• Good Omens was a great adaptation of the book. The acting was wonderful and the storyline was funny and unique. Sadly, too many times, the sequel does not reach the level of the original. Good Omens 2 has scenes that drag out slowing down the action. Unlike the first where David Tennant and Michael Sheen performed like a season comedy team, their…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave Thanks. The last 4 years have really been a lot of ups and downs and I have not been able to stay up to date on the news. Praying Christ peace to her family and fans.

  • @dalekbuster523 I was being facetious.

  • @dalekbuster523 Both Cleese and Dench would have been 90’s Doctors. My view is that if there were going to be a female Doctor it should have been done sooner and Dench should have been given the chance. As some has stated the Doctor should show up in charged. She would have been that Doctor.

    As for Craig Charles I think too many fans limits some…[Read more]

  • @grahamwarren Jarette is correct. Goodwill will also take VHS and if you do the long form you can take them off of your taxes. Not much but something.

  • @grahamwarren I don’t feel there is much of a market out there. Copying them to DVD would take a lot of time. There are places that does that but the cost is high.

    I teach special needs and what I do with old VHS tapes is to use them for vocational tasks. This has also been a great way for family, friends and co-workers to get rid of their old VH…[Read more]

  • Next Doctor Craig Charles or Emma Watson. Should have been the Doctor John Cleese. First female Doctor should have been Judi Dench.

  • @antpage

    We all have our likes. No one is right or wrong. If we all had the same likes the whole world would drink Tabs. Every Doctor has been different. That what helped to keep the show going so long. Look how long the original, 26 years don’t forget the 18 months lay off, and the reboot, 15 years no 2019. How many shows last as long? Fans c…[Read more]

  • @antpage

    I had no problem with a female Doctor. It is the way they went about it I did not like. We older fans know the Doctor and the Master were not the only renegade/political rebel Time Lords. Hedin, Ophiuchus, Ruath, the War Lord, Borusa, Morbius, the Monk, the Rani, Dax and Salyavin to name a few.

    Rather than pushing the Transgender agenda…[Read more]

  • @antpage

    I agree with you and have expressed a lot of the same thing on other fan sites. The barriers you face come from several groups, some well-meaning and some not.

    One group is from my generation who saw Doctor Who get canceled. A new hope with the 1996 movie that hurt in so many ways and then 15 years before the reboot. You must support…[Read more]

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    Once you have finished the Discworld books read his other books. Bromeliad

    1. Truckers (1988) 2. Diggers (1990)    3. Wings (1990) are great. The Johnny Maxwell three are very good but for young teens/older children but I enjoyed them. The Tiffany Aching stories are part of the Discworld or can be a stand along for a young girl coming of age. The…

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    As a follow up to War Games read Players (1999) and World Game (2005) both by Terrance Dicks. As I look for new books to read I miss Sir. Pratchett and all the beings of Disc World more and more.

  • Did Earth have a Time War before Gallifrey? I know wars fought across time it is difficult which came first and a war could end before it started.

    As with the Time Lords and the Daleks Time War the Earth and Kyba Time War is a transmedia storytelling.   See “Outer Limit” Season 2 Episode 5 “Demon with a Glass Hand”

    In addition to “Demon wi…[Read more]

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