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    janetteB @janetteb

    @zeyra Welcome. Your English is as good as, (or better than), mine and I have never spoken any other language. (My spelling is appalling. I blame it on typos of course.:-) )

    Last night we re watched Blink and then had to watch Human Nature/Family of Blood. All superb episodes. All four actors to play the Doctor since the re boot have brought something new and unique to the role while still being “our Doctor”. Each one is my favourite depending on which one I am watching at the time. I am always amazed that Dr Who can achieve this; convincing us, the audience, that different people with entirely different faces, ages, and mannerisms, are still the same person.





    On other Class 8 medications, I’m totally fine! (burp).

    For some values of “totally fine”. 😉

    Anonymous @


    Statistically, it really is fine -or no, it’s terrible!  B)

    Missy @missy

    @zeyra: Hello there and welcome. *waves*

    Your favourite Doctor was Matt smith then? Mine is Peter Capaldi.  Although all of them since 2005 were outstanding, PC, in my opinion, is the best.

    I too am a Sherlockian, and as Puro said, we have got a thread about the show.

    Your English is very good.


    Zeyra @zeyra

    Thank you, all of you, for welcoming me 😀

    I’m glad my english in understandable !

    @missy No, Matt Smith isn’t my favourite. He is second because David Tennant was so adorable I don’t think anyone will ever beat him XD I love all the faces of the Doctor of course but 10 was amazing. I like 11 too but that’s not a problem because hey, Time Lord, two hearts ! Two favourites !

    I went to see what was on the music topic and there are only quite old music, not that I mind, but, why is that ? I am 17 by the way, and I am under the impression that you are older than me, am I right ? It’s not a problem I love talking with people that are not my age it’s always interesting but what is the average age here ? Just being curious ^^’ don’t reply if you don’t want to 😀

    I just met 12 and he seems a bit… I don’t know if I’ll like him as much as the others… But hey, I hated Ten at first !

    I’m like that… All the things I love, I hated them at first. My little brother is the only exception : I always loved him.

    So.. First I hate them. Then I tolerate them, then I start missing them when they aren’t here, then I love them and I cry when I lose them or when they’re sad… That happens a lot with Doctor who, more than any other show, and I don’t understand why, but maybe it’s just because the characters are so colorful and magic and extraordinary  and… I was saying something about music. Do you mind if I share the music I like even you prefer another kind of music ? Like, I love rock and instrumental music, and I am pretty good to find some reference to any story I’m inlove with at the moment (right now : Doctor Who). But I don’t like meaningless music like most people my age if you feared that 😀

    There are some songs I liked before, now I can’t listen to them without crying because they make me think about Rose and the Doctor and that’s really heart breaking sometimes, how the lyrics match perfectly their story (or is it just me ?) I just want to share that. So is this alright ?

    It might be important to tell you that it is my first time on a forum ^^” (I think it explain why I’m asking all that doesn’t it ? XD)


    Anonymous @


    LOL. Yes the music thread has all ‘old  music’ I’m 15 and I basically listen to all the oldies -Tin Machine; Rolling Stones and their albums; etc etc. I do like Billy Bragg who’s older but singing still, and also The Mountain Goats. I love protest music and I don’t like much sweet boy bands type of thing. It’s just my opinion though. I have listened to everything suggested to me by the Music Masters on the site -there all there on the Thread! Mum’s one of them. I had a bit of a go at her on that thread (oops: loads of chores) -Mum and I post together . She’s Puro and my name is my avatar. Have a great time on the Forum. I loved Tennant too. But then I loved Mat Smith (my doctor I guess) but I think the Peter era in the last 3 years has really shown what the best telly can do.

    Oh, it’s late. Gotta hit the plank!

    Thx, Thane.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @thane15 I am a little envious. For some reason my laptop seems to have a seizure when i visit the music thread so I avoid it.

