DOTD previews – CIN, Breakfast Set Report, Daybreak & One Show clips

These videos contain footage from ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (Which some will consider spoilers)…

Also, Youtube video comments may contain extra spoilers – don’t say you weren’t warned…


Day of the Dr – Children in Need Clip


BBC Breakfast – The Day of the Doctor set report


Day of the Dr – Daybreak TARDIS clip


One Show Dayof the Doctor Preview clip


One Show Clips




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  1. OK, in the trailer we saw Zygons breaking through glass. Ergo, it will be revealed that the Zygons had shapshifted and were the figures in the landscapes…somehow.

    The swirling that 11 jumps through and allows him to meet 10 reminds me of Time Lord methods of bring multiple Doctors together in past anniversary episodes.

    That’s it for now.

  2. The Raft of the Medusa by Gericault…

    More fez action than you can shake a stick at!

    I wonder – is that the real Kate Stewart?

    The mystery of the paintings & their absentees…

    A Blinovitchy encounter…

    All very intriguing.


  3. Raft of the Medusa with Cybermen?

    The paintings are being used as a portal? Though the figure in the painting we see reminded me strangely of John Hurt.

    @Wolfweed – I wondered whether it was the real Kate Stewart as well. Her performance seemed slightly different somehow – and she stopped the Doctor’s Companion going after the Doctor.

  4. @pedant – no, if he remembers all this from the Tenth’s point of view, he won’t be surprised. Providing, that is, the Tenth finds out about the paintings.

    ‘Elizabeth’s credentials’?

    But that would also explain why the Tenth seems surprised to see the War Doctor and the Eleventh appears to be going ‘oh, crap’.

  5. Do you notice how, when Kate Stewart (I assume) says: “This is why we called you in”, that the paintings seem more like windows, as you can see the landscapes moving “beyond the frame” as it were. Curious.

  6. @wolfweed – no, but I managed to record the clip in HighDef, then watch it on my telly. Freeze frame definitely shows that the raft is crowded with Cybermen. That’s why Clara pauses and takes a second look.

    You can’t really see it on the YouTube version, because the Cybermen figures are in exactly the same positions as those in the original paintings.

  7. @Bluesqueakpip

    I realise that art is subjective, but I cannot see any Cyberman in the painting. It looks very much like the original. Can you do a screen grab of your HD version?

    Also, Clara seemed completely unfased by what she looked at, making a quip about the fez.

  8. @Bluesqueakpip – wow, great spot, you’re absolutely right.  Raft of the Medusa has made me uncomfortable, ever since I read Julian Barnes’ A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters.  Having the raft populated by Cybermen doesn’t make it any less discomforting or ambiguous!  They’ve managed to make those metal bodies look like they’re suffering, really cleverly done.  I wonder if it will be relevant or just an easter egg for eagle eyed Bluesqueakpips?!

    The breaking glass made me think of tv screens and @blenkinsopthebrave ‘s fourth wall theory for some reason.  Interesting how 3-d appears to be part of the story, rather than just the delivery mechanism.

  9. I suppose it is asking too much that when they walk through the art gallery we will get to see a painting of the Kennedy assassination with a Dalek standing on the grassy knoll…?

  10. Excellent spot, @bluesqueakpip

    Cybermen on the Raft of the Medusa. Significant I suppose because it’s a tale of real-life cannibalism. And I suppose that’s what the Cybermen are after a fashion. Cannibals. There’s always a part of me that still just thinks of the Pogues when I see that painting though.

    Something escaping from paintings sounds very Sapphire and Steel to me. Kind of like it though.

    But I really, really just want to see the episode now.

  11. @OsakaHatter

    Raft of the Medusa has made me uncomfortable, ever since I read Julian Barnes’ A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters.

    Me too.  One of my all-time favourite books (and one of my favourite authors), and the Raft of the Medusa chapter is indeed chilling.

  12. @Timeloop  I am now out of favour here for showing it to the family. Next time I will watch first myself.

