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    Prof. Brian Cox did a televised lecture to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who which dealt with the scientific aspects of the programme.

    Current thinking is that if it were possible to travel through time, although the traveler could could go to any future time, the furthest they could travel back is the point at which their journey first began. So for example, you and I both have time machines. You begin your journey on February 1st 2020 but I don’t set off until September 12th 2021. You can return to 1st Feb 2020 but I can’t.

    The Doctor, in his monologue in ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ says “I’ve seen the birth of creation and watched as time ran out” so I’m assuming a Time Lord, or any one else with access to a time machine can travel as far into the past or future as they like.

    FatManInABox @replies


    Another easter egg: the ward Zoe was in was ward AD 72.

    Yep, I noticed that too but forgot to mention it. By the time I remembered it was too late to edit my post.


    Thanks for confirming what I heard even though I attributed it to the wrong character.

    On Sunday nights at 9pm, Talking Pictures (freeview 81) have been showing an old TV series called ‘Mystery and Imagination’ which features adaptations of classic horror/ghost stories (the series comes to an end next week). They do have a habit of repeating things after a few months so if any of you missed it, keep an eye on their schedules as one of the programmes was the Denholm Elliot version of Dracula – well worth watching as is Frankenstein which features Ian Holm playing the roles of both Victor Frankenstein and The Creature.

    FatManInABox @replies


    Before I comment on the series, I need to get something off my chest…

    Claes Bang -yes I bloody well would be his bride.


    Well I thought it was a hoot

    Yup, but I must admit that once I realised this wasn’t going to be a faithful adaptation I spent a good few minutes huffing, puffing and shouting obscenities at the TV. I wasn’t annoyed in an ‘angry virgin’ way (my days of being a virgin are but a distant memory), it was annoyance at my own stupidity for thinking that Moffat & Gatiss would have stuck to the original material 🙂

    I noticed a few ‘in jokes’ though one of them might not have been intentional.

    Episode 1.

    1. I was munching on crisps at the time so missed some of the dialogue but I believe that Johnny Blue Eyes, whilst being engaged to Mina, had a bit of a thing for the barmaid at The Rose & Crown – Victorian Clara perhaps?

    2. Sister Agatha has a detective friend in London. It could be Sherlock Holmes but as Gatiss & Moffat’s Sherlock was a modern adaptation, I’m going with Madame Vastra.

    3. This is the one I think may be more accident than design – old Drac’s make up reminded me a lot of Matt Smith’s aged Doctor.

    Episode 2.

    A glaringly obvious reference to Inside Number 9.

    Episode 3.

    Don’t be cremated!

    Overall, a great bit of TV with some brilliant characters. Despite my undying love for Drac, my favourite was Sister Agatha. Sorry, but I found Zoe Van Helsing a bit dull.

    My only gripe was with the stake wielding nuns – didn’t it occur to them that could’ve used their stakes to kill the wolves?

    FatManInABox @replies

    Hmm, 2 posts just disappeared into the time-vortex so I’m reposting. My apologies if the previous 2 turn up.

    Earlier this morning, a tweet appeared on my timeline from a member of this forum. I’m not going to name, shame or tag who it was but as the topic of politics has arisen I’d like to address the issue concerned.

    Oh England what have you done?

    What we’ve done is to not vote for an anti-semitic, terrorist hugging marxist, that’s what we’ve done.

    On a personal note, I stopped voting Labour the moment they elected Corbyn as their leader and will never vote for them again while he, John McDonnel and pretty much all of the current Shadow Cabinet are still in control. I’ll detail the reason why below but first a warning – it will be graphic.

    On November 21st 1974, as some of you will be aware, the IRA bombed two public houses in Birmingham.

    One of my Aunts, aged just 19, and her fiance were caught up in the explosion in The Mulberry Bush. They were due to be married the following July and had intended to emigrate to Australia (Melbourne to be precise as my Dad moved there a few years previously following his divorce from my Mum).
    My Aunt lost her left hand and thumb, index and middle finger from her right hand. Her fiance lost both his legs – one was blown off just below his hips, the other was so badly damaged that it had to be amputated.