    We cannot watch last night’s episode yet as the boys had a LAN last night and have all “hit the plank” so we have to wait till tomorrow. To console ourselves we are continuing our watch of old stories. Much to our shock we have discovered that there are a lot of Pertwee stories which neither of us remember ever seeing. Currently watching Planet of the Daleks which one of my Dr Who guide books says is crap and the other gives a 8/10 so will be interesting to see which is closer to the mark. The previous story, Frontier in Space had a lot of B.5 elements. It was evidently one of the stories which inspired J.M.S. Also nice to see Jo really gaining some character muscle. A pity it is nearly the end of her “run”. I am beginning to like her.





    here are only quite old music, not that I mind, but, why is that ?

    Because we are all very, very old!

    Well, OK, some of us are. But we are mostly of an age that our musical awareness and, indeed, awareness of other things was shaped by a time when blues-rooted rock and pop was in its full glory. So, basically the 1960s though to around the mid 1980s (not that there isn’t great music before and since, just that these were the defining years for us).

    Feel absolutely free to post whatever music you like in the music thread.

    First I hate them. Then I tolerate them

    In the words of a (very old) Petula Clark song:

    “didn’t like you much when I first met you,

    But somehow I couldn’t quite forget you.”


    I do like Billy Bragg who’s older but singing still,

    Thanks dude.

    A friend of mine once got chucked into a police van with him (demo outside South Africa House)


    Mudlark @mudlark


    what is the average age here ? Just being curious

    I’m not sure what the average is, but there are people here of all ages, from those in their teens like yourself, to a few like me who whose status is verging on the antique.  What ever our age, experience and other interests, what we all have in common is the love of Doctor Who and a desire to discuss the show or just an interest in reading the views of others, so in that respect, at the very least, you should feel at home here.  Apart from that, everyone is welcome to discuss whatever music, other TV shows, films or books they wish and, as you have probably noticed already, there is also a site for talking about all the other topics you might discuss and debate in a pub.


    SeverusOswald @severusoswald


    Hello! 🙂

    I’m 14. I like Matt Smith first, then David. I feel the same way with all the Doctors … I started to love Capaldi just recently.

    Zeyra @zeyra

    Waow ! This is great ! I love differences ! They all are so interesting !

    I am going back to school tomorow and I am in a boarding school so I don’t know if I will be able to talk during the week, sorry ^^’

    It’s close to hell sometimes (school) because I’m in S (the scientific classes) and I am not very good at math… Well (WHY do I always hear Ten when I write that ?) not terrible, but I only survive and surviving only is not enough… I should work I know I should but I always find something so much more interesting and I end up not doing any homework… Then I start to stress and my breathing doesn’t work anymore and my heartbeat becomes weird and I can’t sleep and the only way to calm down is to watch Doctor Who or Supernatural or Sherlock or read, forget myself, focus on the story and all. But I can’t do that at school ! Well.. I do but I mean I can’t do that and listen !

    Since I am a child people always say I’m on Pluto, or Mars, or another galaxy. It’s funny to hear and I wish I was (in the Tardis yeah !) but it can be very anoying when I need to listen but my brain doesn’t agree and find the class boring and a few minutes later (or more) I reconnect with reality and realised I missed a part I don’t understand. Thank you, brain.

    You know it’s really a problem, I love it because it means I can never get bored if I don’t want to be, I can always use my imaginations or remember a story I like, it’s just… I can’t be at my best at school because of it. Do you guys have any idea to help me ? It’s ok to just tell me that it isn’t the place to ask those things XD

    By the way, my little brother love doctor who so much that he watched all season 8 without me even if watching tv shows is for him a way to spend time with me… So he must really love it XD

    I think of drawing tallies on him tonight… It would be so funny ! Should I ? x)

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @janetteb — Planet of the Daleks is cheesily terrible — Terry Nation really phoning it in. But as it’s my first encounter with Who in any form I have a significant soft spot for it…

    janetteB @janetteb

    @jimthefish It certainly felt “dialed in”. I zoned out and worked on writing through most of it. Sad to say one of the few things I really noticed is that one episode is black and white. I thought they had stopped scrapping Who by the Pertwee years. Clearly I was very wrong about that. Quite a few stories were recovered from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) as they repeated and repeated them. I saw several years after the original broadcast but it seems they did not repeat them all because I did see some stories with Jo Grant but not all of them. Someone in ABC clearly knew which stories were worth repeating. Saw Carnival of Monsters and Green Death but not Frontier in Space, (which was ok but repetitive) and the Dalek story.

