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    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Yes the umbrella is very important… almost as important as the hat! ….almost! I think I’m obsessed with Panama Hats… thanks to the Seventh Doctor. And now I also want to learn how to play the spoons because of him too!


    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Minna Kane and her team explore the world of computer programming. They meet the visual effects artists who work on Doctor Who.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @faegrlΒ Β  @purofilion

    It’s interesting about the screaming. Susan did scream rather a lot, but then, what would you expect a teenager to do when being threatened by Daleks and so on? I know that nowadays, kids expect their alter egos to be a lot tougher, unfazed by anything, Harry Potter style, but frankly, I know I would probably scream if something monstrous startled the heck out of me while I was exploring an alien world. Although, I imagine the writers also used the screams as a way to increase tension or excitement, rather than worrying about what it meant for the character!

    Anonymous @
    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @scouttheairedale – Awwww! How cute! Sylvester is so cool; I really want to meet him at a convention, and get his autograph of course! Thanks for the link.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    Oh and I would like to mention my Panama Hat arrived today, and its perfect! Best hat ever! Now on to saving up some cash to buy the other items I need for the cosplay. Does anyone else here cosplay as Doctor Who characters?

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Well, the Eleventh Doctor would say, “Panama Hats are cool”, and that’s one item I would agree is cool. I don’t blame your love of them. For me personally, I avoid all hats and can’t stand wearing them. Scarfs are nice though. πŸ˜‰

    Ah! Playing the spoons is very much a lost art, I think. I loved your clip of the Seventh playing them! πŸ˜€

    ThanksΒ @scouttheairedale Β for passing along that clip (and toΒ @wolfweed for originally posting it, of course). I enjoyed that one much!

    @arbutus – Yes, I don’t mind the screaming at all, from Susan or Barbara. It’s something that I do expect in older movies and in anything current for that matter. It’s okay when a character is “stone face” against danger, but when someone screams in reaction to it, it does seem like the more natural thing to do.

    However, I did watch the episode about the melting clock earlier today… When Barbara first screamed, I jumped and thought, “What?! What happened?!” And then there stood a melted clock and she was completely falling to pieces over it. I’m not sure why she tossed her wrist watch, was it melting too? It seemed so random, but it did cause me to pay attention to that detail within the story. I’ll watch the second episode to the series later tonight. I just wanted to say that I think you’re onto something there, about how writers added the screams for tension… that was a very tense moment, for sure!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @purofilion – I think I know why I missed out on the documentary with Susan… I did buy the Anniversary Specials on Amazon (the very moment they were released to the US! I stalked the site and kept hitting ‘refresh’ until it was there. lol). And with it, I did get a documentary but it was about Matt Smith and no mention of old stars… not even the Fourth, even though he was in the special. Sadly, I think the US misses out on some documentaries and specials, and the UK gets all of the goodies, because someone here decides, “Eh, we don’t need to import that one.” It’s annoying! So, I will go searching for that one, πŸ™‚

    @monochromedimension – I did catch up to the clock melting episode! Now, I know exactly what you mean! After the next episode, I’m wondering what’s going to happen, because the whole serials to “Marco Polo” is said to be missing. Ah! πŸ™

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @faegrl – the melting clock is a ‘special effects failure’. Apparently it looked ever so much better in the studio. πŸ™‚

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @bluesqueakpip –Β Oh… now, I understand. I did wonder why she would freak out about the clock so much. Although, it did made the moment a lot intense, which I didn’t mind at all. πŸ˜‰

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl –Β Re: Spoon Playing – I know, and McCoy is so good at it! I do wonder how some Doctors seem to have musical talents when others don’t… in his first serial, it just seems the Seventh now can play the spoons when none of his previous incarnations could. Also, the Second Doctor played a recorder… none of the others do. Oh and the Fifth Doctor played a harp in ‘The Five Doctors’… okay, anybody else remember episodes where the Doctor played an instrument? Yes, spoons are an instrument!

    Re: Clock-melting – Ah yes, very odd scene. Thanks goes to @bluesqueakpip for explaining it though! And yes, the entire next serial is missing. You can either watch a recon or skip to the serial after that… which is Keys of Marinus… which I haven’t watched yet actually! Random episode viewing method and all.

