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    Whisht @whisht

    oh, and @fatmaninabox – I am being completely rude to millions of people.

    I’d forgotten about the Italians (how could I forget Parisse?).


    Obviously, there is a ton of Italian opera and classical music to choose from.


    Anonymous @


    Its as if a record label rather cynically said “give me the Sugarcubes (but get rid of the weirdness)

    You and I have a very different definition of ‘weirdness’, and the getting rid therof.  🙂  Whale … hmmmm.

    Of course, this is the song that made me want to play violin (actually got there in the end).

    P.S. @whisht – happiest of birthdays to all of your family …

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus  the radio guys on the ABC channel love Murray!  I do too. Thing is, as time passes, I wonder if he really plays Schubert a bit too quickly for me -not enough rubato? Also, use of the pedal has a tendency to muddy things up a bit? I do love the dynamic changes from ff to pp and his fingers literally trickle over the keys without the expected lack of clarity you’d get with a more inexperienced keyboard player?

    Also as the ‘coda’ nears, he really jumps down the piano’s throat, no? Waaay too fast. Still, gotta hand it to him….magic. Thank you, P

    @whisht good to see you back. The pages have been lit up like Litvenyenko!  Check it out.

    Anonymous @

    @ScoutTheAiredale  great!!  Can you imagine that on YTube, there’d be comments like “that blonde chick on the cello really rocks. So hot. LOL.” With other flamers saying: “it’s a violin you fecking  jerk. Get a life”.  I could never manage strings, always sounded like a cat dying. But then when I chose the oboe, my parents made me practice near the pool because, well, an oboe when new, whoa, it’s awful! The grammar Nazis will be checking my use of the word ‘practise’. Yep, I know, it’s wrong!!

    ZoobyDow @zoobydow

    We should start a petition for the group 2CELLOS to make a rendition of the Doctor Who theme…

    Or Star Trek’s TNG theme…

    Or anything nerdy, really.

    Youtube would explode.

    Anonymous @


    Yeah, there was a similarity between Gabriel/Genesis in Marillion’s earlier work (there’s a section of Grendel that’s almost note for note the same as part of Supper’s Ready) but Fish always reminded me of the great Alex Harvey.

    And here’s Fish doing a passable (and probably unintentional) impression of the man himself…

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @arbutus – Aw, thanks for thinking of me. Sadly, the video has been removed by user. I would have loved to see that piece. 🙁

    Maybe I can search for it later from another user.

    @whisht – Yes, I often like parody songs in general, because the world can be too serious sometimes. I must look up that Kung-fu song you’ve mentioned! It sounds awesome! 😀

    And here’s another parody song, created with actual news footage in the US, by The Gregory Brothers. I love this one, as it’s an accurate picture of how Americans sometimes make a fuss over nothing. And yes, that’s our current Vice President in the beginning. Ai-yi… 😛

    Okay, I’ll stop torturing this thread with silliness and return back to serious and proper songs. 😉


    Whisht @whisht

    thanks @Scouttheairedale – with Camper Van Beethoven its odd; I know the melody but not the song!

    How is that?

    or am I being thick and its a really famous melody they’ve incorporated..?

    and thanks – there’s a cluster of birthdays in my family in February, so we all meet up and spoil my niece!

    Whisht @whisht

    @faegrl – I loved that Songify the News! Its excellent!

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – oh, you’re gonna kick yourself.  😀

    The original was 1968, Status Quo, with electric guitars instead of electric violin:

    Anonymous @

    @faegrl – no, please, don’t stop the silliness!  Life is full of both artisan fromage and Cheez-Whiz.  Long may it continue.  And it’s a looooong time until Doctor Who is back.

    As a bounce-back to you, here’s my Silliness Meister-in-Chief, Weird Al Yankovic ripping off Lady Gaga’s Born This Way:

    Whisht @whisht



    Whisht @whisht



    * Thanks for telling me though I think it may be another cover of this Floyd-era Quo that I was remembering, slightly heavier…

    Anonymous @

    @ScoutTheAiredale  Cripes!  Am I embarrassed. I know the original. Yesterday, I’m thinking this is..this is…this is…nope. Don’t have it. Love a bit of S Q for breakfast.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @whisht – The funny thing is that Amazon is hinting about sending orders by drones now. So, we get to freak out about being bombed in our homes with cookware or anything else purchased from Amazon. I would die by hair products and Doctor Who items. 😛

    @scouttheairedale  – Ah!!!! My eyes! LOL! I love Weird Al so very much, that’s a cool video! I haven’t seen that one before. I am a Lady Gaga fan, but it’s accurate. 😉

    Oh… here’s a proper song I was sent this morning from Youtube. No, it’s not silly, in spite of the beginning fast-forward set up. It’s a new band and they’re pretty good, I think:

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    Has anyone noticed that the music from Dragonheart and Bean sound the same in some places

    Whisht @whisht

    y’now @thekrynoidman at first I thought “wha? are you mad?” and then the strings beneath the dumb-fast piano became stronger and I thought “hm, maybe…”

    Unfortunately, me being able to hum, and say “hm, maybe” and “yeah the bit where it goes da da te da but then goes down rather than up” is hardly much use to man nor beast.

