• blenkinsopthebrave replied to the topic Can You Hear Me?

    Here I am, on the wild, windswept coast of an island off the coast of Canada, waiting with bated breath for reactions to the latested episode, and (except for the noble exceptions of @spider and @jomomentor), nothing…

    Where is everyone? I know that the government has been taken over by something worse than alien invaders, but…


  • Mudlark replied to the topic Praxeus


    Perhaps the contrast between last week’s episode caused me to be a bit harsh in my comments yesterday evening, but I certainly didn’t think it was as bad as Orphan 55 and, as I said, it held my attention. After a second viewing, now that perhaps I am in a more tolerant mood, I feel less inclined to be critical, but I still have the…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic Praxeus


    My own mind still defaults “brothers” or “school mates”, whereas if either of them had been a woman, I would probably have gone straight to “former partner”, based on Jake’s reaction to the news story.

    As someone who looks most unlike her brother, I can assure you that it works the other way round as well. That is, if you have two peop…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic Praxeus

    Well, I enjoyed this quite a lot. It was fun seeing the different members of Team Tardis showing up into the different ongoing situations, and working out how they all connected up. So glad that Adam and Jake were given a happy ending, didn’t think that was coming and I was so pissed off!

    I liked the lack of an overt villain in this one. While i…[Read more]

  • Psymon replied to the topic Fugitive of the Judoon

    It wouldn’t be the first time a someone has lied about their status in the show to maintain a secret. I do believe JW will be around for at least one more series but I wouldn’t trust that just because she says – I remember relatively recently John Barrowman said he’s not been asked back and he doesn’t think he would ever reprise his role as…[Read more]

  • Mudlark replied to the topic Fugitive of the Judoon


    I know the Doctor scans RuthDoc she says they are the ‘same person’ but then not that long before this the sonic scan was reading her as human. Although the veil has dropped, perhaps there is still another veil there that we don’t know about?

    That idea of a double bluff, a chameleon arch within the chameleon arch, is very appealing, even…[Read more]

  • @spider

    I think Fugitive of the Judoon, while not explaining the mind-wipe as such, may explain why the producers needed to include a mind-wipe somewhere.

  • Juniperfish replied to the topic Orphan 55

    @Spider Yes, the, “Bat’s aren’t real part” was definitely funny – I enjoyed that.

    @Mudlark and @Miapatrick – Perhaps it was a combo of nuclear and environmental catastrophe, as you say. The nuclear element might better explain the genetic mutation of humans into Dregs, which did, you’re right, somewhat resemble the Alien (also an apex…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic Spyfall part 2

    @miapatrick. Once again: Loved what you wrote.

    How could he take a bunch of humans calling themselves a master race seriously?

    I found Whittaker’s performance here brilliant. When the Master makes her kneel. When she asks “what do you want?” Chills. Her pacing was superlative & the direction of both parts was beautifully done though a few edit…[Read more]

  • Juniperfish replied to the topic Spyfall part 2

    @spider haha I loved your dalek riff.

    @craig and @mudlark – dammit, now I fancy a G n T too!

    Well, Spyfall was a romp I grant you, and I wish I didn’t feel this way, but it left me kind of cold, sadly.

    I felt Chibnall chucked the kitchen sink at it, from cameo Stephen Fry, to new Master, but that I couldn’t find the emotional beats, the pulse o…[Read more]

  • Mudlark replied to the topic Spyfall part 2

    In my case the couple of gins and tonics were before dinner, but I agree with @craig and @spider that, for my money, those two episodes are well above the standard of the last series and suggest that Chibnall is finally hitting his stride. Episode 1 as the opener was highly enjoyable and the Bond theme was fun with all the essential ingredients -…[Read more]

  • Mudlark replied to the topic Hell Bent

    I’m a bit bemused by the fact that some here seem to have taken it that the Doctor has completely forgotten Clara, but his situation is not an exact parallel with that of Donna, who truly did remember nothing. I think it was @spider who was the first to point out that on some level he has clearly not forgotten, as is evident in the fact that it i…[Read more]

  • tommo replied to the topic Hell Bent

    @spider – i suspect not. capaldi has the eyes for sure. i suppose they’ve all had their angry streak but that grief-stricken, subdued, simmering rage was played perfectly by him. it’s a good question though for sure.

    i also loved that Clara’s ending was re-closed so to speak;

    this time it was the doctor who was the victim of the companion. that…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic Sleep No More

    @spider  @purofilion  Got it; sorry for any spillover into spoilery — I have a tendency to forget which thread I’m on, in the very pleasant heat of discussion.  Must watch out for that.

    @phaseshift  I’ve been wondering about these counter-messages about hybridization, if that’s what they are.  Yes, we are all hybrids in all sorts of ways, and…[Read more]

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic Sleep No More


    It’s as well to remind people on the spoiler front as we approach the end of the series, and I’ll apologise myself for using the title of tonights episode late last night. I’ve given myself a stern talking to.

    I’d had a few beers on my night out. 🙂

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic Sleep No More


    Apologies, I posted before I saw that you hadn’t seen the names of the episodes. I suppose any discussion based on the names should stay under the BBC Approved Spoilers forum?

  • Arbutus replied to the topic The Woman Who Lived

    @Spider     Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I send hugs right back, in a much more Clara way as I am pretty good at them! My sweet Cima had nineteen good years, only becoming a bit wobbly and nearsighted in the last few; and he left us in the best possible way, after one difficult day and evening, falling asleep in his favourite place (on my son’s bed, ag…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic The Woman Who Lived

    @arbutus  I don’t know about any of the other “posters of a certain age” around here, but I’ve grown hugely more sentimental as I’ve gotten older.

    I know what you mean, though I prefer to think of it as growing more thoughtful about things (and a little less impatient and dismissive), and possibly a little kinder.  I hope.

    the internet pr…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic The Woman Who Lived

    @winston  After a while you think that the pain is not worth it and you decide “no more pets” I think this is how the Doctor and Me and all immortals must feel once in awhile. Shoud they take the risk and enjoy their companions lives ,however fleeting ,or give up and go it alone.

    Yes, it’s a feeling very familiar to pet owners.  Most of us give…[Read more]

  • blenkinsopthebrave replied to the topic The Girl Who Died


    Your trip to Pompeii sounds brilliant.


    Now go lie down and enjoy your jet-lag while you’ve still got it . . . !

    Jet-lag? From Italy to the UK? Back in my working days when the Qantas Club Lounge was a second home (halcyon days…) I used to travel regularly from Australia to the UK and back. Now we are talking real jet-lag!

    @Rob…[Read more]

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