    The wedding was cancelled. While they had recovered enough physically to continue with the wedding, mentally it was a different matter. Things got so bad for them that they both ended up overdosing on a cocktail of sleeping pills and anti-depresents in a suicide pact. They had both phoned their parents to say ‘goodbye’. My Nan and my aunt’s fiance’s parents notified the emergency services who managed to get them both to hospital. They managed to save my aunt’s fiance. My aunt didn’t survive. She died in transit to hospital and the ambulance crew were unable to revive her.

    I’m only to aware of the damage the Tories will do. I’m already suffering due to the policies of the Tory/Lib coalition, Cameron and May and I’m under no illusions that any of that will change under the current government but I know this much – I could never bring myself to vote for that fucking cunt* with the wonky glasses who’s never been anything but an IRA apologist and continues to suck up to the likes of Hamas and Hezbolah.

    I live in a part of Birmingham with a sizeable Jewish community and as such have a number of Jewish friends and neighbours. I could never vote for that shit-munching cock-womble** who’s done fuck all to stop the anti-semitic cancer that’s growing inside the Labour Party.

    I could never, to use a phrase that’s been circulating on Twitter, throw my Jewish friends under a bus just so that I can get ‘free stuff’. Yesterday I took a stand on their behalf and pushed them from out of the path of that oncoming bus.

    Yesterday I also stood up for those who were murdered or maimed by the IRA – I voted to prevent Corbyn from ever getting his blood and shit covered hands on this country and I’ll continue to vote tactically against Labour until Corbyn and every last one of his cronies are ousted from the Labour Party.

    Yesterday I made a stand against a party who’s leader thought it was a great idea to launch his manifesto not only on the anniversary of the pub bombings but had the fucking gall to come to Birmingham to do it.

    Labour, unsurprisingly, have maintained their grip on Birmingham but I can at least hold my head up high and say ‘not with my vote’.

    On the off-chance that anyone wants to indulge in a bit of ‘what-about-ery’ – don’t. Just don’t.

    * I’m not apologising for the language so don’t ask me to
    ** still not apologising

    FatManInABox @replies

    Greetings all.

    I was just browsing the BBC News site and came across this from Oct 2019 regarding the filming of an episode from the new series in Bristol.

    While the news story doesn’t mention who the new Dalek was designed by, I’m getting strong MechMaster vibes. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he designs CGI Daleks (among other things) and has done a couple of comics featuring the loveable despots.

    Second Empire

    Trapped in Amber

    It’s breaking from using 4 hemispheres per panel and an atypical ‘bumper’ that makes me think he may be involved in the re-design. It’s either that or someone has been heavily inspired by his work.

    FatManInABox @replies

    Happy New Year everyone

    @thane16 – Yes, Puro, the auto subtitles can get things hilariously wrong. Which brings me to this…

    @pedant – According to the subtitles on your video “I had my mates cut in half”. I’m sure we’ve all told our friends to piss off when they’re being annoying but having them dismembered might be a tad drastic 😆

    FatManInABox @replies


    Very true, but let’s not make a change like that again! 😉

    I’m outraged. Outraged, I tell you (not really). Colin Baker rocks, at least in the handful of Big Finish stories that I’ve heard he does 🙂

    I’d stopped watching DW shortly after Liz Sladen left – not because of that, I’d just reached the stage in life where I had more important things to do (train-spotting 😆 ), so I didn’t see any of the 5th to 8th Doctor episodes when originally broadcast but was vaguely aware of how universally loathed he was.

    A few years ago, the Horror Channel (I think) started showing 3 stories from each of the first 7 Doctors and knowing the reputation CB had, I approached his stories (Vengeance on Varos, Attack of the Cybermen and Mark of the Rani) which caution. While the episodes themselves were bad, I quite enjoyed his take on The Doctor. Seriously 🙂


    Thank you. I’ve been doing a fair bit of lurking for the past year but hope to pop in more often next year.

