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    Bonkerising cont.

    The Master has exceptional hypnosis skills and maybe was in Oz to find some of the Dream Lords pollen put the two together and we get Dallas style dream arc or a Jodie Whittaker Doctor who is not seeing reality but a web spun by the Master.

    Alternatively, this Master is from the parallel universe of Jo Martin Doctor, this gets…[Read more]

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    Morning All

    After some reflection (and several large mugs of coffee) and now reading the musings of the nutters Who-rati my sixpence short of a shilling lands heads on an alternative universe Doctor and tails on a prior/subsequent Doctor.

    This was one of the best jaunts we’ve had for a long while

    The Judoon were more than just stumpy rhino…[Read more]

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    Evening One and All

    (There may be exceptions, caveats and small print, please see below)

    Enjoyed this one more


    On the whole the Skithra were intriguing monsters, the only negative was the queen’s resemblance to the queen of the Racnos though to be fair this could be as both are arachnids

    Recycling weapons, upcycling technology or…[Read more]

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    I think The Green Death probably did the environmental argument more subtly and maybe more powerfully. That is because the message was spread over several episodes.

    I found this episode a curates egg.


    That the dregs were originally the poor and dispossessed after the rich and powerful left the mess behind and buggered off to a new…[Read more]

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    Hi all

    My bonkerising has led me through a convoluted path to the caffeine inspired fact that the Sascha Dhawan Master will become Professor Yana

    Hidden (by Jodie Whittaker Doctor as she knows he’ll spend years trying to save the last of humanity) to atone for the crimes against the children of Gallifrey all 2.47 billion

    Ohh well it sounded…[Read more]

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    Wanders in as if I’ve never been absent

    Looks for personalised Dr Who coffee mug behind sofa

    Wanders out muttering

    Waves at all 😃

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    Happy New Year Peeps

    Was away up in Cambridgeshireshire for a wobbly drinks start to 2019 and have therefore only just watched this years only offering.

    On the scientifically proven self built Whometer it scored a inspirational 56.78432r  (not sure what that is in Rells though)

    I shall post later when I’ve had time to think more about the episode

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    Merry Christmas One and All

    Had a great day and hope you’ve all enjoyed the same

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    We’ve had the Pting and now a Ptroll

    Ho hum

    Next item

    So inbetween slurping coffee running or maybe ruining multiple teams on two sites getting ever so slightly frazzled over seperate site diaries for each contract,  some teams doing upto three separate operations on the same site on the same day (this is not a woe is me or look how important…[Read more]

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    Morning All

    Overall I enjoyed the episode.

    I missed the lights on the planet so ended the programme thinking Tim Shaw had destroyed 5 planets and every living thing on them. No evidence of light coming from the stasis planets either, just bits of rock in a capsule, no water, no ice no atmosphere all at odds with the stasis chambers used for…[Read more]

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    Will be watching that on Christmas Day 😁

  • Rob commented on the post, On joy.

    Really enjoyed reading that, I had to look up the insult that was thrown here (on the first episode discussion) and was bloody irritated when reading the explanation.

    I think the anonymity of user names also […]

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    My take on the frog is

    Has large slurp of double strength cappuccino

    Granny 5 told a fairy tale to The Doctor

    In fairy tales when you kiss a frog it turns into a prince and “happily ever after”

    The Solitract wanted a kiss to seal the deal, but was doomed to ever be the amphibian of unrequited love.

    Hmmm more coffee needed on this theory I think

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    An excellent tale of four monsters

    One who was make believe

    One who paid the price

    Two who were redeemed


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    Did a post it went and disappeared

    Was maybe a bit of a long and winding road

    So to precis

    Awesome new Doctor

    Awesome new team

    Baddies shite (exception being Humanity in The Demons of the […]

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    Just completed a long and rambling  intellectual post on the latest blog……

    And the damn thing disappeared

    So popped in for a pint or two of calm down


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    Happy Birthday

    Hope you’ve had a great day


    Ps it’s still your birthday here

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    Evening All

    I almost thought that the Tardis was inside of medical ship with all the Time Lord style circles in the white control room.

    The characters we met this week were all pretty interesting with only the exploitation of the android being unresolved or more precisely not even really addressed, bar the comment from the brother apologising…[Read more]

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    Excellent link


    Apart from the fantastic Rosa I’ve felt the stories are average fare but felt that Whittaker pretty much nailed the role of The Doctor

    Each to their own though and I completely agree with the concept that some are and some just occupy the role

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    Rose got a happily ever after though. … eventually……… I think

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