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    I ended up taking a break from this forum for the second half of season 13, but I did overall enjoy Flux. This episode, like Revolution of the Daleks, acted as a coda to the previous season, wrapping up some of the questions from Flux.

    I loved the time loop—it’s a classic concept but surprisingly not one I’ve seen a lot of, and the twist of the…[Read more]

  • Didn’t have time to post for the previous episode, but I enjoyed it. But while The Halloween Apocalypse was fun and exciting, I felt like this was amazing. Swarm and Azure seemed suitably sinister (and Passenger sort of just…followed…but we’ll probably learn more about them later). And the jokes really worked for me.

    I agree about Dan’s pa…[Read more]

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    I apologize in advance if this shows up multiple times; I was having difficulty posting.

    In my opinion, this was an excellent episode. Maybe I’ve just been starved for Doctor Who, but the whole episode was just super exciting for me. Even with the commercials, it completely captured my interest and kept it until the resolution.

    So that I can e…[Read more]

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    This was awesome! I loved the episode, it was amazing, and they showed the Morbius faces! Never mind that I haven’t watched that serial, I’ve read about it, and me and my brother were freaking out upon seeing them!

    I don’t know why, but I feel like there’s someone in mythology or some book I’ve read called Tecteun but the Doctor Who stuff is c…[Read more]

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    This was an amazing episode! I’m looking forward to the finale, but then I won’t have anything new to post… 🙁

    Brendan’s name means King…could he be Rassilon? But he really doesn’t seem to be in control of things.

    He wants to make a difference, and he joins the Guardei, which seem to be police that are more involved with keeping the peace a…[Read more]

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    This isn’t exactly related to Can You Hear Me, but this is the best place I could find for it.

    Season 12 Theories…

    The Master:

    The Master is going to escape the Kasaavin’s dimension, but the questions are when and how. Obviously, there are 3 options for when:

    The Future: The most straightforward option — he’ll escape before/in the finale…[Read more]

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    I’ll try to create more bonkers theories later when I have time, but this was, again, really good. Maybe not the best episode, but they can’t all be the best. It was certainly interesting and exciting, managing to keep my attention throughout all those terrible commercial breaks (which I suspect played a large part in me being unengaged during Sea…[Read more]

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    So, in previous discussions, people have been theorizing about a connection to DNA/genetics this season. This theory might be a bit of a stretch — this is sci-fi, and genetics stuff is a very common sci-fi concept to use — but it is very fun to theorize about.

    So far, we have:

    Spyfall — It isn’t a stretch at all for this one. Creatures rewrite…[Read more]

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    That episode was fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! I loved the speed, and I was immediately drawn into the story. It was over way too fast — I really wanted to keep watching!

    The Chameleon Arch was awesome — me and my brother spent the episode trying to figure out where the fob watch is, since we guessed about the chameleon arch really early on…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed this one! I’ve know a lot about Tesla since 6th grade, where my science teacher was obsessed with him, and I’ve been to Wardenclyffe (they actually have a Tesla center there now). Every time a somewhat obscure fact about Tesla came up, me and my brother would just start smiling insanely. So, even if just because of Tesla, this epi…[Read more]

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    Several people seem to have severely disliked this one, but I really don’t think it was that bad.

    The beginning was hilarious (at least I thought so). I loved the whole thing with the virus and the bats. The middle was decent, though I didn’t really get the whole thing with other timelines being possible. And the end honestly wasn’t that bad.…[Read more]

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    I know it’s a while after the episode ended, but there are still some thoughts I’d like to add. I was somewhat rushed on my last post, so there’s still some things I haven’t said.

    Ada Lovelace is amazing! They did an episode with Ada Lovelace, and that alone would probably make it good in my opinion. I’ve known about her since I was 8, did my fo…[Read more]

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m new to this forum (and to participating in the Doctor Who fandom) but I really wanted to participate in this discussion. If I’m missing anything from the 1st — War Doctor incarnations, feel free to tell me that. I’m relying on TARDIS wiki for information on that.</p>
    My current insane and completely incorre…[Read more]

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