    FatManInABox @replies


    I’m always around it’s just that sometimes I forget to deactivate my cloaking device 🙂

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and aren’t suffering the aftereffects of too many sprouts. It’s been quite windy today 😆

    FatManInABox @replies

    I don’t see how not having a Christmas episode is ‘fundamentally changing’ how The Doctor is perceived.

    I’d say replacing William Hartnell with Patrick Troughton was a ‘fundamental change’. Or how about having The Doctor earth-bound and unable to operate the TARDIS. Then there’s the ‘fundamental change’ from a boyish, cricket loving Doctor to an arrogant, clown costume wearing Doctor.

    How many times has the theme music been rearranged or the TARDIS interior/Daleks/Cybermen etc being re-designed?

    In fact, introducing a Christmas episode in 2005 was itself a ‘fundamental change’.

    In short, Doctor Who has been ‘fundamentally changing’ since it was first broadcast and I dare say it will continue to do so for as long as it continues being made.

    FatManInABox @replies

    @pedant Agreed, it’s my favourite from the various Christmas episodes. This one’s my 2nd favourite taken from A Christmas Carol

    It was used in a Christmas advert a few years ago but I can’t remember the company or product they were trying to push. Ah, the power of advertising 🙂

    FatManInABox @replies

    Ditto what @whisht says.

    FatManInABox @replies

    I was going to post ‘Mirror Man’ by (The) Human League but it seems @pedant beat me to it so here’s a frog related song instead.

    FatManInABox @replies

    @craig @jimthefish

    Spam on the ‘Faces of The Doctor’ page – user name morganallen45

    FatManInABox @replies


    Forgot to say – nice fireworks pics over on the Kerblam page

    FatManInABox @replies


    Oh, Puro! I was having such a good day and you go and spoil it all by mentioning Theresa May. Grrrr 🙂


    I think they did show 1984 a few months ago but, due to my sieve-like brain, I forgot to watch it. They have a tendency to repeat films every few months so I dare say it’ll be on again soon.

    True Entertainment have The Waltons on a permanent loop including the ‘Wrong John Boy’ episodes and the various TV specials followed by Little House on the Prairie. At 20:00 Mon-Fri they’re also showing Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) – the original version not the ‘Vic n Bob’ remake.

    TP are showing The Boys at midnight on 29th Nov as a tribute to Dudley Sutton. I saw this, at least some of it, a few years ago – I was slightly extremely inebriated at the time so only saw the first 10 mins before nodding off and then waking for the last 10 mins but from what I recall, it’s well worth watching.

    On Monday 26th at 9:15 their showing The Sandwich Man starring Michael Bentine. This film should be avoided at all costs, mostly due to the amount of actors in ‘brown/yellow face’ and the awful stereotypes but if you want to catch a glimpse of a beardless, pre-Doctor Who Roger Delgado then give it a go. He’s in it quite early on so you won’t have to suffer. Much 😉


    Quite a lot of the content on Talking Pictures comes courtesy of the BFI and Renown Pictures.

    I mentioned in my previous post that it’s a UK channel. That’s true with regard to FreeView, Sky and Virgin etc but I believe it’s also broadcast on FreeSat. As I know very little about satellite TV, I’ve no idea whether this means it’s available outside the UK but it’s worth looking into.

    FatManInABox @replies

    Hi all.

    There’s a great channel broadcasting in the UK called Talking Pictures. It’s been broadcasting for quite a while but I’ve only recently discovered it.

    They show old films and TV programmes which are mostly b&w and from the 1930s to 1960s but from time to time they broadcast programmes/films from the 70s & 80s particularly those that, until recently, were considered ‘lost’.

