• …to continue my rant, a thought occurred to me. Perhaps a TARDIS is the ultimate evolution of a Time Lord? It’s been established that the TARDIS is a living entity…so could it be that the ‘Doctor’ as a title […]

  • @shazzbot The endless possibilities with the character of the Doctor is what has kept me a fan for so many years. And, like you, I’ve taken a bite of the apple and re-watched endless episodes for clarity. […]

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    I’m not sure how many members here are familiar with the website SF Debris…it’s essentially an ‘all things sci-fi’ review and criticism VLOG. Over the years, the owner Charles Sonnenburg has dug deeply into BG […]

  • Some interesting thoughts in this thread about who will replace Matt Smith…I haven’t read all the comments, 7 pages makes me lazy! Honestly, I’d rather see the name ‘Doctor’ be an honorary or hereditary title, […]

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    A bit sad that Matt Smith is leaving the show…reminded me a lot of Patrick Troughton. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul McGann given a proper shot at playing the Doctor…maybe a series about the Time War […]

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    Favorite companion? Have to say Leela played by Louise Jameson or Romana played by Mary Tamm are top of the list, although Sarah Jane is amazing as well. Three way tie? Jaime was fantastic also. Ultimately, I have […]

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    New poster to the site, have to say I’ve enjoyed reading the threads and posts here. I’m looking forward to contributing to discussions in the future.

    Sometime back in the mid-eighties, my local Public […]

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