    @zeyra I had exactly the same problem at school, daydreaming all the time which is in part which I did well in English and History, subjects that required me to read rather than listen to learn and poorly at Maths. Our youngest son, (whom I refer to on this site as R.3. Recalcitrant three) has the same problem and like you is doing well in science but struggles with Maths.



    ichabod @ichabod

    Hi, @zeyra — welcome to the Sofa (and the rest of the site too, of course)!  We’re always happy to have new voices.  I was never any good at math, and it’s only due to Miss Matske, of hallowed memory, who gave me an undeserved Pass in math (she knew I’d never get into college without a Scholarship and I wouldn’t get that with an average dragged down by a math fail) out of sheer kindness.  Life is so odd, and you don’t have to be The Doctor to notice that.  Ended up writing and teaching, which, fortunately, don’t need to involve a much math.  I wish I had some advice for you about daydreaming in class; if I think of anything, I’ll post it.


    Zeyra @zeyra


    Thank you I feel less alone now !

    @ichabod Thank you to you too ! I really feel better now !

    It doesn’t solve my problem though… In math class this morning the teachers kept calling me every 10min so I focus on the exercises… I didn’t do anything except drawing a TARDIS, some Bowties and Ten wearing 3D glasses… The guy sitting next to me asked why I didn’t draw Sherlock or Castiel anymore (he is fan of Sherlock bbc and Supernatural thanks to me) and I told him about doctor who… The first he does tonight is watch the first episode !

    Mudlark @mudlark


    You are certainly not alone because I, also, was not very good at maths – even though I did in the end manage to narrowly pass the necessary examinations.  I loved physics and the biological sciences; chemistry not so much, but that may have been partly because my teacher in that subject was not very good at her job. The deficiency in mathematical ability meant that I could never become a physicist, so I became an archaeologist, combining my love of history and the past with a discipline which required scientific method.  And I, too, had a tendency to day-dream in class and let my wander in paths that had nothing to do with the matters the teacher was trying to impart.  I cannot claim to have made more than a very slight contribution to the advancement of knowledge, but you should always remember that it is the dreamers, whether in the sciences or the humanities, who are the ones who provide the inspiration for human progress.


    Mudlark @mudlark


    In what I wrote above there was a sentence in which I omitted a word which made nonsense of what I wrote and so, bearing in mind that English is not your first language, and in case you were confused, the fourth sentence should have begun: ‘I too, had a tendency to day-dream in class and let my mind wander … ‘

    myth96 @myth96

    Hello everyone,

    I’m myth. I’m from the U.S. and I’ve been a fairly avid fan of the show for several years now.

    I found this forum cause I was looking for somewhere where I could chat with other whovians about the show. Apparently this is the place to be. I originally picked up on the show right around when Matt Smith took over, but I started with Eccleston since that’s what Netflix had at the time. Since then I’ve spent the time when Doctor Who is off the air to try to watch as many of the classic episodes as I can find. Any recommendations for sites I can use to watch more classic who? I’ve found several of the first doctors serials on dailymotion but the uploader recently deleted their account. I’m hoping to just go through from 1st to 7th and catch as many as I can this summer while I’m on break from school.

    I’m glad to be here and hope to learn more about the show and about all you other fans out there.



    Missy @missy

    @zeyra: I can understand your preference for David Tennant, rather cute I think 🙂 I prefer  Mr. Capaldi because he is older, wiser and has a face that is lived in. *winks*




    Zeyra @zeyra

    @myth96 Hi ! Welcome to the forum ! 😀 I’m sorry if I make mistakes with my english, i’m French ^^’

    What’s your favorite doctor and what’s your favorite episode ? 😀

    @mudlark archaeologist ? That’s amazing !!! I wanted to become one when I was a kid ! I love that job it seems so interesting and discovering things from the past, retrace History, it’s one of the best things to do in the world !

