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    winston @winston

    @pedant and @thane16   I second thanes “whoa”  and add a…… what!

    Whisht @whisht

    yep – that’ll be the guitar-sacrifice thing at Monterey!

    Btw coincidentally (yet) another album I’m only hearing for the first time recently is Electric Ladyland.
    I know, I know but for some reason I never had it until now.

    Which meant that although I knew all the great singles, I hadn’t heard the other version of Voodoo Chile which is a long blues, with some fiery organ from Stevie Winwood.

    I’ll catch up with other classics at some point…

    Whisht @whisht


    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    Good to see lots of love for Jimi here!  His musical legacy is extraordinary – who knows what he might have achieved if he’d lived a bit longer…

    Also now immersed in retrospectives for Andre Previn – obviously one has to reference the Morecambe & Wise sketch, which is of course utter brilliance, but hope to listen to some of his jazz piano recordings, some movie soundtracks, and am also interested in checking out some of his work as a conductor on British 20th century music, esp. Vaughan Williams.

    syzygy @thane16

    “ooh Maestro Prevvvinnn”. I had a professor during a post-grad course who was all about Previn. For some reason it took a few years for me to fall for him  -Vaughn Williams is one of most juicy composers of that century. Watery scenes, evocative & sense-laid.


    Whisht @whisht

    So, its the 30th anniversary of the Web.

    Tim Berners Lee [Heavenly Chorus Sound #4] thinks that things may be going in the wrong direction, but I’ll ignore that for now (is the web merely a reflection of the world we live in..?).

    Anyway, this is the music thread so I thought I’d look at music from 1989.

    A couple of bands had their debut albums while others were onto their second.
    But what choons was Tim nodding along to when he was submitting plans at CERN..?

    Lets start slow with I Wanna Be Adored from The Stone Roses’ debut album

    But the year is rowdier with quite a bit of heavier Indie (here’s Debaser from the Pixies’ second album and Nirvana was sullenly being introduced to many with this (but I’ll be kind and link to About A Girl from Nirvana’s otherwise noisier debut Bleach).
    Last and for many, least, are Post-Rock purveyors of head-music Slint with this little ditty Rhoda.

    But there was much more than amped up noise – Madonna was having fun telling us to Express Yourself (though to keep with the noise, Ciccone Youth aka Sonic Youth were mucking about experimenting with drum machines on Platoon II from their Whitey Album)

    Perhaps the most innovation was happening in Rap with the Beastie Boy’s seminal Paul’s Boutique – c’mon everyone, lets see you shake yer rump

    But (I know), lets lighten up this look back at 1989 with some Daisy Age murmurings.
    Eye Know from De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising

    I’m sure I’ve missed one or two things from 1989…


    Whisht @whisht

    ok – so this is inspired by @bluesqueakpip ‘s excellent blog on Grace.

    I’m sure we had this tune during the series but I can’t remember.
    Takes a min or two to get going.

    I tried to find the lyrics and discovered that the lyricist went through their own conversion – quite a story.



    I tried to find the lyrics and discovered that the lyricist went through their own conversion – quite a story.

    Written in Olney, and one of the Olney Hymns.

    And with that in mind, gratuitous excuse to show photos from this year’s Olney Pancake Race (annual since 1445).Click pic for more:

    Images from the Olney Pancake Race 2019: contestants celebrate

    winston @winston

    @pedant  Thank you for the pictures, they were lovely. The green grass, blue and white checks and cute little pony made me happy. The town and the church are so beautiful and all the people looked like they were having a good time. Your spring and mine look a lot different right now. When I look out my window all I see is white, grey and snirt ( snow +dirt) with a sad lack of green so seeing your colourful pictures gave me hope. Olney looks like a nice place to live.

    syzygy @thane16

    @pedant @winston

    They are amazing. Gawd, no wonder pancakes are……intriguing. Oh boy, I’m salivating now! I can imagine thin pancakes with ricotta cheese and brown sugar mixed with berries and vanilla whipped cream….or, during a 6 month period where I stayed with friends on a farm every morning we had lemon and sugar on pancakes. They were hot off the griddle because it snowed every morning on our way to the school bus. Across dales and hills.

    syzygy @thane16

    @winston (sorry, I had a page of stuff & it vanished : Dr who Forum is not responding. etc etc).

    I use water from baths, washing machines, old water bottles -and I shower outside. Discreetly!

    Its desperate -north the big rains and south, nothing but dirt. It’s awful.

    @mudlark taught me how to treat my gardenia so thank you to her! I did have the foresight to water the terribly root bound pot once it was OUT of the pot. I didn’t pop it in a bucket of water 🙁  and also we DO have hard water.  We have so little rain but a rain tank would be helpful. Generally, the smaller ones are still $5000

    Mudlark @mudlark


    I used to have a rather battered 18th century copy, possibly a first edition, of John Newton’s autobiographical An Authentic Narrative … but several years ago I gave it to someone I thought would appreciate and value it. My brothers and I found it, along with a couple of school atlases c. 1810, in the loft of a house we lived in during the latter half of the 1950s (the atlases, which were fascinating were, alas, among a large number of books destroyed when the next house we lived in was flooded in 1968)

    @thane16  over to the pub, which seems a more appropriate place to continue discussion of gardening.


    75 years ago today…

    Whisht @whisht

    Unfortunately this isn’t some homage to the Autons.

    ah well

    Whisht @whisht

    again, for all the wrong reasons I was reminded of this (especially today).

    I know young musicians today will have similar feelings, but can’t remember hearing them recently on popular telly as explicitly as in the 80’s. Maybe the conversations are just in bubbles, bubbling away…

    RIP Ranking Roger



    Looks like it is time for a new Music thread…

    Craig @craig

    As @pedant suggests, this thread has gone over its maximum 20 pages so it’s now closed I’ve started a new one here:

    General Music thread 4

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