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    @FaeGrl – Aww, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve mostly just been playing Doctor Who Legacy today. My current team is a bit random… Seventh Doctor, Dalek Oswin, Rory, Vastra, Jenny and Strax. How does that make any sense?

    Anyhow, I’ve noticed ‘Time Meddler’ has been posted… might have to comment on it tomorrow though.

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    @janetteB – Ian and Barbara are two of the most important companions the Doctor has ever had… they’re also absolutely brilliant. Let’s hope I an returns.

    @scaryB – Yep the Seventh Doctor retrieved the artefect (no spoilers, as @FaeGrl will be watching it soon) that the First Doctor left behind, I always wonder why the First had it anyhow. And…[Read more]

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    @TheKrynoidMan @FaeGrl @Arbutus
    Great posts, thanks.
    @FatManInaBox Thank you for Sean Lennon 😀

    In further honour of @Purofilion‘s parachute jump (am in complete awe btw, well done you), I was going to post this – Freefallin (Tom Petty)

    but that led me to an interesting cover of it by John Mayer which…[Read more]

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    @TheKrynoidMan   Can’t argue with that!  🙂
    @FaeGrl   That’s a lovely, evocative song. I like the lyrics as much as the singing.
    @Purofilion   Sorry to hear about your hospital visit. But I’m glad the dive went well. How brave of you! The view sounds magical, but my stomach is turning flops thinking about the up and down part. I don’t do amusem…[Read more]

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    @FaeGrl – Oh it wasn’t a planned episode (to my knowledge), it was a book. When the series was cancelled the Seventh Doctor remained the current Doctor through comics, books etc. until the movie came out, quite a few years later. I dunno, just certain aspects of those episodes seem more Seventh Doctor-esque to me… though again its a couple of…[Read more]

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    @FaeGrl @tomsscarf @ScaryB

    Re: Second Doctor – Oh yes, the Second Doctor can be manipulative as I have mentioned before (though not as much as the Seventh is),  but he really does have a sweet demeanour. He’s a very caring Doctor (and before you point out all Doctor’s are caring, yes I know, I know! But with the Second Doctor you really get a…[Read more]

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    responding to @faegrl  earlier comment about the 2nd doc being sweet oh my oh my you only have to see his expressions when he thinks no one is looking sometimes you think seven is manipulative but the doctor showed his mastership in his second regeneration he perfected the “look I`m a clown ” look and the doctor certainly hasn’t got the name of…[Read more]

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    @JimtheFish I can’t remember if it was @Juniperfish or @Bluesqueakpip, but one of them pointed out ages ago that there usually seems to be a plan B for all new Doctors (certainly AG) so that they can be written out at the end of 1 series if it’s not working out (on either side). But the hope is that Capaldi will see it as his dream job and pension…[Read more]

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    @FaeGrl – I think you’ll also like the Second Doctor a lot, he’s very sweet (in my opinion). And I agree with tomsscarf, you  should check out ‘The Mind Robber’ for the Second… also would put a mention in for ‘Enemy of the World’; but its a serial that has no monsters/aliens in it, and some people get put off by that.

    @tomsscarf – I would…[Read more]

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    @Tomsscarf @faegrl

    Unless there is a late surge for something else, The Mind Robber is the serial we’ll be moving onto after The Time Meddler.

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    @FaeGrl – Oh yes I’ve heard a bit about the political issues at the moment. 🙁

    And yep, the Seventh Doctor is 5’6”, the Second is 5’7”. So yes, they both are the shortest Doctors. And if anyone wanted to know, I’m 5’3” 1/2. lol!

    The bickering between the Second and Third Doctors can be rather amusing, they just don’t seem to get along! Was…[Read more]

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    @FaeGrl – Ah its the scenery I like in Arizona, I adore mesas and the like… but there are other states that have those I guess! lol

    Ah well that’s a good sign you like his serials already! There’s some brilliant stories in his next two seasons… and of course the manipulative aspect of his personality is explored more.

    And yes I was surprised…[Read more]

  • @FaeGrl – I wonder what the translation of the lyrics is? They do seem to use very dramatic music for the Daleks nowadays, I’d prefer something more subtle but menacing. Guess that’s why ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ had a good amount of atmosphere… still though, my favourite New Who Dalek episode is ‘Dalek’. But because I haven’t watched it in ages I…[Read more]

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    @tomsscarf – Oh yes if somebody is being mean about it, but I was using the phrase ‘nerd’ about myself… as I said I’m more used to American terms.

    @FaeGrl – That’s okay! And yes I would like to move to America. I seem to get along with Americans, and you guys have so much stuff over there! My favourite states are Massachusetts (haven’t been…[Read more]

  • @FaeGrl – ‘The Sun’s Gone Wibbly’, ‘This is Gallifrey’ and ‘I am the Doctor’ use the clock-like noise. I dunno, I just love time-pieces! Also steam-driven machines from the 1800s as well.

    For Seventh Doctor soundtracks, I suggest checking out the music for ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’, its so surreal/creepy/atmospheric… as is the…[Read more]

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    @FaeGrl – Oh I myself am not bothered by the ‘nerd’ label… I refer to myself as a nerd sometimes. But saying that I am more used to American terms… to be honest… I wish I lived in the US.

    The Seventh Doctor is very quotable! Have you got to the end of his first season yet? Because ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ is the first serial in his…[Read more]

  • @FaeGrl – I hadn’t listened to that track properly before, I really like it. Especially as it emphasizes more on the clock-like noise; I have an obsession for time-pieces (especially mechanical), so I like it when songs and music incorporated the sounds of clocks/watches etc.

    As I posted my favourite Doctor’s theme, here’s my other favourite…[Read more]

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    @FaeGrl – No problem!

    And yeah Doctor Who was cool in the 80s! (Replying to a previous comment of yours… non-linear replying I guess? Timey-wimey?) Okay a lot of folks didn’t think it was, especially over here in the UK… but I would just like to say… that the Seventh Doctor is awesome! Thank you! Now… off to find some music to post in the…[Read more]

  • @FaeGrl – Vale Decem is such a sad song, I mean the Tenth Doctor isn’t one of my favourites or anything, but seriously that scene makes me want to cry.

    I’ll post more vids later, its got a bit late here now.

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    @FaeGrl – I’ll EXTERMINATE! …ahem… I mean of course I’ll ELABORATE! This particular thread is about any discussion about Doctor Who that is more causal and off-topic from the specific Doctor Who threads. For anything else off-topic that does note relate to Doctor Who, that’s ‘The Rose and Crown’ thread.

    Hence why the in-depth posts here were…[Read more]

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