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    Anonymous @


    what’s a steelbook?

    have I missed something? Again!

    DalekTor @dalektor


    Ok, here’s my go at the question.

    I believe that the Daleks would get bored. To stop the boredom, they would reincarnate the Doctor and continually defeat him for the lulz. At some point, the infinity-th (Yes, that’s a word that I just made up) clone/timestream paradox double/solid hologram/whatever plot device would manage to pull off something brilliant and escape for a long enough time period to cause the Big Bang for the THIRD time (Except that instead of being a Macguffin box flying into an exploding TARDIS, it would be an exploding Dalek armada).

    Or they’d just remember what art was and go do that instead. XD

    I’ll follow you up on your suggestion of looking at the Faces of the Doctor thread, it’s just that this thread said it was a good place for random discussion and your first post. 🙂

    EDIT: Turns out that XD doesn’t turn into a smiley. 🙁



    Metal container for the discs.


    Colon-D is the big smiley, I think (will find out in a mo). 😀

    The Daleks have a concept of beauty (cf Asylum). So they probably already do art – we just don’t see at as that!

    DalekTor @dalektor


    I did watch Asylum, which is where I got the idea that they’d take it a step farther and start making actual art. Sorry if I was unclear.

    PS Asylum was pretty good, in my opinion. But then, the only reason I started watching Who was because I wanted to see why the giant pepper-pots were scary, and then they turned out to be awesome. So I’m biased.



    making actual art

    No, no – you were perfectly clear. It just seems that you are exhibiting a very human concept of art 😉

    to see why the giant pepper-pots were scary

    It’s not the pepper-pots, it’s the pepper!

    DalekTor @dalektor


    Well, I’m human, so I have no idea what art made by Daleks would look like. *grins* Maybe there already is Dalek art all over their spaceships and we don’t see it because it’s not art as we define it.



    Consider divine beauty from the Dalek PoV. Say, annihilating a planet.

    They could, perhaps, develop a planet killer/ Death Star type thing.

    But that might be considered crass, graceless.

    They may prefer, from the standpoint of beauty, to build a legion or two and take the plant apart inch-by-inch to fully savour every moment.


    Near Kings Cross Station in London is a cluster of gas holders that were built in Queen Victoria reign. Long since redundant, they were built very much to serve a purpose. But they are things of beauty and are now protected structures.

    Or consider the Chrysler Building. On the one hand, just another office building….


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @dalektor    Having conquered the Universe and destroyed everything not Dalek-kind, they would no longer have a purpose. Their society would become corrupt and would ultimately collapse in on itself. Finally, a tiny group of visionary Daleks, understanding what the Daleks had done to themselves, would set out on a quest, in search of some remaining spark of life somewhere in the distance reaches of space. When they found what they sought, they would hide themselves away and embark on the long process of encouraging this life to evolve, in the hope that eventually, Dalek society could heal itself, when it once again had something to fight.

    Anonymous @


    no, absolutely you were right to post here (gawd I hope we wasn’t rude! -again -coz that would be the Mum part or Puro. We are the hybrid you see) and I like your idea very much. I can’t imagine what the Daleks would do beyond actually sitting in a void ‘bubble’ and awaiting a parallel universe and destroying it! (oh, oops, that’s been done) or perhaps being ultra capitalists?

    Coz we have a PM Dalek who is like that here in Aus 🙂


    Son of Puro

    winston @winston

    @dalektor   I think with no-one to conquer and exterminate the Daleks would eventually go insane. A whole universe of insane Daleks with nothing to do but form a glee club. After learning to sing and dance they will be put on shows that will drive those few remaining “sane” Daleks insane also. After 146 hours of the Dalek version of Singing in the Rain, renamed “Exterminate, Exterminate”  anyone would lose their grip on reality.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @arbutus  Love your Dalek story!

    DalekTor @dalektor


    Or maybe it’s an eternity of Monty Python.



    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant @dalektor  On Dalek “art”, has this point ever been addressed in DW?  I mean the difficulties of actually perceiving alien art as art in our own terms.  It took a long time for Westerners to perceive African art as art, didn’t it?  Too easy to dismiss strange-looking objects as “ritual objects” or some such, maybe, rather than realizing that some strange looking objects might be toys, and some might be art for art’s sake.  There’s a fair amount of SF literature dealing with “alien” art, music in particular, but in DW — ?  Nothing comes to mind . . . I’m sure I’m missing obvious examples, though.

    DalekTor @dalektor


    I don’t think so, but I haven’t seen all of the episodes of Classic Who. There might be some in a serial I don’t know about.

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @ichabod @dalektor I have seen all the classic series dalek stories and I don’t think that Dalek art was ever touched on mind you in death to the Daleks they used a model TARDIS for a firing target!

    DalekTor @dalektor


    Do targets count? Target mock-ups aren’t normally considered art, but then these are Daleks we’re talking about.


    Anonymous @

    Due to excess posts (or maybe the excess weight of our collective bums 😉 ) this topic is now closed. Our spanking new sofa has now arrived.

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