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    I started watching Dr. Who on PBS in the 80s. That was my reward if I got good grades and did my chores: Dr. Who for dinner. It was unlike any other program on TV at the time and I fell in love with it. I mean, I was never a tough guy. All that was on TV at the time were these macho guys solving things with two fists. But when I saw Tom Baker’s…[Read more]

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    To my mind, this was the singularly most solid epsiode of Whittaker’s seasons.
    I don’t see it leaving my Top 10 Episodes list any time soon!
    It was a sensitive subject, handled well.
    The plot was a keenly-written build up of suspense where you were generally invested in the stakes at the end.
    The villain was top notch: incapable of direct physical…[Read more]

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    I know it’s an old thread, but I need to say: another wonderful historical from the Chibnall team.
    These have been the strongest, most wonderful episodes by far!

    I normally like a few modern and futuristic-space episodes, but there is no question the Historicals for the last two seasons have captured my heart! Well done!

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    This was a wonderful season starter and introduction to the new Doctor.
    I could not have asked for better!
    And I love the new “fam.”

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    Howdy, all the threads on here are old and I just found the site, I don’t normally look for forums, so I’m just going around commenting on the episodes of the new series I liked for the last few seasons.
    This was certainly one of them. I saw stellar performances from the entire cast, a menacing villainous take on the Daleks and some great…[Read more]

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    Holy Rhino, I LOVE LOVE LOVED this episode!
    I loved Ruth’s outfit, I loved the Judoon stuff and I loved the Cameo.
    There was a lot to unpack.
    I didn’t really care about the inserting Ruth into the past thing so much then (but it sure came back to bite me later, yeesh!)  But this was a BRILLIANT episode. I loved Yaz cop-talking with the Judoon. I…[Read more]

  • I have to say, I love Chibnall’s historical episodes.
    And I’m a big fan of Goran Visjic, so this was a delight to watch.
    If I had a criticism, it’s that I wasn’t fond of the space wasp queen. I don’t like that style of make up, it reminds me of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers baddies.
    Still, the writing was solid, all the regulars had clear…[Read more]

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    I quite liked the episode. I did NOT like the finale it lead to, but I thought the episode itself was one of the better ones in the current season.
    I loved the crazy cyberman and meeting the Gothic writers and the bizarre puzzle.
    All the regulars seemed to have something to do. It was a fun and scary with some wild moments from The Doctor, just…[Read more]

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