    If any of the more musically knowledgeable people here listen to them, I’m sure we’ll get a more useful answer!


    Whisht @whisht

    Now – I’m going to be cheeky.

    I’m going to be off-topic (what do you mean “this thread has no topic??!”)

    And… I’m going to be cheeky.

    As I mentioned once before, my brother is far smarter than I and instead of “what are your top 5 songs?” (I have 100 songs in my top 10), suggested “What are the 3 songs you’d like to hear right now?“.

    So, its my birthday today and therefore may I cheekily ask for a gift?

    Can the gift be a link (or failing that a simple mention) of the track you’d like to hear right now?
    Not necessarily your favourite; not necessarily the ‘best’, just… right now (for whatever reason).

    cheeky I know, but hearing new stuff or prompting me to hear stuff I’ve heard before is something that makes me smile.

    Utterly cheeky, but I claim birthday rights!


    Craig @craig

    @whisht First of all, Happy Birthday mate. Hope you had a great day. And why are you on the forum and not out celebrating? 😀

    To answer your question, the first song that popped into my head was Till It Shines by The Jesus and Mary Chain: It’s lovely in oh so many ways.

    As a present, maybe not a good one, I’ve got some really new music for you. It’s on the record label I’ve been setting up (which is partly why I’ve been a bit distant for the start of this year). The site’s not quite finished yet but we’re going to be promoting it soon. You’re one of the first to know about it (along with everyone else on this forum now).

    You can only listen to two or three minutes of each track but I’d be interested to hear what you think.

    Whisht @whisht

    ahh, @craig – thank you!

    I am celebrating – why wouldn’t I also be celebrating here??


    However, drink has been taken and so I will (or at least should) be refraining from posting anything from now on (my god, how many times did that take to type before the red squiggles of mistyping disappear??!?).

    But I will listen to that (those) later/ tomorrow and thank you muchly!

    Anonymous @

    @whisht  Whoo hoo  OK, I’ve woken up….about….5 minutes…3 songs that are the best …right now….as tomorrow…they’ll be different (I swear they will)…they are (academy drum roll accompanied  by females in shiny dresses):

    1. Bohemian rhapsody

    2. Pink Floyd The Wall

    3. Elvis:  Always on my mind



    Gotcha. Real List

    1  All Fools Day singing: How to Avoid Disaster (not on Ytube I think)

    2. Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes

    3. Beatles Hello Goodbye   Happy Birthday!! Kindest, puro.

    Anonymous @

    @whisht are you drunk yet??  Truly, Madly, you should be…. Enjoy the night…merging into day. red squiggles are everywhere on my ‘textbox’ all the time! Isn’t that normal?

    Whisht @whisht

    @purofilion – yes, am a bit drunk and squiggles are happening away from the screen too!

    but still ok to correct my misspellings (as soon as that goes, everyone should ignore my outpourings!)

    Your (initial) list made me laugh – thankyou!!

    [just how did you know that’s make me laugh??)


    Will listen to yours now (in an hour or so) too!


    Craig @craig

    @Purofilion You’re real number 3 made me realise we should’ve posted this for @whisht

    Happy Birthday!

    Anonymous @

    Cripes @whisht you are drunk.  Kidding. I sent the list PM as well as I thought that the mods were in hunting mode. No, sorry, all is well people! Course it would make you laugh -it made me laugh!  Hahahahahah squiggles, and I’ve just had coffee which is making me mis-type terribly: as are you (giggle) Kindest, puro

    Anonymous @

    @whisht this is a great song for anyone’s birthday…so this for you. It’s not always a happy song, poignant rather than anything but with that twirling swirling 3/4 beat. Kindest, p.

    Anonymous @

    I remember that Capaldi, in The Thick of It (to make the above song vaguely connected to Who Land) said that he wanted a meeting that would be shorter than a Leonard Cohen song….something along those lines…. I only watched each series of The Thick of It once (don’t have the DVDs) and also the accompanying film, In The Loop with one of my fav actors: Tom Hollander, recently in the British drama/comedy Rev.

