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    Whisht @whisht

    @pedant – Mirror in the Bathroom – fairy nuff ! Tight as a gnat’s …. hm maybe I shouldn’t do rhyming.
    The other ‘mirror’ songs in my collection are all unsuitable and so I’ll link to something by Arctic Monkeys (from the album referenced by the t-shirt).
    Snap out of it – perhaps quite appropriate.

    But I’ll also link a song which is me trying to follow your direction of being a bit more oblique, but also prompted to think a bit about themes etc.

    I think I’ve linked to this album before but if I haven’t then all I can say is is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard.

    Its called Longing and is perhaps only a theme of this story but still.
    Its maybe not the most instantly accessible pieces on the album (it builds up – I suspect like ragas do but I know nothing about them apart from hearing a few, so I’d love someone with knowledge of Indian music to enlighten me on that) but… longing for completion/ longing for resolution, longing…

    Longing – by Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt

    Arbutus @arbutus

    My remark on the other thread, about the refusal to let the dead rest, immediately brought to mind the very old song The Unquiet Grave. This is my favourite version, for its haunted feel.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @thane16    Not sure why I’m feeling Herbie Hancock for your belated birthday experience. But why not? Here are two classics, each in the original and then reimagined.

    Whisht @whisht

    aww @arbutus – I’m gonna listen to the Herbie Hancock in my morning (they’re great great tunes and I’ve not heard the live versions).

    But they’ll make me want to get up and for me as I type its nighttime.

    So – here is a(nother) song for It Takes You Away.
    @bluesqueakpip has explained better than I how much of a fairytale this episode is (and for another TV example of fairies taking people away and making them lose their minds, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a good example – different to the book but good in its own way).

    Anyway – I have two songs in mind but I’ll do one tonight and the other tomorrow.

    The linkages to the episode are I guess that its by a band called Mum (they’re Icelandic which is kinda Scandiwegian I guess) and the track title.
    For me its one of best songs on their album Now We Are No One

    Its called the Land Between Solar Systems


    This is music to go to wake up to. Or maybe go to bed to.
    Nothing much happens. Although the sound has incredible details, the tune itself doesn’t – it just shuffles along.
    Like waking up.
    Or going to sleep.
    Or getting lost in a fairytale perhaps…


    btw this is definitely headphone music

    thane16 @thane16


    Thank you v3ry much! I liked the 2nd one the best. You can see them all having fun. I have no clue to understanding this music as I mainly like punk, rock 80s rock and then the people from the 50s but this is very interesting music. My head is nodding 🙂  Yeah, it’s nodding! And my foot too!


    Happy dreams dude.


    Whisht @whisht

    @thane16 – you mentioned you’d not heard A Man of Constant Sorrows – I mainly know the Dylan version (though I’ll admit I don’t really listen to his early stuff much)

    Anyway, here’s another song for It Takes You Away.
    Actually I have two.

    One is Orpheus by David Sylvian. I think versions of that myth are similar in some ways to the other fairytales where you can’t ‘cheat’ Time or Death or Love.

    The other song is one that I think probably suits if thought from the father’s perspective.
    I know I don’t usually hear the lyrics(!) but in this one, it did seem to chime with how I could imagine the father in his grief being enticed by the Solitract through the mirror.
    He gets so lonely and just gets tempted back again and again, leaving Hanne for longer and longer…

    Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    I was going to post ‘Mirror Man’ by (The) Human League but it seems @pedant beat me to it so here’s a frog related song instead.


    Bugger. Pete Shelley? Is nobody safe?


    Rather excellent article about the wrote of Ever Fallen in Love

    One of the truly great pop choons. Any excuse:

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    @pedant – we were gutted to hear of Pete Shelley’s death. Only 63  – we expect to be losing some of the old guard (as sad as we have been to see some of them go) but that’s far, far too young.  When punk arrived, I was initially utterly loyal to prog. I couldn’t see why people should want to embrace what seemed to me so often to be ugliness, in terms of image at least – all that sneering, let alone the gobbing.  The Buzzcocks were what persuaded me, because they were clearly punk in ethos and style but they took on board the best bits of early-mid 60s pop – the Kinks for example – and did something new and exciting with them, and their songs had real heart.  I haven’t followed what Shelley et al have done since the Buzzcocks’ heyday, but that body of work stands and will stand, with some of the finest 3 minute pop songs ever crafted.  And some of the most memorable lyrics.  Pete Shelley, RIP.

    Whisht @whisht

    @pedant and @cathannabel (and @ everyone else),

    that body of work stands and will stand, with some of the finest 3 minute pop songs ever crafted. And some of the most memorable lyrics. Pete Shelley, RIP.

    Cath you’ve said better than I why the Buzzcocks were so good and the sadness of hearing about Pete Shelley.

    As a kid at the time I’d have caught them on Top Of The Pops, but it was years before I got a ‘Best of’ when I actually listened to them. I always thought their songs were so spare/ pared back but on re-listening now, I realise that actually there’s a lot going on.
    The best of their’s are so brilliantly crafted and played.

    Here’s one that doesn’t even try to be 3mins because it doesn’t need to be.

    Whisht @whisht

    Haven’t been on the forum for a few days (or have I????*)

    I’m travelling over the next few days (visiting a friend which is nice).
    So a quick post of the most obvious song I could think of!

    I could’ve sworn I’d posted this clip before and if so sorry – its just the way I usually check suggests I didn’t (maybe I meant to…).
    Tracy Macleod (the presenter) mentions his father’s singing which obviously happened every time for him judging by his reaction at the beginning – probably like any actor of the Doctor! Also how she’s so… unaffected afterwards always made me laugh (I know it would be hours later but still).

    Amazing that his voice can do this live


    * erm no. I haven’t. I’m not Cumquat** and you can’t claim your £5.



    ** but then again, whoever it is would say that anyway, so…. ah well.



    Nice. There’s one more though:


    And also:

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