    SuperVannah10 @supervannah10

    Hello! I’m very new to this site, in fact I’m about … 10 minutes old now πŸ˜€ I’m new to forums as well actually. I found it only appropriate for a Whovian forum to be my first. I’d love to be a regular on this site, and hope to be very soon! I just want to explain my username a little… My name is Savannah, and I find myself to be very super πŸ˜‰ and my favorite doctor is the 1oth one, David Tennet πŸ˜€ I’m also a huge grammar Nazi but that has nothing to do with my username xD

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @supervannah10 – That would be ‘Grammar Dalek’ here. Anyhow, yes, welcome! You picked a good site; not only is this a very friendly and relaxed forum… but we talk for ages about random Doctor Who subjects!

    SuperVannah10 @supervannah10

    Haha, great catch there, that’s very witty! And I must say it certainly sounds like I’ve found the right one! Random Doctor Who subjects are my forte.

    FandomCarzy @fandomcarzy

    hello! im new here so i thought i’d just post something random here. i really hope to be on a lot as i it seems like lots of fun πŸ™‚ i’l just leave this gif here for fun


    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @supervannah10 – Feel free to contribute to any of the current threads and conversations going on at the moment, and of course if you have any questions, most folks here are happy to help. Some threads that are good to start off in are ‘Doctor Who Memories’ and ‘The Faces of the Doctor’.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @fandomcarzyΒ – Hello there! A welcome to you too!

    FandomCarzy @fandomcarzy

    @MonochromeDimensionΒ do you have any go0d threads i can look at with out any spoilers? i haven’t finished season 7 yet :/

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @fandomcarzy – Ah, well I’m not too sure about that. There’s always a possibility that spoilers for an already released season will be in a thread. I personally am not bothered by spoilers, even though I haven’t watched all of season 7 (again, thanks to my random episode viewing method); perhaps somebody else can help out with that query. Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help than that, hopefully another member can direct you to the right threads.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @fandomcarzy and @supervannah10 – welcome!

    and also as @monochromedimension said, why not pop over to the “Faces of the Doctors” thread to post something about which Doctor(s) you like, or on the “Memories” thread about why you like Doctor Who.

    The other threads are kinda self explanatory (eg Companions is for memories/ thoughts on… companions!).

    “Spoilers” is where anything that isn’t in the general public domain (eg rumours on Twitter, publicity shots that aren’t on the BBC yet etc) are discussed. If you want to avoid reading about stuff that’s already aired, then best to avoid those specific threads!

    have fun, and dive in!

    Anonymous @

    @fandomcarzy and @supervannah10 – in addition to @whisht‘s recommendations for reading material (and posting material on this site), can I also point you toward these blogs:


    You’ll find a comprehensive working-over of the first 8 Doctors, lovingly enwrapped in the most personal and memorable writing you could find, anywhere, about Doctor Who.

    You are both obviously fans of the show, and so I know you’ll find much to reply about in the writing of those posts.

    goldsnake @goldsnake

    hello guys. this is a little random but here is picture of TARDIS INTERIOR made of paper and I made it. took a long time and hope you like it

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Yes, spoons is an instrument, as far as I’m concerned! They were very big in the 80’s here, but faded away from some unknown reason. The newer generation are into playing the cups: You’re Gonna Miss Me. I do wonder what other musical talents the Doctors have. I do know about the Second’s recorder! I’m just learning about the Seventh spoons and had no idea about the Fifth playing the harp! I look forward to that! πŸ˜€

    Welcome, @fandomcarzy and @supervannah10! You’re going to love this site, it’s awesome! And I’m also a huge fan of the Tenth! Especially the Doctor and Donna serials. πŸ˜‰

    @goldsnake – That’s a very brilliant piece of artwork there! I love it! One day, I’m determine to rebuild my room to look like the Tardis… somehow.

    goldsnake @goldsnake


    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Yay for the spoons! Also… the Seventh Doctor did sing in ‘The Happiness Patrol’… oh and he can juggle and do magic tricks too, as shown in ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’. And of course… tricks with his hat.

    @goldsnake – That’s cool!

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Okay… now I just want to skip ahead and check out the Seventh Doctor. LOL! But if I do that, Ill never get back to the First… I must stay strong… ignore temptation… Ahh! πŸ˜›

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Well the First and Seventh are my favourite Doctors! The First has a lot of serials, the Seventh has only twelve serials… because they cancelled the show. There was even plans for season 27… but noooo, they had to cancel it didn’t they!? Could of had more serials with the Seventh… and his hat. Okay I’ll stop ranting now. But his seasons do have some brilliant episodes! And once you get to watching them, you’ll notice the drastic change in personality between his first and second season.