    I like day-dreaming but my friends always laugh at me when I do that, because I do that everywhere, everytime they don’t let me talk during more that 2min… I talk to focus, because I have to make sentences that makes sense with the former one. The best to focus is to write in english, because I really have to focus on the words and all, so my mind can’t think about more than two or three things so I don’t start talking about something else completely different… Like I always do with my friends. So that’s why I never stop talking if nobody stops me.. It can be a problem ’cause some people hate me for that at school, finds me annoying and childish but that’s just because i’m always so happy to discover new things and to talk about things I like with my friends, like that one I mentionned earlier, he wanted to watch one episode of Doctor Who, just to stop me from asking him to, and he watched until he fell asleep on his computer.. At 1am, episode 7. I knew he was going to love it ! He didn’t know Nine, so he was surprised it wasn’t Ten, He thought there was only Ten Eleven and Twelve…. Does the internet not like Nine ? What did he do ? ><”

    And he is going to like Jack soooo much ! First of all, that friend of mine likes boys. (it’s funny ’cause the whole school thinks we love each other XDD and we definitely don’t) Then, my friend is afraid of what people may think of him and Jack isn’t, so my friend will think he’s brave and all. Plus, who doesn’t like Captain Jack ? Nobody can resist him. Nobody minds XDDDDDDDDDDD

    Ok, uh, I’m gonna stop talking because I wanna watch some doctor who episode before I have to go back to school at 13h10, and I really want to finish season 8 before Supernatural breaks my heart. Seriously sometimes I question my sanity, I only love the shows that hurt the most.



    I guarantee that this is the most spectacular picture research fail you will see:

    Humans: slow, slovenly, smart.

    Robots: Fast, accurate, stupid.

    Zeyra @zeyra

    @pedant Omg how do I stop laughing now ?! XDDD  … Wait, there is a very quick way. *go watch an episode of Doctor Who directed by Moffat*

    myth96 @myth96

    @zeyra I think my favorite Doctor is either 12 or 10. My favorite episode is probably Heaven Sent. Before that episode came out I think it was The End of Time.

    @mudlark That’s funny that you mention archaeology because I’m currently an archaeology student at my university. I’ll be spending a month this summer on a site that was once a spanish fort built over a native american settlement.

    I think part of the reason I love Doctor Who so much is because my two main interests are archaeology and IT work. I love new, futuristic technology but also really enjoy history and learning about the past.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant — Well, the combo of that photo with that headline really caught my attention!  Generally in the US we don’t let any dead people, doctors or not, perform any kind of surgery!

    It’s a grim matter, though.  I’ve seen several cases reported of immigrant families sending daughters back to their native country in order to get sliced up per hometown and/or religious tradition, if they can’t find a doctor to do it to their child in their new country.  There’s no telling how long it will take to stamp out this repulsive and criminal “custom” in places where it’s been endemic for some time.

    Missy @missy

    Dreadful state of affairs.

    @myth96: Yes, that is mine too. wonderful acting, camera work, special effects and, of course, writing.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    Quite fun and worth it for Michelle Gomez’s interpretation of the 12th Doc alone…

    Missy @missy

    @jimthefish: How charming, such fun. thank you for posting.


    Anonymous @


    Hi there and welcome. The sofa’s the best place to start! Great story posted by @jimthefish. I really like her reading voice.

    The music thread’s another fun one…



    Zeyra @zeyra

    do you think it’s ok if I make Doctor Who references in my english exam ? I think my teacher is a fan… I’m just not sure yet. He loves tv shows and UK so I assume he knows and likes Doctor who 😀




    In principle I can’t see a why not. But it does depend on how and where you are thinking of doing so, and what your teacher is looking for. That is, what’s the question/ topic?

    Zeyra @zeyra



    The subject for the essay was : travelling by yourself can be a life changing experience.

    I first thought about my grand parents who are almost crazy, going with only some clothes and money to africa or asia not really knowing where they’ll go (can be very dangerous but it’s amazing too so…)

    anyway. Then I thought about Martha ! She became a soldier after travelling with the doctor but no she wasn’t by herself so it doesn’t count… But when the doctor is travelling alone…. It does count ! So I talked about that.



    Your grand parents seems awesome!

    Can’t see anything wrong with that. If it was me (and obviously I’m not you, so you do whatever you like) I’d focus how, when the doctor is alone too long, his moral compass can get a bit confused – and his fellow travellers have a long history of getting his feet back on the ground. Hmm. mixed metaphors there, but you see what I mean.

