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    Hello @craig and all

    its been too long – really glad we have the Doctor back, and also that I can read all of your speculations on this forum again..

    I think for an opener it was great – the main plot was a bit too familiar but let’s face it, this was all about setting up the characters. Jodie W seems to have slotted in remarkably quick, it w…[Read more]

  • Happy as Larry. My only regret is that I found out by other media based means before seeing the BBC official reveal. After all the gender swapping timelord references over the last couple of series it would have been wrong to NOT have the Doctor regenerate into a woman at this point. I’m sure she will be interesting to watch, she is a great…[Read more]

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    Thanks for all the theories Puro, I hope you feel able to come back and share many more with us soon. All the best.

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    @geronimo please stick around, that was a very unusual and isolated incident I feel, and @purofilion has apologised (and seemingly been banned)

    hope to see you both back on here again soon!

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    Great shout out to you at the other place @phaseshift ! Well deserved for a brilliant bonkers theory!

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    inverse Donna? That would fit the fact that the Doctor didn’t really remember the earlier Claricles either, maybe he realises he soon won’t remember the later ones either – as further time passes in his own timeline from the trensalore incident?

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    spot on about mercy and forgiveness methinks, after all – the Doctor did also leave a confession dial when he thought It was his last day. Isn’t confession about being forgiven in return too? Allowing Missy to forgive him after he has gone, allowing her to move on perhaps? Seems forgiveness could be on his mind..

    Just on the Claradox. It…[Read more]

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    While for a younger audience this perhaps wasn’t the greatest episode, for those of us old enough to remember the doctor’s monologues of old – this was one of the best in my opinion. .. I salute you Mr M. but to theories.. Apologies in advance. I may not quote properly ( a tad tipsy)..

    ‘Clara gets in your head’… Along with those funny looks…[Read more]

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    I think the Doctor is dead, albeit an induced death to  allow him to enter the ghost state. His body will be in the suspended animation chamber, for Clara to open and save him. Guess that will make him an extra few centuries old?

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    Really liked the doctor and Davros interactions… thought it was the end and redemption of Davros! But the doctor giving up regeneration energy to allow the dead liquidised Daleks to rise up and turn on the younger daleks???!! Er… What? Why would they do that? And how exactly are bits of slime supposed to destroy all the daleks when they can…[Read more]

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello All</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It’s been quite a while since I posted but I’ve enjoyed your bonkers theories so much I had to post my own thoughts on what’s happening…</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Davros is the apprentice as noted in the title. The Doctor realises after meeting him as a child that he…[Read more]

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    So if Danny was able to come back from the afterlife to save the Afghan child, surely the matrix data slice was still working? If so, isn’t his consciousness still there, along with everyone else including Missy and Osgood? Also, wasn’t it mentioned in the 50th Osgood had a sister too? I can still see Osgood popping up somewhere, and Danny too -…[Read more]

  • @PhaseShift OMG your Floyd post is so dead on, can anyone get hold of Matt Smith to verify?!

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    That was the best Christmas episode yet, I think. Tied up the loose ends nicely and also gave us a memory loss issue to think about for the future Doc. And what happened to the crack? Did it close? I wasn’t overly impressed with CapDoc’s first words or indeed his quick regeneration though. I was hoping for more of CapDoc for us to warm to seeing…[Read more]

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    @chickenelly did the QE1 letter say that the queen was making the doctor her curator? Wow how did I miss that?

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    Just realised that if/when gallifrey is found that the Master will be there won’t he? Just sayin’

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    @tennantmarsters2013 blimey that’s an inspired theory, well done your bro – I wonder if the whole gallery is in fact the tardis and not just the under gallery? Certainly makes a better monument than the one on trenzalore!

  • @phaseshift yes we had a quick chat to Simon he was a nice chap. He also sat a few seats away from us during the showing of the film.. Wasn’t expecting to be sat near a cast member for the anniversary, bit of a […]

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    @timeloop, should also have said in my post that Matt Smith said that he liked being the 11th Doctor, because he ‘liked the number 11’. But the Moffat was insistent that the Doctor should never have a number. Clearly this makes things confusing as a reference point for the rest of us.. (How do you refer to a particular Doctor quickly if you can’t…[Read more]

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    Hello all, what a weekend.. Just got back from the celebration at the excel. Just wanted to share that Moffat was asked explicitly about the ‘numbering’ of the doctors and he was adamant that Capaldi was the 13th incarnation. He also said that the Doctor never gives himself a number and that neither should we. In other words, the regeneration…[Read more]

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