    I noticed that in some versions now of the Five Doctors the black triangle has been re edited to be a swirly triangle (It looks like a tent. Doesn’t work any better than the original triangle.) so swirly is obviously the new look for being taken through time. That implies to me that it is the Time Lords doing the taking or, maybe, the Hurt Doctor using time lord tech, before he destroys it all.

    Other random comments; Kate L-S did look a little different to how I remember her, just as likely to be my poor recall or different make up artist however. The real point of Zygon humans was that they looked exactly like the original.

    Raft of the Medusa was my yr 12 art teacher’s favourite painting. Cool seeing cyberman replacing humans. So where exactly is this art gallery? RotM, (the one with humans not cybermen that is) usually resides in the Louvre. Some of the other paintings are not exactly like any paintings I have seen before.



  13. The painting they pass just before the `Wreck of the Medusa’ looks like a C17 Dutch work with a group of figures. Closest match it seems to me is Rembrandt’s `Dutch Masters.’ Seems to be the right organization of the group and the right number of figures (6).



  14. I think you mean Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild @CountScarlioni. Good spot. I hadn’t even noticed the painting until you pointed it out. Interestingly that work is in the Riijksmueum in Amsterdam, a long way from the National Gallery and the Louvre.

    Just thinking. If people are escaping from paintings then it’s fortunate that those cybermen on the Raft are almost all corpses.



  15. @janetteB

    Just thinking. If people are escaping from paintings then it’s fortunate that those cybermen on the Raft are almost all corpses.

    That hasn’t stopped them before. Remember that rather aggressive Cyber-helmet in the Pandorica chamber under Stonehenge? 😮

  16. So where exactly is this art gallery?

    Almost certainly supposed to be the National Gallery, which has an entrance on Trafalgar Square.

    Though, given that they changed ‘The British Museum’ to ‘The National Museum’ for The Big Bang, I wonder if they’re all visiting ‘The British Gallery’. 🙂

    @ardaraith – there was a ‘well’ in Hide. But it looked like a black circle, not this swirly thing.

  17. @blenkinsopthebrave – been having a think, an I think the reason the 4th wall theory popped in my head was firstly that the description tends to be ‘breaking’ or ‘shattering’ the 4th wall, and of course we had two shots of shattering glass.

    Secondly, we view pictures and art but the contents don’t physically interact with our world – ditto tv. And tv is always seen through glass. I’m predicting that given the episode is being broadcast in 3D, at some point there will be a shot designed to make us think our tv screens are breaking.

    But then, I was wildly wrong on the identity of the HurtDoctor so I wouldn’t listen to me!

  18. @Shazzbot – chilling is the right word. I always push that book on the retelling of the Noah’s ark story, which was genius.

    I wonder if the choice of painting is a reference to the WarDoctor, and that his story will be very different depending on the view point taken, and has possibly been used y others to promote their own agenda (including the Doctor himself with his guilt and PTSD) – as viewers, perhaps we will be left to argue and ponder over a telling of his story that will be deliberately ambiguous?

  19. @OsakaHatter

    I always push that book on the retelling of the Noah’s ark story, which was genius.

    I did Bill Cosby’s ‘Noah and the Ark’ monologue in my 6th-grade [year 6] talent show.  All it’s missing from J Barnes’s version is the woodworm.  🙂

    How long can you tread water? a-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

  20. Ohh, I am beginning to feel really spoiled (as opposed to spoilered).  So much Who related stuff on TV I can’t keep up with it. Expecting complete immersion by Thursday 😆  Also caught some of the top ten best Monsters  progs, which led into rewatching AGMGTW (more thoughts on that maybe later).

    @Bluesqueakpip – Absolutely AWESOME spot on the cybermen in the painting.  You deserve an award for that! (Took me 5 mins of freeze-framing to get it.  @JimtheFish spotted (the same?) painting in the previous trailer. So…? “Medusa” links? Cascade of…?  (Ref Fires of Pompeii soothsayer who says (to the Tenth Doctor): “Your real name is hidden. It burns in the stars, in the Cascade of Medusa herself“?? Or is it a reference to Shane MacGowan & co – expect more piracy, LOL. Or an oblique ref to the Greek Gorgon (1 of 3 sisters) with snakes for  hair whose glance could turn you to stone?  Or maybe it’s the BBC sneaking in an (4th (and possibly 5th!) wall-breaking ref to Atlantis 😉

    Paintings as portals? Agree with others there’s a definite Harry Potterish 3D look to some of these.