    Zeyra @zeyra

    I can’t the exam was this afternoon

    ichabod @ichabod

    @thane15  Excellent idea!  Let us know the outcome . . . !

    Meanwhile, Here, just because I can.  Well.  Because I can’t help myself.  And I’ve recovered from LMAO over it.


    Hope the link works.  It’s worth fixing it, if not.






    janetteB @janetteb

    @zeyra I travelled alone and with friends and usually while travelling alone  I would make friends along the way who I travelled with for a time, when our respective paths ran parallel. There are benefits to travelling alone but there are also a lot of negatives. Aside from the greater freedom that travelling with a companion gives, (for a woman at least especially in some of the parts of the world I was in) having someone to share an experience with greatly enriches it, provided of course you are of “like mind”. At one time I was so overcome with loneliness and longing for the friends i had left behind that I sat in the central square of a French town, (Brive I think maybe) and cried. So many kind people approached to ask if I was ok and offer help that embarrassment dried my tears very quickly.

    I think the Doctor does reflect the benefits and negatives of travelling alone. We benefit from and are enriched by companions who put matters into perspective for us, call us out when we are ridiculous and give sound advice when needed and whom we return all those favours for. Hope you did well with the essay.

    @ichabod The Unicorn and the Dalek sounds like a children’s book begging to be written. I think my favourite from the list is The Awkroids of Tara.



    Zeyra @zeyra

    I hope I knew that story of yours before the essay ’cause that was exactly what the teacher asked ! But I had to make it in 150 words and that was hard… Do I only talked about the good points.

    Ed @instramatic

    Hello! New member here, joined because I’ve been wondering about an episode for the longest time. In the 70s there was a Tom Baker ep I remember where he had to move through some sort of corridor but at every door there was a puzzle he had to solve.  One of them involved squares with some lines on them so he used his scarf to measure the length and match it with another line or something like that.  Does anyone remember this ep?  Thanks!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    That sounds to me like Pyramids of Mars – in one of the episodes the Doctor had to solve a series of logic puzzles. Corridors were involved and the Doctor’s Companion was Sarah Jane Smith.

    The puzzles ended up with two robot mummies (don’t ask) who acted out the old classic of The Guard Who Always Tells The Truth and The Guard Who Always Lies. The Doctor was allowed only one question…

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    Ed @instramatic


    That sounds like that might be it.  I’ll check it out, thank you!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Just read that Moray Watson, the wonderful actor who played Sir Robert Muir in the Peter Davison Doctor Who two parter “Black Orchid” died today. True, “Black Orchid” wasn’t the finest Who, more Agatha Christie, perhaps, than Who, but Moray Watson was as dependable as ever. For me, he will always be George Frobisher from “Rumpole”.

    I can’t remember if “Black Orchid” was one of the BG stories we watched and commented on, back when we did that sort of thing. Actually, it would be good to revisit some BG Who again.


    So just clicked….something, not sure what… that led me to a post I made on the Graun during S6.

    I really liked Amy in a pirate hat.

    That’s Amy.






    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave Moray Watson played a wonderfully sarcastic Mr Bennett in the 1982 Pride and Prejudice which is the role I most associate him with. Another fine old British actor gone.

    I agree with you regarding revisiting some BG Who. We have been watching old stories sometimes of a week night. (mostly when painting miniatures but haven’t done much painting in recent weeks so no Who watching though that is probably because the S/O is currently occupied with a game.) I was really enjoying the Pertwee stories. There were several we had not watched before. When they were all repeated on ABC about twelve years ago the boys watched them but we were usually busy getting dinner and missed out.




    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @blenkinsopthebrave @janetteb

    Yes, very sad about the death of Moray Watson. One of those character actors who always seemed to turn up in things I’d be drawn to. Such a long career as well, all the way back to The Quatermass Experiment in ‘53.

    We did indeed look back on Black Orchid during our last major series of retrospectives.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Late last week also saw the news of the passing of a true great in comics and illustration, Leo Baxendale. There is a fine & comprehensive tribute to the man by the Guardian’s political cartoonist Steve Bell, here.

