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    I think that sonic glasses are a good idea, is not as easy to loose as a screwdriver. You have both hands free. I find it quite doctoresque to wear glasses. But not sonic sunglasses. You can’t see the actors eyes! That  bothers me.

    I totally agree with the idea that glasses is a great way to be abel to easily cosplay  the 12th doctor. The o…[Read more]

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    What episode would you sugest for someone that knows noting of doctor who?

    The first episode of a new doctor or something else?

  • I heard that the horned helmets where created by scandinavian nationalists in the 1800.

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    @kharis In my youth, I was a big harry potter fan and listened to wrock, hp fan music (of diverse quality), so I searched the web to se if there was anything similar within the whoniverse. Found these to if you are…[Read more]

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    Some Doctor Who music

    What do you think? The new bowtie or something to shove in the vashta nerada?

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    It’s possible that in a warmer contry Morning Glory  could become a weed. Beacause the plant would not freeze during the autumn. My garden is quite green right now, few flowers to speek of but a lot of leeves, grass and trees. Mostly fir and birch plus some purpule tulips, orange and blue flowers. I live in the suburbs so the trees are not r…[Read more]

  • The film is working now, and I must say that totally love it. I like the phycological and comical parts the most.  The chemestry between the doctors was acording to me better than in the day of the Doctor. The […]

  • Sounds great. I would love to read them.

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  • Just a plain odd way to annonuce Missys return. A god tactic to keep the fans occupied while the showrunners figure out what they actually are going to write though.

  • You have to listen this, it brings a whole new side to regeneration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i79VqFUiNUY&index=1&list=PLgIp-KashSvgdsz5cJ2JSgKHYZfWkh5Nl  And the other tracks to. My favorite is type 40 tardis, what’s youres?

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    A hell of a nerve wracking epiosde. Especaly when Clara blackmails the Doctor. A realy mean cliffhanger at the end though. Can’t wait for todays episode.

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