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    The Swedish netflix has series 5-9!

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    I found a fanguide for writing gallifreyan music, letters, numbers and more, http://www.shermansplanet.com/gallifreyan It’s great!

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    Ten things about series 10 from the fan show. Contains coats, companions and more!

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    The Doctor always try to fix an injustice even when he has to go against a hole society to do so. He is not someone that adapts to other people’s wishes. He can be whoever he wants to be. He loves adventures and to learn new things. Otherwise he would never know as mutch as he does. He thinks that everyone and everything is unique and fabulous.…[Read more]

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    Welcome @nightfell to the forum! We love to hear new voices in our discussions. It was wonderful to take the step from lone viewing to reading all the theories and thoughts from the people on this site.

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    I think it’s a metaphor in an English farytail about a shepherd. Like you wrote, the bird will eventually pick through the mountain. It’s a clue for the Doctor so that he will know what to do when he sees the wall.

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    Will be great to hear your thoughts on the episodes @missy  🙂

  • <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Sherlock’s dream is described in a impressive way by putting the viewers in Sherlock’s shoes.</span>

    When the viewer don’t know that everything is a hallucination he/she live the adventure the dream created for her/him. They are thrilled by the case of the bride and happily follow the path that has been laid out…[Read more]

  • @sellest

    My grasp on English music terms are not the best, so I can’t express what I loved about this song in detail. But what I can say is that I loved every second of it. Is it available on Spotify? 💡 I want to listen to it a million times!

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    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Can you upload pictures to a coment? Like with the profile pictures?</span>

    How does the smileysystem work? What words and symbols do you use for the yellow non-phone-generated ones?

    Thank you in advance


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    Well that explains the cover of doctor who magazine #493. Clara is actualy traveling in a bambaTARDIS whit Ashildr. Frozen in a moment, a reversed DoctorDonna. Doctor Who is back on a weird track. Hope that the TARDIS meets the BambaTardis, their interaction would be great fun!

    PS Awile ago there was a discussion on the lack of food in New who.…[Read more]

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    This question have been bugging me for a wile. <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>The skulls in the ocean where the doctors, so shouldn’t the ocean get filled with skulls after the billionth time the doctor died? If so, why didn’t the doctor  die when he feel in the water, thus breaking the psycle?</span>

    If someone already pointed this out, e…[Read more]

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    Thank you for the music 😉

    My music teacher asked us to chose a song for school end 🙂

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    Do you any Christmas doctor who songs?

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    This episode was great. Thought that the Doctor was the valeyard for a second. The atmosphere of this episode felt very mysterious and more like morbid urbanfantasy than science fiction.

    Claras need for adrenaline kicks turned slightly into madness in this episode. A long time has probably passed since sleep no more or something big happend, for…[Read more]

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    I loved this episode ( Need a more powerful word than that ). It had everything I love with doctor who and did it brilliantly. The speach was awesome, all the acting was amazing and the writing fantastic.

    I liked that the doctor had to do the black archive speach 15 times for it to work. One act does not end a war, but if that act is done over…[Read more]

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    Just some quick notes, haven’t read through the thread.

    I think that the daleks needed a bit more individuality to not become a recurring predictable theme in doctor who. Moffat gave us a two parter that changed everything and nothing. An absolutely terrifying consept was invented, that the daleks have feelings. I love twists like this.

    Missy…[Read more]

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