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    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @pedant — Gingerbread is an odd episode. It used to be on my list of ‘meh’ episodes but again I really enjoyed it this time. Probably because I’m reading Marina Warner’s No Go The Bogeyman at the same time. They kinda fit together. It is Thania St John’s only episode for Buffy, although I think you can kinda see Jane Espenson’s fingerprints all over it. The Buffy and Willow’s moms’ stuff is great. And there’s some fantastic Snyder moments too. I think Armin Shimmerman does brilliant work as Snyder in this season.

    Rob @rob

    No spoilers……

    My favourite is Once More, with Feeling


    Anonymous @

    @rob and @barnable  (I’m amazed at this Buffyverse)

    You have all been very non-spoilery. I really appreciate it. I have to ground Boy’s iPod as it tends to have the ability to cause the Naughty Boy of Evil to see things about Future Buffy that I don’t want to know -he wants to be surprised but he wants to be ‘in the know’ also. How very annoying and thirteen of him.

    Of course, he says things like: “Oh, wait for it, wait for it. Oh, this will be good”. I’ve taken to wearing an earplug in my right ear so I don’t hear his little whispers and yet can still hear dialogue through the speakers. The other option is that I chuck the ipod into a puddle, run over it today with the lawn mower or simply stamp on it viciously.

    But then he’ll then turn on the computer:  I mean that in both senses.

    I am loving season 3


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @Purofilion @jimthefish @pedant @rob @barnable

    Oh the multitudes of academic papers which have been written on the Bufffyverse 🙂

    Giles and Buffy’s relationship is lovely – who doesn’t want a Giles.



    ScaryB @scaryb

    @Purofilion Glad you’re enjoying Buffy. Season 3 is great. (And remind me never to get on your wrong side, haha)

    @juniperfish Yup, everyone should have a Giles 🙂




    Yes, there is a lot in Gingerbread to admire and it is, in its own little way, horrifically dark for this point in the run.

    @Purofilion @pedant @rob @barnable

    Oh the multitudes of academic papers which have been written on the Bufffyverse :-)

    True, but then you have to eliminate the ones that have clearly been warped by Shipper Malady. That thins the field out 😉

    My nephew (aged 15) has just met Faith, so to speak. Poor lad has no idea what’s going to hit him.


    I’d sooner have a Willow. In leather.

    PS I think listing favourites strays into meta-spoilery. There is an episode many, many hate but which I think is full of delightful comedy and the best bitch-slap ever. But the time to comment on it is when Puro gets there and can, herself, comment from knowledge.

    PPS Take his Buffy away if he persists in playing silly buggers. If nephew did that he would get it in no uncertain terms from both me and his dad. There is an etiquette and it needs to be taught young (I’m actually quite serious about this – you’ll save him from a spanking in a cinema some day).

    Anonymous @

    @pedant  Done.  The spanking, the tying up, the chores (no, I mean actual tying up), the adult tone of voice and general ‘no nonsenserry’.

    It’s all in the New Year spirit.


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    I’ve just spent a couple of hours winding down and watching some festive TV that my PVR has dutifully recorded. I just thought I’d mention a couple of non-Who highlights for me.

    It was quite funny to see Dan Starkey unmasked on University Challenge, representing his old college of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. They won! And he didn’t even have to use automated laser monkeys, scalpel mines and acid grenades. Well done him. 🙂

    Just before Who was shown, a James May Toy Stories special was shown. May is, I think by common consensus, the least objectionable one in Top Gear (even Stewart Lee says so, which I think makes it official). His progs that look at toys and reintroduce them to their rightful place have been a delight. I thought this years challenge of reintroducing the “Action” to Action Man was one that would defeat him. Because I grew up in the 70s and Action Man was rubbish even then.

    But no – I thought it was all quite charming, and there was something magical seeing a soldier doll (with realistic “eagle eyes”) taking the plunge from the border of space. And who knew that that rubbish parachute they supplied him with actually worked if you could lob it out of a plane at thirty thousand feet?

    Still – let’s remember those brave plastic boys who didn’t quite make it.

    Also loved the Charlie Brooker Screenwipe shown last night. Nice touch to finish on a song, with the Blockheads teaming up to review the year in “Reasons to be fearful – 2014”. Also nice to see in the limited selection of “Reasons to be cheerful 2015” – “Peter Capaldi back as Doctor Who”. Come on – Brooker obviously wants to write an episode.