    I guess its a bonus of my random viewing method… I can switch between Doctors.

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @monochromedimension – Wow… that’s so sad that the Seventh had such a short run and they canceled the show! In that case, I think I will cheat” and start viewing all of Seventh’s serials, right after I’m done with the last First serial I’m in the middle of. I can’t wait! πŸ˜€

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    And the cry goes up throughout the land…

    “Does anyone here understand curling?”

    I may be totally unaware beyond ‘one of the big stone things has to get closest to the centre of the target, yes?’, but I understand medals. Congratulations to the UK Women’s team for getting a Bronze and the UK Men’s team for getting through to the finals. 😎

    I wonder if Peter Capaldi knows anything about curling?

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip – forget curling – the sport du jour to watch is hurling.

    I was in Ireland years ago in a small town which was competing in that year’s hurling championship.Β  Not that I’m blaming the Guinness or anything (!) but I was almost literally rolling on the floor with tears of laughter:Β  Men in singlets and shorts, using jai-alai sticks to beat the cr*p out of each other.Β  The ball in the game seemed secondary to everyone’s nefarious motives.Β  Truly a wonderful sport to watch.

    Also, have you heard the sublime Linda Smith’s quote about curling?Β  It’s housework on ice.

    Whisht @whisht

    @ScouttheAiredale – ooooh, you’ve brought back a memory for me with the word “hurling”.

    I was between 7 or 10 and stood on the edge of a pitch with my dad, as the players ‘warmed up’ before the start of the first match I’d ever seen. ‘Warming up’ basically constituted walking/trotting around, elbowing each other.

    Then one player just in front of me picked up the ball on the end of his stick, tapped it into the air and smacked it with full force into the back of the head of an opponent standing about 15 feet away.

    The ball thudded into his head and just plopped onto the ground.

    The player who’d been hit simply turned around slowly, looked at the guy who’d smacked the ball, and nodded.


    I reached up for my dad’s hand and got a bit closer to him*.

    I didn’t let go throughout the entire match.

    *To be honest I’d done the same thing years earlier when watching scary monsters on Who, getting closer to dad’s leg as he sat in the armchair, oblivious to what was on and the fact I was scared shitless.


    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @faegrl – Oh if you are going to watch the Seventh Doctor’s serials, do tell me what you think of them! Just be warned; some folks are not keen on his first season at all, because it is rather silly most of the time; even if you find them odd, keep going, because his second and third seasons really get into the swing of things… some brilliant stories.

    @bluesqueakpip @scouttheairedale @whisht – Oh no, you’re going to turn me into a Topic Dalek again… shouldn’t that conversation be more suited to ‘The Rose and Crown’ thread?

    CedarBranchTardis @cedarbranchtardis

    Just wondering, does anyone know if Rory and Amy ever had anymore children after the Weeping Angel “killed them into the past”?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @monochromedimension – um, the current Doctor is Peter Capaldi, Peter Capaldi is Scottish, curling is a Scottish sport – no, not off-topic.

    ‘Twasn’t me who turned it into a discussion on hurling, which is mainly an Irish sport. @ScoutTheAiredale and @whisht, I’m looking at you…

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – that is some hurling memory – it made you conflate that sport with Doctor Who monsters!Β  Personally, hurling is in the same pantheon as Aussie Rules football* for me.

    * again, men in singlets and shorts beating the cr*p out of each other, with the game ball a seemingly unnoticed extravagance.Β  ie for me, an hour or so of absolute hilarity.

    @monochromedimension – {shuffles awkwardly} – Me Mum’s the original Topic, Grammar and Spelling Dalek ’round these here parts.Β  Always glad of a helping hand, though, seeing as she’s down the back of the sofa now.Β  πŸ˜€

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    (Though I admit the connection is a bit ‘Six Degrees of Doctor Who’. Still, I confidently expect the Capaldi Doctor to display his stone-sliding prowess at some point during Series 8.)


    CedarBranchTardis @cedarbranchtardis

    Stone sliding? At first I was thinking “3 skips on the water” like Peter Pan.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @cedarbranchtardis – they adopted a son. The scene was storyboarded, but never filmed.

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @bluesqueakpip – What if the Twelfth Doctor tried out curling then? Wouldn’t be too odd, the Fifth Doctor played cricket in an episode. Just need a good reason… hmmm…

    @scouttheairedale – Oh I was just called that once on here is all, I think I’m just too obsessed with Doctor Who I get bothered when the topic changes to something else. Hope I didn’t annoy anyone! I’m not a Dalek anyhow… not from Skaro… nope, I’m from Gallifrey. Its nice, usually. Though a lot of things are named ‘of Rassilon’.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @monochromedimension – not just the Fifth playing cricket. We also had the Smith Doctor in a football match. Yup, Capaldi for curling!