    Good night from Puro…off for more coffee. A high of 32 celsius with a humidity level of 90% as usual. Disgusting.

    Anonymous @


    Typical, I’m always late for the party. Belated birthday hugs.

    The song I’d really like to hear now (in fact I think I will) is

    Joseph Porter hasn’t got the greatest of voices but the chorus is sung with a passion that gets me a little misty eyed.

    Anonymous @

    “where have all the flowers gone? he lights up his pipe and tells me his story..and…Johnny came marching home again …. cavalry charges a flank attack I tape it on the video and play it back…how you stood there screaming on the steps…he passes the bottle and tells me the story again and again.”  Damn @fatmaninabox  I almost remember all those lyrics. And I agree: the intensity in the vocals, that combined with the deliberate, hefty and rich guitar is bitter and mannish. I like it a lot compared with much of the stuff around today which is as disposable and crummy as a plastic cup. As for Altered Images: great hair, great hat (love a hat) and love the high waisted pants made of parachute material! Speaking of parachutes, I’m jumping out of a plane on Saturday. Cannot wait!  Very cool birthday wishes you’ve got there @whisht .

    Kindest, puro

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @Whilst – Sorry for the lateness of this (different time zones and all), but Happy Birthday! 😀

    Per your request, here’s my three off the top of my head:

    1. Under Pressure by David Bowie

    2. Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult

    3. Brand New Day by Ryan Star

    Totally random, like my mind works. 😉

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Happy birthday, @whisht! I’ve been AWOL for a few days dealing with a sick son: I spent day one trying to get him well enough to get through some unavoidable (from his point of view) commitments, spent day two getting him through those commitments, and day three helping him recover. He looks to be on the mend, but it’s been a bit all-absorbing. So in that spirit, I will take a few minutes tonight to post your birthday links, the three songs I most want to hear right now, music to lift my spirits and calm me down!

    Hope you enjoy them… and what a great idea for a birthday wish, by the way! I will definitely take time tomorrow to listen to everyone’s great offerings.

    Here’s my first one, by the awesome British trio, Lau. This track is from their first CD– a certain amount of air fiddle happens whenever I listen to it! (This live version just makes me wish that they would please, please come back to Canada again!)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht‘s birthday presents continued! The next one is by a long-time Quebecois favourite, La Bottine Souriante. It’s taken from a live album that they did a number of years ago. It always makes me bounce.

    Finally, a foolishly cheerful song by the American band Imagine Dragons (isn’t that a great name?) I can’t stop myself singing whenever this one comes on.

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus – ‘On Top Of The World’ – what a chirpy little song 🙂

    For some reason I now have the sudden urge to kill aliens on sight 😉

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Belated Birthday wishes from me as well. I caught the end of the first Austin Powers film in a hotel a few days ago, and it made me resolve to look up something I hadn’t listened to for a while when I came back, so here it is.

    I find it pretty funny and also well put together, mixing the Ting-Tings “That’s not my name” with the Austin Powers theme. Odd, but strangely breathtaking. Also a bit party-ish (for a given amount of “ish”).

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @purofilion   Going way back here, to the other day, your remark about Perahia and the pedal. That is exactly the impression we had at the performance on the weekend, a lot more pedal than we have become used to in 18th or early 19th century repertoire. He’s actually much more a romantic than I am used to thinking of him. He was playing Bach and Beethoven in the first half, where it was quite noticeable as well. The second half was Schumann and Chopin, and it didn’t stand out for me in the same way on the later repertoire.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @thekrynoidman  @whisht   Re: the Dragonheart/Bean connection. You’re right! When the strings enter in the Bean music, they are playing exactly the same melody as the theme of the Dragonheart music. It’s even in the same key, so it really stands out. Even just before that, actually, the piano is sort of playing it as well. How funny. Because you’re right, for the first half minute or so, I was thinking, what are they on?

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @purofilion   Take This Waltz… that song is just so, so Leonard Cohen, isn’t it? It starts out all Kurt Weill and then suddenly becomes something vaguely country-blues, with the piano touches in the second verse. And the key set as low as he could possibly sing it, so that the gravel in his voice contrasts so magically with the women singing with him.

    Here is something cooling, especially for you!  🙂


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @fatmaninabox  Now, that’s a fun birthday song! Has no one put that into a musical greeting card yet?  And yes, that Imagine Dragons video is a little odd, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought about it, but of course the brainwashing would explain everything!

