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    You said “DOCTOR WHO (2005) ENDS
    The BBC have confirmed that the revived series of Doctor Who is ending.”

    References please? Or I’m inclined to agree with Devilishrobby. I think you’re stating your opinion as if it were fact. And some of those opinions are debatable, to say the least.

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    @translatorcircuit with all due respect what utter drivel. I sincerely doubt you are a true Who fan  all your comments seem to be negative and putting down the BBC and criticising the production values and the actors about things that are  often out of their control. You’re banging on that Who  has been cancelled by the BBC is blatantly untr…[Read more]

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    @translatorcircuit I think everyone should take care of their appearance. As for the Classic Doctors who appeared in this episode, I think that at least they should have been wearing wigs that looked like their hair when they played The Doctor.

    Have you considered how absurd wigs would have looked? Nothing screams “fake” like a wig. Especially,…[Read more]

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    @translatorcircuit I’m sorry are you trying to be purposely provocative or do you live on a different planet you’re comparing totally different types of programming that appeal to different demographics Doctor Who appeals to a different and niche subset of people than those that would have been watching Strictly Come Dancing which frankly pro…[Read more]

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    As the whole process of regeneration is a natural thing, what possible explanation can there be for these dark roots?! Don’t forget than the explanation must fit in with the story.

    Not sure it does really though. I think the regenerated body has to be starting point that can then be altered as any biological body would. O…[Read more]

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    Yes, some people stay looking the same as they age. Others don’t. Elizabeth Sladen did, but I think you might have problems recognising Mark Strickson unless you knew who he was. A very famous and successful actor might have work done to make sure their face stays recognisable; the rest of us just update our photos every few y…[Read more]

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    You think they should have chosen a different actor because the ageing process has changed their appearance?

    That doesn’t really make sense – in this episode Janet Fielding is playing a former companion of the Doctor. This former companion is thoroughly annoyed that the Doctor has apparently forgotten about her for nearly f…[Read more]

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    @translatorcircuit I’m sorry but I find some of your comments about the cast bit offensively ageist just because an actor or actress has aged from their original times on the show doesn’t mean they can’t be in it now yes Janet Fielding(Tegan)  has aged but in part that was supposed to be their part of the plot remember it’s supposed to be 40+ year…[Read more]

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    When drafting in an external app, paste into the Text tab in the editor (top right) not the Visual tab. This will stop it trying to interpret metadata…and mangling it.

    I think Rels are mentioned in the very first Dalek story.

    The point is that it was a joke. Isaac Asimov wrote a splendid essay on why it is such a bad idea to…[Read more]

  • @translatorcircuit

    I don’t care about the BBC and their budget

    Unfortunately, the BBC doesn’t have this luxury.

    PS “Brilliant” does not mean what you think it means. See “Dimensions in Time” for reference.

  • @translatorcircuit

    I‘ve now heard that the BBC says that there will be no Doctor Who series 12 until 2020! I don‘t know how they dare to even suggest this!

    Budget. Check around the forum. This has been discussed and explained at length. Check especially BBC Approved Spoilers.

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    It is possible that the Doctor, in mid regeneration and still a bit confused, thought that anything referred to by an acronym, even A&E*, sounded worryingly bureaucratic.

    More probably, though, it was just an off-hand way of dismissing the suggestion without having to go into lengthy explanations.  Apart from the fact that the…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Now that is an idea, Ryan could be River’s son. We are told his mother is dead however that would make Grace the Doctor’s mother which does not really work, not unless Chibnell is going to revive the Doctor as half human or reveal that Grace is really a Timelord. Either of course is possible and both, particularly the later, would…[Read more]

  • @translatorcircuit, I suppose if we can rationalise a haircut, we could rationalise piercings? Alternatively, she stopped off at Clares on the way to the charity shop.

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    @translatorcircuit  welcome to the forum.

    Thomas Jerome Newton (Bowie) was quite a bit different from our Doctor. In many, many ways, but it was a particularly good film.

    Sounds like you enjoyed the episode then? 🙂

    I’ve no doubt at all that the newly minted companions and a fully regenerated Doctor will survive in space -who, knows, there…[Read more]