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    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    I thınk new series exciting for us because we watched only men doctor last 10 season

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    Also doctor’s new hand ? Is it a lady hand ?

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    this season is really excellent but as much as sad because peter capaldi -ı think he is a great actor-leave series.Well,which actor/actrist will come in instead and which new comrade will be ?

    pıtırcapaldi @replies


    This video is excellent 😀

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    one minute one minute n the same episode

    Master regenerate to Missy ? How are they together ? Im confusing

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    This episode really excellent but why are this sesion final episodes ? this new so bad ….

    well Steven Moffat do again a very nice script. There are together this episode,Master,Missy,Doctor

    How will you think these triple new episodes….Again waiting a week ……

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    Toby Whithouse usually wrote bleak episode but ı hope this episode is more exciting than other Toby’s episode.ı look forward to this episode.What will do Bill and Nardole without the doctor-of course the doctor will help them indirectly(I think 🙂 )


    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    why ? really why ? who will wait one week for new episode ?!!

    but new episode is approving very exciting because ı love missy hence ı don’t wait new episode 🙁

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    @countscarlioni Daleks ? This is very amazing but ı dont thınk

    perhaps Missy escape the Vault such as @missrori’s said or maybe Doctor allow the Missy for quit the vault

    I look forward to the new episode

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    thank you @missy 🙂

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    Hello and thank you @thane15 🙂 yes ı’m new member

    Doctor always does the right thing but ıs not ıt tıme for master to change ?

    ı think ıt is given chance to master 🙂

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    we finally learned what’s in the box

    ı love master but will master help the doctor ?

    are we real ?

    pıtırcapaldi @replies

    hello friends

    According to hear the news ; Doctor’s regeneration started all over again .This is true or only one times have new regeneration ?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)