    It is worth noting that on any reasonable interpretation of the rules, Cindy won.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I think Team Sindy (she really did put the Sin into the exploits of plastic dolls everywhere) did very well with the launch, and obviously used superior technological know-how. It’s pretty clear though, that the search and recovery procedures for their brave pilot were pretty lamentable.

    Verily it is written that “the first shall come last” and that “the tortoise will have the last laugh” – or something. I think I’m happy with Team Action Man getting the win. If only to stress the point to research scientists everywhere that the fate of their brave test pilots (even in moulded plastic form) should not be an afterthought.

    Anonymous @

    @whisht  Jimmy The Smith !  Wheyhay 🙂

    Featuring the hardly known but lurkin’ Tone Studd on Tooba (say that 10 times at New Year) and Snooky Young.

    You actually HAVE the album?  I thought my bro was d’ only one!

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish – Re Buffy s4 underachieving. Do you mean it could have been better, if they did some things differently? I can understand that if you have some ideas that they should have tried, it’s like missed opportunities. The final season of Breaking Bad is the same way for me, it was alright the way it is, but I think it underachieved. I’m very interested in your ideas about it, but I’ll wait.

    Choosing between s3 and s5 is really a coin flip for me. So I can’t disagree with picking s3 at all, it is that close.

    Everyone loves Tom Baker (longest run as Doctor for a reason 😉 ), so I don’t like having to say he is not high on my favorite list right now. I like his stories a lot, the monsters’ looks are really improving, and there are no bad episodes yet, but they are very sci-fi. I like sci-fi shows too but I guess I need more fantasy and laughs mixed in. I still like 2 the most from BG.

    @pedant, @Purofilion, @jimthefish

    Thx for the help finding the Willow-hair-blast. I still haven’t found it, but I will keep looking. Witch is the first episode I thought of too, but I didn’t see it still. I will let you know when I find it.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @barnable — as I said, I don’t think I can be any more specific in my criticisms of S4 in fairness to @purofilion until she’s reached the end of that season. Indeed, we might be colouring her expectations of it by even having this vague conversation now. But I’ll be more than happy to discuss this again in endless specifics when there’s no danger of immediate spoilage.

    I don’t think Tom has been my favourite Doctor for a long while now. He’s still quite high up but he’s definitely slipped a few notches of late. All I meant really was that the Tom/Liz interation was probably the most effortlessly successful of the show’s run. I think they spring to mind more readily as the quintessential shorthand of the show than any other pairing. And so it is with the s3 Scoobies, I think.


    Attention Aussie Contingent: Prof Brian Cox’s Human Universe begins on ABC, 7 Jan 8:30pm.

    It is all sorts of splendid.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant thank you. I’ve been eyeing the trailer with awe because he’s smart and clever and… also my gaggle headed-ness suggests he’s ‘cute’,  as students seem to say these days (oh, ick).

    I get you don’t mean watch it coz “he’s all sorts of splendid”.




    I think it is possible your mind wandered a little there…. 😉

    Anonymous @

    Sorry again @jimthefish, waiting is not easy. Let’s talk about s1 and s2.

    The Pack is one episode that I think is ‘meh’. I agree that Go Fish is ‘meh’ too. They are still pretty good as stand alone episodes with some redeeming qualities, I think.

    I like Go Fish mostly for being one of the rare times that Principal Snyder gets really involved in the plot. It does break the flow like you said, so Go Fish should have been moved up earlier in the season, I think. It’s sort of like the ending of Forest of the Night would have been better if the beginning of Dark Water was used as a cliff hanger ending instead. I agree with you that would have been much better for just a small change.

    The Pack is already early in the season so I don’t know why that is just ‘meh’ to me.

    I disagree that Bad Eggs is ‘meh’, I really like it, especially since it has an epic monster battle at the end. It even has some arc development and the egg creatures are pretty eFin’ creepy so I can’t think of anything wrong with it.

    Btw, for those who haven’t seen the ending of Breaking Bad, my opinion is not a spoiler. I’m the only one that didn’t like it. 🙂

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @barnable — Happy — and indeed eager — to have a Buffy discussion. I’ll put together a non-spoilery blogpost covering seasons 1 and 2 and maybe we can use that as a forum to discuss everything and anything that’s happened in those seasons and free up here for the ongoing s3-and-beyond ‘live’ Buffy chat….

    Will start working on it this evening…


    @barnable @jimthefish

    I think the saving grace of The Pack is that it showed Nicholas Brendon had the acting chops for the role.