    British films and TV programmes from the 50s and 60s maybe of interest to those of you who wish to see certain actors in pre Doctor Who roles. There’ve been plenty of William Hartnell films and a couple of films recently featuring Jon Pertwee. Currently showing in the mornings is ‘The Invisible Man’ ( the original series, not the 70s series starring David McCallum ) which boasts as one of it’s co-stars a 10 year old Deborah Watling ( Victoria Waterfield ). I haven’t seen anything yet with Patrick Troughton in a pre-Doctor role but he recently featured in a few episodes of ‘A Family at War’ starring Sheila Fraser who would go on to be the Aunt of a certain farm-boy turned Jedi knight.

    William Russel and Bernard Cribbins crops up regularly, as do other future companions or villain/’red shirt’-of-the-week actors, but the award for ‘Most Appearances by a Future Doctor Who Star’ goes to old sexy herself, the TARDIS. It seems she had a very active TV/film career before she stole the Doctor 😉

    FatManInABox @replies

    So far this series has, while being watchable, left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.

    Bloody enjoyed this one though. The first half had a whiff of ‘The Beast Below’ about it – the delivery bots bearing a passing resemblance to the ‘Smilers’ added to that feeling.

    Bubble wrap as a weapon – it can’t fail really. After all, who can resist popping those little plastic wrapped bubbles of air.

    @pedant – first post again! Are you sure you’re not ‘pookieuk’ from the other place? 😉

    FatManInABox @replies

    @rob – Ha, quite possibly. Along with blood, sweat, droplets of coffee and lots and lots of tears 🙂

    FatManInABox @replies

    A rather light-weight story but, with 4 new characters* to introduce it needed to be and it was enjoyable.

    I was doing a bit of ‘bonkerising’ from the start which, as with most bonkerising, turned out to be wrong. I thought that the big blue space turnip may have been the TARDIS re-growing (was it the 10th Doctor that said they were grown rather than built?) and thought I was right when it cracked open revealing a yellowy orange glow. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

    The new characters seem ok but I’m particularly loving Yaz (?) who reminds me of the equally brilliant female PC in Paul Abbott’s ‘No Offence’ over on Channel 4.

    The Doctor is still The Doctor which, as far as I’m concerned, was never in doubt. Great to see The Doctor doing a bit of tinkering by turning every day appliances into hi-tech gear – as per my post On The Sofa, I have an old PC & peripherals that could do with being revamped 😉

    Loving the new version of the theme tune. Some nice big fat analogue synth sounds in there though I suspect they were emulated rather than being actual analogue synths. Too bad the continuity announcer had to talk over most of it though.

    Will offer more thoughts/observations when I rewatch it.

    * OK 3 new characters and 1 to re-introduce.

    FatManInABox @replies

    Phew, I very nearly missed Doctor Who due to ‘technical hitches’.

    Firstly, I record TV to my PC using a USB thingy. I haven’t used it for a while ( since last year’s Xmas episode in fact) so earlier today I did a test run just to make sure it was still working and today of all days, it decided to record audio only – no video. Oh poo!

    Thinking it may be a problem with my USB ports ( they have been ‘acting up’ lately) I decided to re-build my old PC and try using it on that instead. It turns out that my USB recorder doesn’t work with XP so I had to install Win 7 on my old PC ( farewell XP, you’ll be missed). That’s where the trouble really started as I couldn’t get any of my spare DVD drives to work. Well, they worked in the sense that I could read data and watch DVDs, I just couldn’t get my PC to boot from the Win 7 disc. Double poo!

    I had no alternative but to transfer the DVD drive from my ‘proper’ PC to the old one – it worked! Installed Win 7 and then my spare monitor decided that it too would like to stop working. I plugged it into my proper PC and it worked. Swapped it back – not working. It turns out my ‘spare’ graphics card has also taken a sabbatical so I tried it in the ‘on board’ monitor port and it worked fine.

    Things were looking up. I successfully installed Win 7 and the various programs / drivers required and did a trial run. Oh dear, it was recording video and audio but the picture, despite being set up to record in 1080p was just a tiny rectangle about the size of a postage stamp. It was, at this point, 18:00.Triple poo!