    @purofilion  Jumping out of a plane? Holy cr**! Are you mad? In case you haven’t figured it out from this OTT response, high places and falling hold such terrors for me that my stomach turns strange just thinking about it. But I wish you the joy of it, and maybe you will post us some music afterward that will convey the experience to the earthbound among us.  🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    wow – can I just say thank you to everyone who posted some ‘birthday’ songs!

    I feel rather humbled (and no longer hung over), but also I hope everyone’s enjoying all the choons people have been posting (as they usually would of course!).

    There’s quite a few to get through and methinks I’ll have to make a longish post so that I won’t dominate the Activity column and limit people finding stuff being discussed elsewhere.

    Hope that works!

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus I will do that. I can’t wait (ha)  -now, really I’m just sick with nerves. What if I get a nervous tummy?? Oh boy!

    Murray: still love him!  As for your 3 choices. Brilliant!  The one I’m chasing is Lau (?). That was fantastic. It reminds me of something… Bela Fleck I think. I think… And thank you for the ‘cooling’. Did you embed a thing in text. Wow. Jealous!.

    @faegrl  ‘under pressure’ well done (love that, will take that one) and also Brand New Day. Great stuff out there. Cripes. Gotta get ready for work. Takes my mind of the ssh…plane…ssh…Kindest, purofilion

    Whisht @whisht

    @craig – cheers!
    Jesus and Mary Chain – they’re a band I really didn’t get into and can’t figure out why. Especially as I was into other Indie music at the time.
    Fantastic to hear this – simple and poignant. Yet another prompt to dig out more of their stuff (it worked with LCD Soundsystem – I’m now enjoying their album Sound of Silver!).

    Thanks for the link to the Amber Grooves label. How involved are you? Mainly web stuff or also within the label?
    I think I’d need a few listens to those pieces to get a proper sense of them (certainly my opinions have changed between first and second listen!). And now I can see why the same people have two ‘bands’ – I’m guessing so it makes it easier to book them to do the right set during the night!
    Can “Turn Left” be Who related?? 🙂

    I’ve a few thoughts on the site – if that’s of interest, I’m happy to PM you (as this post could get rather long!).

    Now, that Beatles track and video are amazing! For such a bubblegum song, they play it really really tough; really rocking out. The video is just the best of lo-fi excellence! Left me with a hooooooge smile!

    @purofilion – Cohen – Take This Waltz; ok I’ll admit it – Cohen is yet another artist that I’m struggling to get into. Although he has obvious quality, I think it takes a bit of investment of time. Will listen again (as I drifted away on first listen) but thank you again for a good nudge to try again! Also, I heard “Arthur Smith sings Cohen, again” on Radio 4 the other night. Quite funny though you’d have to know Smith I think to get his rather laconic humour.

    And you’re jumping out of a plane! I’m planning to be in a plane on Saturday but I have NO intention of being outside it. Good luck and have as much fun as it sounds (and love the idea of you finding music to somehow tell us what it was like!).

    btw @Purofilion – did you mean this track when you mentioned “How to Avoid Disaster”?
    I kinda liked it (even if you didn’t mean it!). I quite liked that it didn’t hang around – got in, did its thing, and finished. No mucking about with unnecessary verses, soloing etc etc.
    Also have you heard of Richard Hawley? If not I’ll find something – its not the same, not quite as up-tempo, but you may like it.

    @fatmaninabox – hmmmmm, Ggggrrrrrrogan! Ggggrrrreat memories! Remember dancing/bouncing/thrashing stoopidly around to this one with mates on whichever birthday it would happen to be!
    In terms of those trousers, they’re getting quite trendy in London at the moment (though unlike with Claire, I’m yet to see anyone for whom they’re flattering!).

    Blyth Power – Marius Moves – You’re right about how he sings the chorus – very letsopenupthatlarynx!

    @faegrl – I’m not sure you’re being random at all (or maybe I’m being very superficial pop-psychology – you decide!):
    Asked to choose a choon, you’re “Under Pressure”.
    Whisht is getting ooooolllllllldddddddd but “Don’t Fear the Reaper” you say!*
    And a birthday is a “brand new day” rather than the end of a year.

    Not random at all!

    *Weirdly I always thought of BOC as heavier but the song is mainly quite soft rocking and then… weird guitar solo! I just don’t remember that at all!