    Go Fish is one I don’t care for much except that it does have an important arc point in the B Plot, but for the life of me I can’t remember it (reasons to not lend out DVDs to nephews….)

    The early eps also show the skill with which even throwaway characters were handled. Dr Gregory in Teacher’s Pet, for example.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @jimthefish @barnable

    Hmm. I really thought I could predict one of the eps of Season 3 – I really thought Angel, had, you know…lost it again. or should I say: retrieved his mojo. But no!! And Faithless, Faith, dear goddess, she’s in the wrong place with the wrong mayor…..

    Brendon is unbelievable. I haven’t recognised him in anything else. When I saw Angel in Season 1, it took me a good 7 days to remember an ad with a long haired woman and an older dude: Bones? I never saw it but a few here have mentioned it so perhaps I should…plunge but I dunno.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @purofilion — Enemies is one of my favourite Buffy episodes and I think the Mayor/Faith double act is just one of the great villainous teams of all time. Harry Groener is just great in this and his homespun, gleeful evil is just a terrific performance. And Faith too is a great character — but spoilerage prevents me from waxing too lyrical about her at the moment. But she’s definitely another Buffy crush of mine. Yeah, she might kill you but you still would has always been my thinking.

    RE. Bones. Yes, it does indeed also star David Boreanaz and it is kinda fun for the first two seasons, but it does get wearisome after that. It’s well worth dipping into but don’t go into it with expectations too high.

    @pedant and @barnable — I’ve never loved The Pack. Nick Brendon does show some acting chops in it but it has almost no other memorable characteristics for me, even if they did eat Principal Flutie, thus clearing the path for the mighty Snyder. Go Fish is more entertaining and watchable and has some fun moments but it annoys me for breaking up the head of steam that S2 was powering towards. Bad Eggs I’ve also never really loved either, although it too has its moments.

    But all these eps would definitely make my list of the ‘worst’ episodes of Buffy, with only a particularly notorious S4 episode (I’m sure you know which one I’m referring to) completing the set. Having said that, it’s a testament to Buffy that even the weaker episodes are still pretty damn watchable.



    Hmm. I really thought I could predict one of the eps of Season 3

    I am fairly sure I know which, but it would help navigation to name the episode. (For navigation, have you seen the sequel to The Wish yet?).

    You are in the meat of Harry Groener’s finest hour as an actor.

    (Yes, Bones. Eventually made the error of all long running series that it decided it needed a recurring big bad for the audience to boo-hiss at – who just happened to defy any sort of creditability. Mind you, I watched 7 seasons of it before bailing).



    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish – all good points. There’s no episode I would avoid watching of Buffy, because even the bad episodes are just ‘meh’ and not Fear Her.  Talking might help to put Buffy episodes in some kind of ranking order. Even picking a crush was no easy thing.

    Yeah, [Faith] might kill you but you still would has always been my thinking.

    Would there really be a choice?? Just way too scary – I’m less afraid of Drusilla. 😯

    I’m not sure about my list of favorites yet or if Bad Eggs is above average, it still might be which I think would make it a good episode considering the competition.

    I know Go Fish and The Pack are both way below average (with 2 from s4). The big bad in The Pack (a zoo worker?) is just not that scary or didn’t make sense, so I think that holds it back most for me. Still entertaining but doesn’t stack up against other episodes.  Good point about good Xander performance and we learn a little more about his arc too.  So once again not terrible episodes.

    Btw – I hope I can say something interesting for Buffy Blog that’s worth discussing. Argh Pressure!!

    Anonymous @

    @pedant  I believe it’s Grossman’s ‘Enemies’.

    I was looking at Boy Ilion. He was looking at me and he said: “Fuck”. This is rare: insofar as my hand did not stray near his cheek.

    At this point (embarrassing I know), I can’t remember the plot details of ‘The Wish’ -I’ve seen a few eps side by side and then I come to a dead halt -life etc. I should just check (very carefully) the details of Season 3 on the innernet.

    I should then recognise it immediately: I have a quote book of Buffy’s best. Thing is, I didn’t attribute an episode to any particular ‘quote’. Some weren’t quotes but whole scenes as well as predictions -which I then crossed out!

    I’m gonna to have to watch it all again. This time paying more attention -or even more. At some points, particularly in the 2nd episode of Disc 5 (I know: dumb, right? but that’s how I see it in my head: it’s a pattern thing), the lines were so stark, wicked and funny that I stopped laughing and “Hgherhh-ing!?” and gave it a proper listen. I’m pretty sure it was ‘Enemies’. Too much for my little brain, I believe.