    For @Osakahatter


  21. The bronze head underneath the painting looks like another shout-out. Einstein.

    Okay, fez, alien landscapes, Gallifrey, Cybermen, Einstein. Anyone recognise the pufferfish-like object right at the start? Because I’m wondering if the things in the Gallery are changing to objects/scenes from the Doctor’s life.

  22. @Bluesqueakpip

    Because I’m wondering if the things in the Gallery are changing to objects/scenes from the Doctor’s life.

    I posted this on the ‘Spoilers’ thread yesterday morning in response to a question about who ‘scarf girl’ is asked by @janetteB. Don’t worry, there’s nothing spoilery in it, just pure speculation. I only posted it there because I hadn’t realised that the BBC had officially released photo’s of her or her name. I’ve since been reliably informed that they have 🙂

    Yes, she is intriguing isn’t she? She’s supposedly related to a UNIT officer of the same name but I’m getting the feeling that the Oswald/Oswin/Osgood connection is more than coincidence.

    All the pictures I’ve seen of her so far seem to place her in the gallery which in the albeit brief clip that was shown, seems to have a number of Doctor related artefacts – Cybermen painting, fez, a bust of what looks like Einstein (whose an old friend of The Doctor) and, of course, there’s her scarf.

    I’m starting to wonder, if ‘Oswald’ is the girl born to (physically) save The Doctor, is ‘Osgood’ the girl born to save (or tasked with saving) The Doctor’s memories? I don’t specifically mean ‘his’ memories but the memory of how he’s influenced history.

    I notice the ‘pufferfish too. Maybe it’s a 4th wall reference to our very own @Pufferfish and, indeed, this forum 😉

  23. There was a Sgt Osgood – a technical specialist in Day of the Daemons. But I’d agree that the ‘Os’ is getting a bit beyond coincidence. Osgood just means ‘god [select god of choice] is good’.

    So we’ve got ‘god rules’ (Oswald), ‘god’s friend’ (Oswin) and ‘god is good’.

    It’s slightly odd that young Osgood should be wearing the scarf: Sgt Osgood was from the Third Doctor’s era. He also met the Sixth Doctor (in the novels).

  24. It seems as though a couple of clips have been added since I last checked this thread. I really must start to keep up. Apologies if anyone else has already pointed this out but the scene with John Hurt looking out over a desert scene looks like the scene in the painting.

    I like the idea that the usual items in the museum/National Gallery, are being replaced with objects from the Doctor’s long history. Or maybe this is a “hidden exhibition” and the painting, such as Raft of the Medusa, are not intended to be the originals which are still residing where they are meant to be. That would explain the eccentricity of the exhibition.

    As for Scarf Girl/Osgood, “@FatManInABox and I discussed her in the spoilers thread. I don’t think there was anything at all spoilery about the conversation. We didn’t come to any conclusions. The name is of Norse origin with its roots in the same Anglo Saxon, Norse era as Oswin and Oswald and as @Bluesqueakpip has pointed out also is “God” (read Doctor) related. Maybe she is the curator of the exhibition hence the scarf. I did have some crazy theories that she might be connected to one of the Fourth Doctor’s companions, either Leela or Romana who might have made off with a souvenir when they decamped but quickly consigned those to the dustbin of overly bonkers bonkers theories. I suspect that she isn’t overly important and the scarf is really just there to keep moaning, “why isn’t there more history in the anniversary special”, fans happy.



  25. @JanetteB

    Re the paintings – maybe the Zygons are imitating paintings now…?!

    Scarf Girl – I’m not so sure she won’t turn out to be important – too many Os….. names going about. And she looks so noticeably out of place.  Maybe she’s a Zygon-Who-fan.  Or maybe she’s the fourth wall link – she’s us.  The Doctor’s adventures are being channelled through her to cinemas/TVs worldwide…?

    Oh, I’ve just made my head hurt! Zygons on the brain you say…?!

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