    @arbutus – really sorry to hear about your son – hope he’s getting better now and that the commitments were worth it!
    And yes, the idea of asking for songs was also so everyone else could enjoy both giving and hearing others’!
    I’m 2nd gen Irish (or “plastic Paddy”) so really loved Lau! I know they’re probably more Scottish in their heritage, but modern folk is a kinda hodge podge anyway from all over including Spanish. So thanks for that – really enjoyed it! Now I just gotta find some more good raw session music (am currently listening to more ‘live’ albums for this very reason).

    La Bottine Souriante – excellent! “Bounce” is exactly what it makes you do!

    Imagine Dragons – On Top of The World – as you say so perfectly its such a great ‘foolishly cheerful’ song! Brilliant!

    and @phaseshift – hello again and thank you! That track is rather interesting. I actually prefer (on first listen) the part where it gets more produced around 3mins. It gets more balanced and for me its a new song rather than ‘just’ a mashup. But really enjoyed it!
    And every time I hear that Ting Tings track I think of Money.

    and that’s never a bad thing!

    thanks again everyone! It really made my evening/morning/day!


    Whisht @whisht

    hey Puro – you know how to link text.
    I know you do… if you remember how you managed to embed then just go back and see if it makes sense (though I’ll admit its hard to explain without pictures!).

    however, your nerves about Saturday may be starting and that’s all it is!

    As I said, you’re jumping out of an aircraft, whereas I’m planning on being in an aircraft all the way until I reach Laos and a 4 week holiday/tour of Indochina (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia).
    Not sure how much internet access I’ll have but at most it will be on my phone so I doubt I’ll be listening or posting anything!

    So you’ll all have the thread to yourselves for a month. Treat it kindly!

    janetteB @janetteb

    Have a great holiday @whisht I Hope one day to be heading to Indochina so I am very envious.



    Anonymous @

    @whisht is going away for 4 weeks! Hooray, hooray 😀

    Whisht @whisht

    aw cheers @janetteb and @fatmaninabox – I’m sure I can take the “whisht isn’t going to be around – hooray hooray” in the right way…


    I should’ve mentioned going away (ie ‘don’t worry, I haven’t just had a birthday and suddenly lost contact’) on the Sofa rather than here, so thanks for keeping it Music related!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @arbutus – Thanks! I love Bowie so much, but whenever I’m stressed I think of “Under Pressure”, that always calms me, especially when I belt out the chorus. Also, fun fact, I died my hair blonde last year because I wanted to be more like Bowie. lol.

    @whisht – Your pop-psychology is hilarious! I laughed out so loud, I hope I didn’t wake my roommates. LOL! You’re right, I was feeling “under pressure”, but not from the list. That was actually fun! No, I had an eye appointment and I found out what I knew I would… I have eye surgery due this spring. Crud. So maybe my choices wasn’t all that random, but I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed them. 🙂

    Edit: Crap… maybe one day I’ll stop referring to your username as “Whilst”, sorry about that again!

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @purofilion  @whisht

    Glad you liked Lau, they are a favourite of mine. They are Scottish and English musicians, based in Scotland I believe. I hadn’t heard “plastic paddy” before, ha. I wonder if there is an expression for New Worlders whose family hails from the region of Aberdeen? Lau came here once a few years ago to play in our summer folk festival, and I loved them at the first note. But they’ve never been back! I keep hoping…

    I sympathize with Whisht regarding Leonard Cohen, I can never make up my mind whether I like him or not. Some songs I do really like, other times I find he just annoys me. And because he is Canadian, it’s considered (officially) very heretical not to be a worshipper. As you say, he’s quite obviously brilliant, but for me it depends on the song. I’m not as a rule a big existentialist, more of a “have a laugh and get on with life” sort.

    Yes, Puro, I did work out how to link text, and it’s actually only a bit more complicated than embedding videos. It involves the little chain link graphic at the top of the text box.  🙂  Have fun in the air tomorrow, I’m sure it will be amazing! And Whisht, have a safe and wonderful time on your travels!



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Happy Birthday to Murray Gold.

    Probably his best known piece is ‘All the Strange, Strange Creatures’, so here’s a performance from the 2009 Proms.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @bluesqueakpip   I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that video. Music aside, I was fascinated by the faces of the children in the audience… some of them looked a bit alarmed when the monsters showed up, but some looked rather keen (some of the boys watching the Cybermen, for instance). And of course they were all delighted to see Strax! A timely reminder, as we all get wound up about a new doctor and what we hope to see, of how big a part of DW the children really are.

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip @arbutus – Indeed, Happy Birthday to the maestro. The Pandorica Suite is probably my favourite so here it is

    And now for something completely camp 🙂

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