    Kindest, puro

    PS: knowing all too well this season can’t be topped. Or is that arrogance on my part? Hang on, my hind brain is spitting out a blurb: you said, a few moons ago that Season 5 was “one of the finest ever,” in your opinion? I recall this because you write ‘finest’ more than ‘best’.


    Anonymous @

    @pedant @jimthefish

    Yes, thank you Jim, I should have read your post before waxing on Enemies.  Faith’s memorable kiss on Buffy’s forehead was quite perfect. Too slow, and Buffy would have laid her out but without it, well, it just wouldn’t be Faith.

    Kindest, puro

    Anonymous @

    @pedant it could have been some eps in Season 5 were “the finest ever”. We’ll soon see.

    Four eps left of Season 4 -I would have watched it ALL by now, but, athletics, cleaning (thanks to @whisht I have plenty of great cleaning accompanied by great toons), housey things to attend to and Chimble viewing which is still on-going.

    Some of TWW Christmasy episodes and the Thanksgiving ones too – CJ  and the Turkeys (as well as the actual turkeys), the song she must conduct as “a musical on CNN” and a personal favourite of mine: White House Counsel meets Ainsley for the first time accompanied by a cricket bat (for us Ozzies that’s a bloomin’ miracle) and Sam sacks the two nasty lawyers in large print.

    I also liked it when a slightly drunk Ainsley sits in wet paint and meets the President whilst wearing a robe. “Oh, what a night”…great song, btw. Wish I knew how to embed a little ‘gif file of that song with Ainsley tossin’ her drink at the CD player.

    @barnable are you a West Wing fan at all?  OK, The West Wing, but it didn’t calibrate as, ‘are you a The West Wing fan’.

    Regardez-vous, puro.

    Anonymous @

    @barnable I now have a Faith crush. Not good. (sorry mods, takin’ up the boards again)



    Season 4? Do you get any sleep?

    The “sequel to The Wish” features  Willow In Leather to the Max.





    The Boy is probably considering turning lesbian.


    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @purofilion — Season 4?? Blimey, that’s fast. How are you enjoying it?

    I’m assuming then you’ve enjoyed the brilliant The Wish/Dopplegangland episodes. As well as sniffed back an emotive outburst at the end of The Prom (still probably one of my favourite ever episodes.)

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish @pedant

    I can’t count therefore I’m an idiot: Season 3. Season 3 of which there are 3 1/2 episodes left.

    Yes, now I’m remembering The Wish -the Homecoming Queen(s) and the startle at the end which left me weak.

    Then the terrifying double Willow encounter. I saw it on the ‘play episode?’ menu. Boy says “that’s Willow -twice”.

    I say: “no pup, not possible, I mean look at her eyes and her red grin. It can’t be”.

    He says: “we’ll see” and we did.

    I hate it when someone 34 years my junior predicts things correctly. It’s a sign of…something.


    Doesn’t work.

    Regardez-vous, puro.

    Anonymous @

    I meant homecoming queens as separate to The Wish -ongoing theatricals/drama is what I call it.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @purofilion and @pedant — I think The Wish is one of my favourite eps of the s3. Particularly this time I really enjoyed the idea, the way we got a new take on characters like Larry, and the return of the Master briefly. And also Xander and Willow as vamps. Also the badass version of Buffy is a little foreshadowing of Faith, I suspect. Dopplegangland, great too. Worth it alone for the line: “I’m a blood-sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!’

    @purofilion — how are you finding Wesley btw?

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish  yes, lots of foreshadowing which is teaching Boy Ilion a few things -about writing, about good television and about repeatability.

    Wesley? Indeed. I recall thinking he looked a lot like Rob Lowe!  I wasn’t surprised that he takes a shine to Cordelia -but at this stage, it’s shipping right?  Now, bear in mind I learnt that phrase only this past year and so malaprops aside, am I correct: with his, “I had a late meeting” -slightly dishevelled (Cough cough)?

    I do like Tony Head in this role now. Giles has stopped with the ‘err’ and ‘um’ & looks a bit mean and tired.

    Of course I like silent but weary gents. It’s a thing. Back to Joy Division….

    Anonymous @

    Sorry I haven’t watched The West Wing @Purofilion.  Buffy episodes become a blurr, that happens to me too.  Binge watching is unavoidable!  That’s why I think it’s easier to pick favorite seasons. 🙂

    The Wish and Dopplegangland have multiple time lines and some timey-wimey too. I didn’t notice that the first time because I was mezmerized by leather.

