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    No problem, I understand.   Let me know the weight of the return envelope and I will get you enough stamps to cover AIRMAIL back + a couple of ounces (in case they throw in some extras).

    Send me a PM with your details

    EnglishmaninNC @replies


    Ok, we have a couple of options to help you out I think.   As a Brit who now resides in the USA, but retains family in the UK – I may be able to help.

    I can…

    #1 Get you some stamps from the UK (which will take about 2 weeks)

    #2 Have you send the request to my folks in the UK unsealed so they can apply the required amount of stamps on your return envelope and then forward it on to Jenna.

    I think #2 would be the best option.

    Check out our Dr Who Cushions! @

    EnglishmaninNC @replies


    Nice!  I am working on a Dalek embroidery design for the wife’s pillows right now.      You’ve inspired me to crack on with it.

    EnglishmaninNC @replies


    I just want to say thanks for giving me so much to think about lately.  I have never looked so deep into any Dr Who episode, but just reading this forum on a daily basis has opened up a whole new world for me – so many little things that you guys catch that us mere mortals miss – I need to sit and watch them all again.   Its like a Dr Who reboot for me.



    EnglishmaninNC @replies


    Well thank you so much.    That is much appreciated by myself and the wife (I get hubby credits) – she is learning to love Dr Who – despite being a Florida lass.  I managed to get her to watch all the episodes for the last two doctors and its now got to the point where she prefers it over Eastenders (!).   Now trying to get her to watch my favorite Tom Baker after seeing him in the 50th anniversary special.

    I shall sort out a post in the Dear Santa Blog forthwith!

    Seasons Greetings to all from North Carolina!

    EnglishmaninNC @replies

    Hi all.  Just wanted to say hello and share something I am kind of proud of.     Life long Dr Who fan and radio ham, and I needed a cushion for my ailing back while playing radio late into the evening.   The wife makes a whole load of hand made items that she sells on Etsy for Dog people and Dogs and the like.   Anyway, I chuntered that she never makes anything for me and requested a pillow.

    She responds with “find me something to put on it and I will make it.”  – well, it kind of took off.    🙂

    Not going to spam with links to where you can buy these – that’s not the point of this post.  Just wanted to share.   I created all the embroidery artwork myself.     Particularly proud of the Adipose and the 1970’s logo.    Tom Baker was my hero back then.   Met the man in the Merrion Centre in Leeds, UK when they launched the Dr Who Comic.  He signed my copy and gave me a jelly baby.  Dude!

    Regards and seasons greetings to all!  Cant wait for the next episode.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)