    My favourite ‘of Rassilon’ joke was ‘the clockwork mouse of Rassilon’. It finally made it into a Virgin New Adventures novel by Paul Cornell, Happy Endings. The villain of the piece had stolen the Loom of Rassilon’s Mouse. πŸ˜‰

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @bluesqueakpip – Really? I haven’t watched that episode yet… I know, I know… I have to watch more of New Who… but… I’m usually preoccupied watching the Classic Series.

    Oh I don’t think I’ve heard of that ‘of Rassilon’ before! lol I love all the ‘of Rassilon’ you get in ‘The Five Doctors’; ‘of Omega’ is good too, but not as exciting as ‘OF RASSILON’!

    CedarBranchTardis @cedarbranchtardis

    Thanks, Bluepipsqueak, always felt bad for Rory and Amy for losing Melody. (The Doctor is affecting me too much, feeling bad for fictional characters.)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @bluesqueakpip, @whisht, @ScoutTheAiredale

    Congrats on the UK’s curling performance! We quite enjoy the curling in our family. It’s popular here in Canada, although it doesn’t get the media love that hockey does (except it suddenly becomes very important during the Olympics, when it can add to our medal count!). I like the strategy of it, seeing how they try to block each other, guard themselves, knock each other around. And the sweeping does look kind of hilarious, as does all the shouting. I would adore seeing curling on Doctor Who!

    Highly amused by the hurling stories as that is a sport that I know nothing about, except that it exists. (Kind of like my relationship with Aussie Rules, in fact!)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @bluesqueakpip, @monochromedimension

    There were some similar jokes in one of the Eighth Doctor audios as I recall: the Doctor commenting sarcastically about the hair dryer of Rassilon, the hoover of Rassilon, etc. One could go on and on, the possibilities are endless.

    Whisht @whisht

    @monochromedimension – yegads its just black & white for you!


    I tried to get from curling to Who… but [hangs head] I guess its a Rose & Crown memory, but I was only a kid, so wasn’t thinking of the pub!

    Monochrome Dimension @monochromedimension

    @arbutus – Oh the Hair Dryer of Rassilon! Sounds impressive!

    @whisht – lol! Ah, I prefer the term ‘monochrome’.

    Been watching some Doctor Who, old series of course. Though not monochromatic today, no these episodes were technicolour. My quest continues to watch all Doctor Who serials… even if they’re not in order a lot of the time.

    SuperVannah10 @supervannah10

    @faegrl I’m rather fond of Donna myself. She was amusing xD

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @purofilion – really sorry to read you had a rough night.

    Too late to act as a balm, but here’s something beautiful (which I don’t think I’ve used before, unlike the Eno/ Penguin Cafe I was initially thinking of).

    Anonymous @

    @whisht and @arbutusΒ  Firstly thanks for giving me the correct info about Gould: I was sure he’d committed suicide? I must have mixed him up with another performer. Tragically, it’s all too real a ‘threat’ in the ‘industry’ of music. My apologies.

    The Sylvian was perfect, thank you. A terrific wakeup and a great help. Still, one foot in front of the other and a gallon of power aide (awful stuff) ought to help as well. Not to mention a nasty strong brew!

    Kindest, purofilion

    FaeGrl @faegrl

    @supervannah10 – I LOVE Danna! She’s my favorite companion of the new series, the Ponds are second. I think I love Donna because the two actors, Catherine Tate and David Tennant works very well together. Even in their interviews, it’s just a lot of fun to watch those two together. I do have two Doctor Who action figures… it’s the Tenth Doctor and Donna. It cost me so much money to get, a month’s wages, but worth it! After I’m done moving around the US (I have an upcoming move from Minnesota to Maryland this summer), I plan to waste money again and buy more action figures of the older Doctors and companions. I already have K-9 and a couple of Daleks. The biggest goal is to purchase the Tardis playset. I’m a total fangirl… sigh…


    @purofilion – I’m sorry you’ve had a bad night as well! And I’m sorry that I missed that post… the site is flooded with so much chatter lately and I miss things, otherwise I would’ve hughed you earlier than now. *Virtual Hugs!* I hope things get better for you! πŸ™‚

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