    I then remembered that the driver for my TV recorder is out of date. Not a problem, I’ll just download the new one…

    “Windows Update requires an update before you can use Windows Update” popped up on the screen. I start to download the update for Windows Update. It’s now 18:15.

    18:20 – the update for Windows Update has now finished downloading but my PC requires a reboot so the update can take effect.

    18:25 – Windows has finished installing the update for Windows Update. Yay, now I can downlo… oh bollox, now my TV is on the blink. The picture is ‘pixelated’ and it keeps losing the signal. It seems the aerial plug is hanging on to the cable by a few strands of very thin copper wire. I quickly, but can’t say calmly, re-attach the cable to the plug and try it. The signal’s fine.

    It’s now 18:30. Just enough time for a quick test. Start my recording program, picture looks good but it’s ‘dropping’ frames left, right and centre. I look around for something to throw. The only thing close to hand is my coffee mug, complete with the now cold coffee that I made an hour ago. As coffee and electrical equipment don’t go well together, I opted for a few minutes of shouting the foulest language possible and then drank the coffee.

    18:35 – I’ve had a caffine induced epiphany – switch my PC off and then on again and restart my recording program. It bloody worked!!!!!!!

    18:45 – here we go. Aaaaaand relax!

    19:50 – Doctor Who recorded, I try and copy the 3gb file to my unused 32gb USB stick so I can transfer it to my proper PC. “There is insufficient space on this device”. WTF, what the actual f…

    I tried again.”There is insufficient space on this device” popped up again as if daring me to hurl my coffee mug (now re-filled with lovely hot, caffine rich, liquid goodness). I checked the available space on my USB stick – yup, as I thought, 32gb free space. Tried copying the file again but still my PC insists there isn’t enough space so at some point during the week I’ve got to take the hard-drive out of my ‘spare’ PC and transfer it to my proper PC so that I can edit out the continuity announcements from the start and end.What could possibly go wrong? (I could do it now but I’ve had enough tech-trouble for one day*).

    Any way people, how are you all? Hope you enjoyed the show.

    Big, squishy hugs to @thane16 @scaryb @xad4 @craig and @rob


    * apparently, ‘today’ doesn’t think I’ve had enough tech-trouble. I wrote this using Word at around 20:00 with the intention of copy/pasting it but I’ve been unable to get onto the internet until now. I need more coffee. Lots more…

    FatManInABox @replies

    Hi all,

    Unless I’m in someway special and have been singled out, some of you may have received a message from @keranuu6543 inviting you to be her friend (and has very kindly supplied me with her private email address). I’m pretty sure I don’t need to say this but do not respond.

    Keran / Karen claims to work for the US Army but, given the English – ie correct 😉 – spelling of several words, as opposed to American English, I suspect she’s not all she claims to be.

    @craig – you might want to keep an eye on her account.

    FatManInABox @replies

    @wolfweed – Interesting RT article on Easter Eggs. One that they appear to have missed is a possible ‘goodbye’ to the Paternoster Gang.

    When ‘Testimony’ is being explained, various images of people having their memories extracted appear as holograms. The last person to be shown is a woman in Victorian attire who, to me, looks a lot like Jenny Flint. With the way the image is distorted it’s difficult to tell whether it is actually Catrin Stewart (to me she looks slightly older but that could just be my crappy recording) but it certainly seems like a ‘nod’ to Jenny.

    FatManInABox @replies


    is there going to be an in-universe explanation of 13’s Yorkshireness?

    If it hadn’t been for the accent, I’d have said that The Doctor’s recent encounter with Capt. Lethbridge-Stewart may have had an influence. In the next Doctors first, very brief moments, I found myself thinking of Kate Stewart.

