Non-Fiction – Culture Show/Graham Norton Show/The Science of Dr Who

The clip below has highlights from TSODW…


The clip below is a short clip from The Culture Show –Β Me, You and Doctor Who


Graham Norton highlights:

Spoilers: This clip contains a new clip from TDOTD




What did you think?




  1. Very interesting and a good lecture from Coxy (who is always good value for money)…

    But essentially a precis of Cox’s book (with Jeff Forshaw) Why Does E = MC2 I thought…

    It was actually pretty much what I was expecting it to be…

  2. @wolfweed – now, at 11:30, we’ve got Dallas Campbell – who looks suspiciously like one Doctor 12 (13? 11? a Local Hero? [never Malcom Tucker πŸ™‚ ])

  3. Yes, agreeing with @JimTheFish, it was predictable what it would cover, but I loved the style and presentation. It had passed me by that there were some additional scenes with Matt Smith in character, so that was actually pretty fun.

    The small coda as @wolfweed mentions above really was a nice sentiment to finish on.

    Not really related, but I was struck by Charles Dance being there, and knowing he’s not adverse to a little genre himself, I suddenly thought how good would he be as The Master against Capaldi? Never happen of course. Mind – I think I said that about Capaldi being cast as The Doctor. πŸ™‚

  4. Finally, someone’s explained why time slows down as you approach the speed of light and my head hasn’t ‘sploded. Thanks Brian!

    BC was as entertaining and enjoyable as usual, explaining things in a way that most ( ie, me πŸ˜‰ ) can understand without dumbing down.

    Oh, and I loved the mini mini-sodes πŸ™‚

  5. I liked the Science, but I expected more WHo… IE mentioning examples within the show or explaining the Cybermen or the theoretical existence of the Silurians but maybe I misunderstood the premise.



    The Graham Norton skit was funny though, least it made me laughΒ  πŸ˜€

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