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    @unitpicker Given how RTD has flat-out stated that he’s going out of his way to rile up the fans this time, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were one and the same. Perhaps he’s going to have Susan regenerate into a Lovecraftian cthulhoid horror?

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    Late Sherlock… I wasn’t terribly happy with The Six Thatchers even before Mary Watson took a bullet for Sherlock. Not saying that can’t happen, but it was uncharacteristically melod […]

    in what way were the Sherlock episodes abysmal? I thought the essence of Sherlock WAS the final season: a masterpiece of quixotic creativity. Certainly, Doctor Who -from his early episodes, under […]

     It had become abundantly clear to me that (despite one last masterpiece in Heaven Sent) Moffat was a spent force long before his tenure came to an end.
    Interesting that you think so and there are […]

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    It’s so good to be back, seeing familiar faces/avatars returning, and to have, finally, a new episode to discuss. It’s been a long wait.

    Welcome, too, to @B10essee  and  @unitpicker: I hope you will have fun here and find participation rewarding.

    As for the episode, I enjoyed it hugely, borne along by the sheer energy in the production and c…[Read more]