    FatManInABox @replies

    @scaryb @pedant @bluesqueakpip

    I think there may be a simpler reason why Bill doesn’t know/remember what happened to Heather. Bill, or at least the version that exists within Testimony, didn’t travel with Heather. The moment that Heather touched Bill and converted her to ‘Puddle Bill’ is the moment that Bill/CyberBill died and her memories became part of Testimony. She knows that Heather returned for her but can’t remember anything past that point purely because, from ‘real’ Bill’s pov, she didn’t do anything. The ‘Puddle Couple’ are probably still out there having

    a long full life of hot lesbo action and universe exploration

    as @pedant so eloquently put it 😆

    FatManInABox @replies


    I love Russian Trolls. I’ve always been fascinated by the way they fit so neatly inside each other.

    Oh wait… My mistake. That’s Russian Dolls

    FatManInABox @replies


    “Still, if an intelligent race of tentacled underwater beings winds up outmaneuvering us and taking over the planet, we can’t say there weren’t warning signs.”

    If they start to develop metal travel machines, I’m outta here!

    FatManInABox @replies

    I’ve just finished editing the recording I made of last night’s John Williams Prom. I’m not sure I’ll post them online anywhere though (copyright issues etc).

    For those intending to watch/record tonight’s BBC4 broadcast pay close attention to the beginning of the ‘Raiders March’. There are a few ‘bum’ notes making it sound as though the orchestra was infiltrated by a clown 🙂 (unless the Beeb fix it in post-production). Unfortunately, this is a problem that crops up elsewhere during the concert. I do hope  members of the brass section didn’t wake up this morning to find a P45 on the doormat.

    Mistakes aside, it was a thoroughly enjoyable concert and, not surprisingly, the main concert closed with ‘Main Title’ from Star Wars and what a stonkingly great performance it was too.

    For the first encore we were given a break from the ‘Main Themes’ which dominated the concert and treated to one of John Williams classic ‘incidental’ pieces. What would it be though? ‘The Map Room: Dawn’ from Raiders of the Lost Ark? ‘Binary Sunset’ from Star Wars or maybe even ‘The Imperial March’ from The Empire Strikes Back?. Nah, it was the bloody ‘Cantina Band’ from Star Wars 👿 (not a favourite of mine)

    @wolfweed @janetteb @missy

    Problems with waterworks sorted 🙂


    FatManInABox @replies

    It’s Prom season and while there’s no Doctor Who Prom (again) this year, there is a concert that may be of interest to some of you.

    On Thursday 20th July at 19:30, BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting a celebration of the music of John Williams. The concert will also be televised on BBC4 on Friday 21st at 20:00 – running time approx 2 hours.

    @janetteb @missy

    Thankfully my PC’s almost back to normal but the domestic disasters are still ‘work in progress’. At some point last Saturday night, my toilet tank developed a crack (how I don’t know) and as a consequence, my bathroom was flooded. On top of that, the controls for my hot water boiler developed a fault. For some reason whenever I switch the boiler on, whether manually or using the timer, all my electric goes off. The Council have been informed but so far, despite these faults being classed as urgent, no-one has yet turned up to fix them.

    FatManInABox @replies

    Just popped in and now I’m popping out again – PC problems (Personal Computer not Peter Capaldi 😉 ) and a couple of domestic disasters to deal with.

    You never know, one day I might manage to make a proper return to the fold.

    FatManInABox @replies

    @craig – thank you. All throughout Broadchurch I was wondering where I knew Jodie from but couldn’t make the connection. I quite enjoyed ATB so I think it’s time to buy the DVD.

    I must admit I wasn’t too happy at the prospect of a female Doctor but that smile on Jodie’s/The Doctor’s face has already won me over. Unlike a couple of posters here and hundreds over on the Twitter-sphere (and although I haven’t looked yet, probably The Graun) I think Doctor Who is in safe hands and will be around for years to come.

    @exfan – seriously, you’ve signed up just to say that you’re never watching again? May as well delete your account then. Oh, and don’t slam the door on your way out.

    @devilishrobby Though did anyone get a sort of Captain Jack vibe in the way she was dressed.

    Yes as well as a Kate Stewart-ish vibe.