    Anonymous @

    @barnable Binge in Peace this new year! Ah, leather: in Queensland we tend to be suspicious. Firstly, because a famous premier banned its wearing in public (& that attitude has a long shelf life) and secondly because humidity and leather are not a happy duo causing discomfort in personal places or ‘shelves’. Anywaaay…

    Anonymous @

    @Purofilion – Binge in Peace? OK?  I meant leather like,

    @jimthefish And also Xander and Willow as vamps



    Anonymous @

    @barnable I meant ‘Binge In Peace’ as in enjoy your TV viewing. A reference to your original comment.

    Then I wrote about leather.  Wires crossed. Do not binge on leather.

    Anonymous @

    Thx @Purofilion.

    Enjoy your TV viewing. Do not binge on leather.

    Sometimes it’s one-n-the-same. 😉



    Ah, Wesley. Perhaps the most annoying character introduced to the Buffyverse. Which, bearing in mind what happens further down the road, is really quite interesting.

    Yes, I’m in tease mode again.

    Don’t forget that when you hit S4 you also have to start S1 of Angel (in Buffy > Angel order to reflect the original airtimes).

    Anonymous @

    @pedant, @Purofilion, @jimthefish

    I’ve never watched Angel, but spoil away.  He just isn’t my favorite character.  I’m pretty sure there are other characters involved from Buffy that I might want to see what they did.  I’ll try to see some of those episodes if I can.  I’m not worried about spoilage and will even learn some new things about the Buffyverse from reading your posts.

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @barnable

    Will do.  Angel’s cool.

    A trip to the movies -a prodigious event in any normal circumstances yielded tedium. I assume Cumberbatch can be mentioned as he starred Sherlock by Moffat (really, that should be a perfume).

    As much as I dislike our epithet Show Don’t Tell in Imitation Game we were both shown and told. Just in case we missed ‘it’, backward little yellow signs yelled, “hey, did you see that?”

    Don’t ask: I just chose yellow. Randomly.



    Anonymous @


    Don’t shout (at me)

    Anonymous @

    Good grief, I pressed submit too soon -twice. It’s the alcohol they served. Dulled the tedium.

    I mean if I’ve offended anyone who loves this film, then I apologise. But no smiley face -keyboard blurffs.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @purofilion — yes, I found Imitation Game underwhelming too. Cabbagepatch great as usual (but once again just channelling Sherlock) but it really was just biopic by numbers. I am very much looking forward to seeing Birdman.

    With regards to Buffy, yeah, I think they brought in Wes because Giles had just become too cool for the more Watcher-ey stuff. But don’t be too hard on him. He goes to some very, very interesting places later.

    @pedant is quite right and that there’s a couple of episodes in S4 that will make the most sense if they’re watched alongside their counterpart eps in Angel. And @barnable Angel is definitely well worth checking it out. It’s a great complement to Buffy and has the luxury of going to some much darker places than the parent show.


    ScaryB @scaryb

    Loving all the Buffy chat, boozy and otherwise! 😉

    Haven’t watched it recently enough to join in, but I may be tempted. (@Barnable – agree with @JimtheFsh that Angel is well worth catching. I lost it after the first 2 series, mainly cos they kept messing around with its scheduling, but lots of good ideas developed in it)

    And delighted that Broadchurch is back for UK ITV viewers. And it’s looking VERY promising. Anyone else watching?

    Anonymous @

    @pedant @jimthefish @barnable  Re: 3rd Season Buffy

    Well, well, well. Nearly completed the final episode in the 3rd Season.

    There was a certain sputtering indelibility to Faith’s ***** at Buffy’s hand. She looked deeply bereaved -some things are too terrible to grasp in their horror. Later, in solitude, that realization dawns or maybe the event itself remains cloudy because of a necessary and primitive numbing effect.

    I like Giles who, originally assuming a paternalistic, garrulous stance towards a dimwit child, agrees that Buffy no longer needs a watcher and wouldn’t want one anyway. Buffy is still this marvellous girl. She eats candy and chocolate, she sounds sleepy in the mornings and despite, or because of The Slayer in her, she doesn’t compensate by becoming hard or malicious. She wears pretty patterned dresses and fragile necklaces with jaunty scarves. She’s bewitching and fluttery, but cool and competent. I think I’m in love!

    The score for this last two-parter is such a delight. No over done, simpering violins but Cor Anglais and oboe in the middle register; a gentle touch of timpani and broody bases rumbling a march as foreboding and inevitable as a Roman legion.

