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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>As for mystery boxes, we have a few to be opened down the line. The Boss and ‘the one who waits’ could be the same person or two different enemies. Assuming they are one and the same, this will probably be the season arc for the 15th. Is this going to be an attempt to create a whole new character, or simply repurpose a…[Read more]

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    Ncuti from here and the preview for next time looks like he is going to be an action packed leading man, a Jon Pertwee for the modern age. If he doesn’t succeed in the role then it won’t be for lack of charisma or screen presence.

    I can understand the eye rolling at keeping Tennant in their back pocket. He is the definitive modern Doctor though…[Read more]

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    The Isaac Newton situation is an interesting one. I tend to think changing the ethnicity of a real figure from history is acceptable if you are using that change to tell a story from that new paradigm such as in the musical Hamilton for example.

    Even in the flawed comparison of a white MLK, I think that if someone was looming specifically to…[Read more]

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    From earlier than the final season I hated what he did with Moriarty and especially Irene Adler but still found it entertaining. Later Sherlock though just engaged in more and more cheap narrative […]

  • @JimTheFish I suppose I am a bit guilty of attributing things I didn’t like to a Moffat decline that were actually problems I had with his whole era. Things like the overuse of mystery boxes often resolved in an […]

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    The real refreshing aspect of this is the total lack of romantic tension between Doctor and companion. After so many years of companions pining after the Doctor barring a few exceptions it has been nice to avoid all that.

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    These three episodes are definitely being stuffed to the brim with things that fans who remember series 4 will remember fondly. This was Midnightesque in a lot of ways and had a dash of The impossible Planet/Satan pit and maybe even a snifter of Utopia. 

    That isn’t a bad thing. People aren’t expecting these Fourteenth Doctor specials to be an abs…[Read more]

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    An enjoyable romp I would say. As a signposting of Doctor Who to come it seems very significant that RTD has opened the fobwatch marked ‘Chibnall era’ and made clear that for better or for worse, the Flux and the Timeless Child are not going to be ignored. In fact he’s pretty much referenced the flux more times than Chibnall did in the three…[Read more]

  • I was ready to love the Chibnall era. It had become abundantly clear to me that (despite one last masterpiece in Heaven Sent) Moffat was a spent force long before his tenure came to an end.

    I wasn’t ready to […]

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    I certainly feel like these first three episodes are a free hit for RTD to go through his greatest hits. An appearance from OG Rose seems almost inevitable even if it is via some villainous trickery.

    There is added poetry to Donna having a daughter named Rose. Rose and Donna are inextricably linked when you consider that Rose is in a parallel…[Read more]

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    Very enjoyable. I’d forgotten what it was like to get an episode that was just fun to watch from start to finish. There was some clunky dialogue and exposition but that will I think just be a problem for this episode.

    It was also funny in the right ways and in the right places. The “She’s fine, she’s not fine, she’s been fined” taxi scene was…[Read more]

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