    FatManInABox @replies


    Please don’t be a stranger to us! You are well loved, friend.


    And I completely second your thoughts to FatManInABox.


    as Puro said.

    Aww, luv you too

    I haven’t been around as much as I’d have liked as I’m having a serious de-clutter of my flat as well as rearranging the furniture. (@ScaryB – you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s been mostly ‘cloutson’ this past week 😉 ). I’m almost done but I still need to pluck up the courage to face the spare room or, as I’m now calling it, the Scare Room (there are, erm, ‘things’ lurking amongst the dust bunnies 😮 )

    I’ve been watching the election results all night. A disappointing result but at least I’ve had a good chuckle with the news that a number of heavy-weights have lost there seats – the highlight being Nick Clegg discovering that in addition to large debts, Students have very long memories 😈

    Anyway, it’s late, or early, or something. Time for bed, or breakfast, or possibly one last cuppa. Ugh, my sleep-deprived brain feels as cluttered as the Scare Room 😕

    Nighty night.

    FatManInABox @replies


    The music, are there themes from elsewhere which you recognise? From BG Who? Or randomly from 2006-2008 (RTD era, I think)?

    There are a few ‘old’ themes that cropped up in this episode.

    At 29mins, there’s a reprise of part of the 11th Doctor’s theme* and later on at 44mins we get a reworking of ‘1969’ from the Series 6 soundtrack (albeit a more ‘actiony’ version).

    Of course, this isn’t the only episode to feature previously heard themes (I suppose it’s a good way of saving time and/or money).

    In ‘The Pilot’ the ‘The Mad Man with a Box’ theme was heard and in ‘Thin Ice’ there was a reworking of ‘Westminster Bridge’ from ‘Rose’.

    The ‘Lone Dalek’ theme from ‘Dalek’ was re-used in Series 2 (‘The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit’ I think) and ‘The Bells of St. John’ also utilised music from ‘The Time of Angels’ (the opening scene where River is sneaking around on The Byzantium).

    * The award for best re-use of music would go to ‘A Special Sort of Bus’ from the Series 4 special ‘Planet of the Dead’ which, in a slightly reworked form, became the 11th Doctor’s theme ‘I am The Doctor’.

    FatManInABox @replies

    Hi all and thanks for the welcome backs (welcomes back?).

    I had intended a ‘big return’ to the forum but my plans have been scuppered by a few PC problems over the last couple of days. Still, there’s plenty of time to catch up.

    While I realise it’s not necessary, I’d like to take a moment to explain my absence over the past year; I’ll try and keep it brief.

    About 12 years ago, following a nervous breakdown, I was diagnosed as bipolar. Most of the time my condition doesn’t affect me too badly however last year, possibly exacerbated by my continued unemployment and the (at the time) impending EU referendum (or, rather, the nastiness being expressed by both ‘sides’), I lapsed back into a deep depression. I concluded, somewhat rashly (and irrationally), that the solution was to delete all my social media accounts and shut out everyone and everything.

    For some reason though, I couldn’t bring myself to delete my Twitter account although I did frequently deactivate it only to reactivate it after a few days. I suspect a number of my followers became a bit pissed of with my erratic behaviour and I ended up going from over 300 followers to 28 (sorry to those of you who were/are following me).

    @craig – My apologies for leaving you a ‘mod’ down with no warning.


    And relieved to hear fatmaninabox manged to drag his head out from the innards of the sofa before I sat down!

    I had to have a nice long bath after my escape – you wouldn’t believe the amount of glitter down there (I wonder where it all came from 😉 )

    FatManInABox @replies

    (grunts,groans, puffs & pants)

    Apologies to those who were finding the sofa a bit lumpy and bumpy. It’s my fault, I fell down the back of it. I’d advise you all to not go rummaging down the back of it for lost coins/episodes though – it’s not pretty down there (doesn’t smell particularly pleasant either. That’s my fault too 😉 )

    Blimey, it’s taken me a year to climb out of it! What have I missed?

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