    And yes I like Wesley: impervious to insults at times and totally aware of the distraction the Mayor and Faith have concocted to ensure The Ascension proceeds – I love his fencing strut whilst Giles condescendingly bats his attempts away whilst reading some indecipherable tome on curing Real Big Demons Coming to Town.

    Willow: “Angel’s delirious. He thinks I’m Buffy.”

    Oz: “you too, huh?”  Honestly, I dunno whether to laugh or cry. I just hiccup and stare – too nervy in case I blink away an entire second of dramatic irony totally necessary for solving the next crucial five minutes.

    I love how it makes me work. TV doesn’t do that much anymore with the exception of a handful of shows including Doctor Who 😉

    What a ride.

    Regards, puro.


    Anonymous @

    oh boy, when I said Roman legion, I didn’t know they were actually gonna arm everyone!  Holy hell!

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @purofilion — it’s a fine season and for my money the best in Buffy’s entire run — although there are others that come damn close. I think it’s slightly let down by the finale. The Mayor was such a great villain, with such a great sidekick that his final motivation was a bit of a waste. It squandered the great Harry Groener slightly although I guess they didn’t know he was going to put in such a start performance when the show was written.

    Talking of which there’s a huge hint for a plot development two seasons down the line cunningly hidden in the finale. But don’t worry if you don’t get it because I sure as hell didn’t at the time.


    @jimthefish @purofilion

    Jim’s wrongheadedness notwithstanding 😉  – the best is still, very much, to come – the sheer craft of this show is becoming evident now. As Jim notes, there is a splendid clue bomb of the sort that will only become evident when it detonates (and then goes off again, just in case you missed it, from the mouth of…well…someone you’ve heard of. BOOM!)

    I am not (neither would I) dissing this season. It is thoroughly spiffing.  It’s just that it soars so much higher.

    But you’ve got to get there first. First there’s retro, there’s silly; there’s rip your heart out and stomp on it it; there’s just plain scary and there’s just plain weird (in a good way). And “you made a bear! Undo it!”. Oh yeah. And there’s porn. And syphilis (unrelated).

    Sort of.

    Also, you learn the root of my blog name.

    Buckle up.

    Fire bad, tree pretty. Bee+++++CONNECTION TERMINATED+++++

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish  I would agree: Groener’s performance in the Season was outstanding. Even in Graduation part 2 -when he attempts to stifle Buffy whilst overcome by grief in the hospital was a delicious blend of mad and implacable.

    I didn’t recall the 800 year old demon-ess -who explained details of the Ascension to the Team -showing up much beyond asking Zander to either run away with her on a “space shuttle” or to do something else men like such as “watch sports”.

    She was awesome! But then Zander’s reply was typically funny: “we watch sports, eat of the Beef and look at the bosom. In 800 years that’s all you’ve picked up about men?”  I don’t remember her reply but with Whedon it’s never predictable.

    Speaking of Whedon, I was led to a page by @pedant which led me to another page about a film by him? Something released two years ago that I haven’t heard about or seen. A woman appears to look out of the eyes of a gent -a guy she’s never met? They eventually meet. Obviously a romance but something more. For the life of me, I can’t remember its title (I saw this yesterday) though it could be ‘In your Eyes’ (but that reminds me of a particularly good song -so it’s not that either. Argh).

    A few fine people referred me to the series ‘Angel’ and with no hope in my heart I rang JB Hi-Fi and asked about it. The 17 year old on the phone said: “Oh, you mean the companion series to Buffy which you need to watch during Season 4”.

    Bring on the Surprise. Honestly, I thought it would be impossible to find. It’s a boxed set with 25% off. The stars are finally aligning.

    But. Today I’m taking 3 13 year olds to see The Hobbit. Oh God, three hours?? I’m gonna need a stiff drink. Unfortunately we’re at the 10.30 am session. Everyone else will be lining up to see ‘Dumb and Dumber To’. Cripes… School holidays…

    Still, here in Brisbane we have no fires, no floods and no freeze. So, all in all ‘we’re 5 by 5′ as Faith used to say. In her coma, talking to Buffy she mentions a time: “7.30”. I can’t work that out and it’s annoying. Nothing to do with the solar eclipse…so, without subtitles in this season it was a misfire or my own bumbling confusion.

    As for any huge hint about a plot development, I’m still sad about Angel, laughing about Wes and Cordelia and amazed by the entire school…armed and waiting. Brilliant. Poor ol’ Snyder, he was just starting to impress 🙂

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