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    @todeledo  Ah, fun!  Thanks!  No beard — good news, IMO — that face is so expressive, I don’t want half of it hidden in hair.  And I do like that statement re beardlessness, authoritative but not snarky or a put-down.  That’s my guy.

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    @todeledo Thank you! Folks here have been inspiring me to start my next run through of the series so I can dig deeper into conversation however I do want to go through the Classic Who episodes first! I’ve been using Netflix but it only has a few selected episodes for each Doctor; any suggestions where I can find something a bit more c…[Read more]

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    Thanks, I’ve done so.


    Thank you too.


  • @todeledo – quite – we are inside Sherlock’s head for most of the episode and as the doctor of Vienna, Freud himself, is actually mentioned (by Sherlock, during the awkward “impulses” talk) we are invited to use Freud’s methods to analyse the drugged dream-state of Sherlock’s Mind Palace (those methods can be found in his Interpretation of…[Read more]

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    @todeledo Everything is detailed on the “Help” page.

    If you have any problems after following the instructions there then please email me.

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    @todeledo   I can think of several possible answers to your question.

    Bone does not last all that long in the sea unless it is buried in the sand or silt of the sea floor, and if the passage of time was objectively two billion years, rather than being a simulation within the Confession Dial and so something experienced only subjectively by the D…[Read more]

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    A little love for Puro everyone, she is back in the hospital and needs our warm thoughts.  Remember, she was in pain when she wrote that post.  Puro loves the show and this Forum and I’m sure it’s eating at her to be part of any disruption or hurt here.  I think she is just taking a break here because of her illness and stress.  I’m sure she wil…[Read more]

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    This Murray Gold song was used several times, but its Christmas connection is that it was played at Donna’s Christmas Wedding reception.

  • @todeledo

    This was written by Murray Gold specifically foe Voyage of the Damned

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    To one who was in at the start (1963) I would begin at the beginning of Series 1 (2005)with Eccleston and Billie Piper. It’s a roller coaster journey and well worth it.



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    @todeledo – you have two broad options. One, start with the first episode of the after-the-gap series: Rose. Since there’d been a seventeen year gap since the last regular episode, Rose concentrates on explaining the entire concept to new viewers.

    Or, start with the first episode of Series 5: The Eleventh Hour. New Doctor, new Companion, new…[Read more]

  • @janetteB   @todeledo   For once Hollywood is not to blame, although it has certainly played its part in propagating the myth.

    The idea originated in the nineteenth century, seemingly the product of a general […]

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    @todeledo and @purofilion thank you!  I enjoy as many sources of new music as possible, especially Doctor Who themed music, trippy dance music, folk music and classical.

    @missy yes, Murray Gold blows my mind too.  He is a true genius.

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    @todeledo Where did you find these great compositions?  Wow, this site has a DW music thread too?  Day made. Glad I checked recent activity.  I will have to peruse this thread.  Must admit I am obsessed with Murray Gold and DW music.

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    @Mudlark @Arbutus @Todeledo It sounds also to me to be the moonflower or bindweed?
    They and also the morning glories are all from the same plant family as potatoes.
    Not to be confused with Datura (Angels trumpets) which also can look very much the same and is also
    sometimes called moonflowers. Although all of them are part of the…[Read more]

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    @Arbutus  @todeledo    The Morning Glory which is most widely grown here has large, bright blue flowers which last for only one day and is an annual, so only lives for one season even if there is no frost to finish it off.  There are related species, also known as Morning Glory, which are short-lived perennials, but none of them are fully hardy.…[Read more]

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    @Mudlark   @todeledo

    I guess “invasive species” would be a more correct term. It does die back in the winter even when it doesn’t freeze, but it comes back and spreads massively in both wet and dry weather. And the one that has taken over where I live (in Vancouver, Canada) is a white flowered one that isn’t especially pretty, and if you dare g…[Read more]

  • @todeledo and @JimTheFish

    As Jim says, the only real spoiler is which story she’s definitely in. Now that we know who Missy is, which actress is playing her and what her costume is, they could only keep it all […]

  • @todeledo — well, it’s a bit of news that’s surprising absolutely nobody because Moffat and Gomez had already both said Missy was coming back. And while in an ideal world they might want to keep her return under […]