• Thank you, Janette. It must take a lot of courage to kill off someone that is very popular. Or even “send them away” like Rose,  Rory, Amy, Mickey. (I’m the tin dog, funniest line on the show). Also, in the “dangerous” world of The Doctor, there has to be casualties, sadly.  And I have enjoyed the programs with more than one doctor showing up. A…[Read more]

  • I’ve always found it interesting/ironic that the writers have never had a problem killing off characters we really like, unlike other TV series where popular characters last forever. And nobody rocks a Fez like Matt Smith. 🙂

  • I believe the TARDIS is just like Snoopy’s doghouse, it has an indoor pool, right?

  • I feel like I just need to post my actua photo and she won’t bother me. LOL

  • I really liked the contrast between the different doctors. Eccleston looking at his “big ears”. More “athletic”, Tennant and his “brooding”, Smith’s “goofiness”, Capaldi should have wailed away on his guitar more. Some changes I didn’t like, the sonic screwdriver not being used, the TARDIS looking like the bridge of a starship, the loss of…[Read more]

  • The Doctor isn’t a real person? OH NO! Seriously, I always enjoyed Capaldi’s guitar playing.

  • I realize that many of the past stars of The Doctor would have a difficult time coming back full time, and I don’t think I would want that. I was wondering about a “special guest appearance”, or a special show. I do not want to see it get bogged down, either. I’ve watched other shows in the past and I finally got burned out on them after so many…[Read more]

  • I have been DVRing the new episodes and have not watched them yet. With the holidays coming up and regular TV goes to reruns and Christmas shows that aren’t very Christmassy, I hope to get caught up. 1st, glad the Doctor has a sonic screwdriver again. 2nd I still liked the old TARDIS better, the new TARDIS looks to much like a carousel  at the…[Read more]

  • So regeneration can change XY chromosomes into XX? 🙂 My biggest “complaint” although I’m not really complaining, is “falling in love” with the characters and companions of Dr. Who and have them “move on”. Rose, Clara, Martha, Mickey, loved his line “I’m the tin dog”, LOL. But I can’t change things so I have to move on. Haven’t watched the new…[Read more]

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    I don’t even remember when I first watch the Dr. I worked with someone sometime between 1975-1984 who watched the Dr. on public TV in the US. When I signed up for Dish Network with BBC-America, I discovered the Dr. and I think Chris Eccleston was the 1st Dr. I saw. I was finally warming up to Peter Capaldi and now he is gone. I will miss his…[Read more]

  • I haven’t posted or followed the forums lately, but apparently there has been a flame war going on. I have read a post by one person who rambled on so that I was totally lost as to the point of their post. As for Mel, while he may be a jerk, he is also a “talented jerk” like far too many in Hellyweird. Ya’ll have a goodern.

  • When I watch The Doctor, there is always a wide range of emotions. When beloved characters leave, it always leave me sad, but I don’t want “depression”. When The Doctor stays “gloomy” for several episodes, yep, depression, pretty much. And I miss the “old” TARDIS where everything looked like it was patched together with baling wire, a oppressor to…[Read more]

  • Love the guitar, but does he have a sonic screwdriver? If not, he needs one. That’s as much a part of The Doctor as the TARDIS.

  • I like him a little lighter at the least. The Doctor was getting depressing, too much “inner guilt”, for lack of a better term.


  • I told one I was 67 and had been happily married for over 43 years. Maybe I should have added I’m also flat broke.

  • Thanks, appreciate that, but it sounds like Common Core math to me. LOL

  • Help me here. The Doctor can regenerate 12 times, or there can be 12 Doctors total? What happens when we run out of regeneration’s?

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    Anyone besides me get dizzy the last 15 minutes of Heaven Sent?

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    Don’t know where to post this question, but does anyone know why the Time Lords are such jerks? They are supposed to be “the best of the best”. Super intelligent, super civilized, but acts rotten. Also, how could the “greatest’ get their hineys whopped by the Daleks?

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    I have slowly warmed to Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. I will miss Clara, she is/was so cute. As the “Impossible Girl” hasn’t she already died twice? Sometimes hard to keep up. Some of this may have already been covered. I need to visit here more often. Spoilers anyone? Catch me up please.

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