as much as i do.Β  (the doctor images will be on the earlier pages.)

    thanks guys n gals. see you around.

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