    From my point of view growing up as a nipper in the 1970s, some of his biggest achievements were in the past. He was responsible for creating characters like Minnie the Minx and The Bash Street Kids in The Beano during the 1950s and 1960s. His combination of intricate jokes and anarchic anti authority stance were hugely popular and influential. His first strip for the Bash Street Kids saw them commandeer a tank and deliberately crash it into a Police station. That’s pretty strong now. Imagine it in the buttoned up 1950s!

    The material I experienced in the 1970s included his work on Wham with Grimly Feendish (surely the inspiration for Gru in Despicable Me) and the completely and wonderfully bonkers Badtime Bedtime and Willy the Kid books. A heady combination of anarchic subversion with occasional forays into the macabre.

    Those later books sometimes drew on or lovingly parodied concepts from Doctor Who, which was always a delight when two of your childhood interests came together. From the Willy the Kid books, Willy meets the Loch Ness Dalek:

    The Loch Ness Dalek

    If anyone wants to learn a bit more about this period in comics, and the impact Leo had (he features), this BBC documentary narrated by Armando Iannucci is fab:

    Zeyra @zeyra

    Hi everyone !

    I just finished to catch up and now I am waiting for season 10 episode 4 to be in vostfr… And I am heart broken again by what just happen in season 9… No spoil but those who know will understand… I think ? And it led to me writing a small text… It’s not really related to Doctor Who so it’s not a fanfiction, but it’s not unlinked either… I just wanna know what you guys think about it.

    As I laid my eyes on him the black raven of death flying around me became an eagle bringing light upon us, and he smiled at me while reaching out his hand. I took it and off we went, running like young fools.
    All of this is a fading dream now. He is just a memory that became a story as the years went by. His gravestone looks just like the others, yet I could have recognised it between a thousand. He isn’t important to the universe, but for me, he is the most important thing in it. I wanted to be with him forever, and so did he, but one of us had to go first. We never took the time to think about what would happen to the other then. We were afraid, terrified of the never ending pain and suffering that follows the loss of a soulmate like this. Such a great love, that could only be followed by the darkest times. The black raven never dies.

    Missy @missy


    Well I liked it very much. The words summed up the incredible sadness  felt, for the Doctor – and for Clara of course. The most poignant moment for me, was when the Doctor  takes Clara’s hand from his face, and kisses it.  It was Peter’s idea, or so I read. The tears flowed, I don’t think I have ever cried like that over an episode of Doctor Who.


    Zeyra @zeyra


    I cried during that episode too… Almost as much as for Doomsday… I miss clara so much, and I still can’t get over Rose yet.

    Missy @missy


    Rose is my favourite, closely followed by Bill. As for Doomsday – pass the tissues!  The music didn’t help either.

    Have you seen the Doctor who concerts? There have been three. One in Cardiff, two in the Royal Albert Hall London. The first two were hosted by David Tennant, and the third by Matt smith. I can’t find out whether there has been one with Peter Capaldi.



    Anonymous @


    It’s good you have that level of sensitivity Zeyra. My mates who are 15 don’t feel those issues. I do, though. A loss of a character is quite shocking to me. I remember crying about a fiction character for the first time with Doctor Who -when David Tennant left.

    It’s good you like Clara. I was watching some of the Doctor Who specials and minisodes at school today and read some of the really nasty comments about Clara, Amy and even Peter Capaldi. I will always prefer Matt Smith as my  Doctor (Mum met Peter Capaldi briefly when he was in Sydney but there wasn’t time to get an autograph or a picture as Mum’s phone is from the stone age), but I really love Capaldi. His stories have taken the show to a whole new level and I don’t  know if any Doctor/actor could have done Hell Bent (or is it Heaven Sent) the way he did, so expertly.

    I quite like this season but 2015 was the best series I’ve seen -except for Season 5 which introduced Matt Smith.

    The concerts are fun as @missy says. I went to Sydney to see one and though Mat wasn’t there, Alex Kingston was and also Rory and the guy who plays his Dad.

    Your story , or text is really good. For a French speaker your English is fabulous! Yes, the raven was a harbinger of bad things! Writing out our sadness or grimness about things is one excellent way of dealing with loss and pain. It helps to transfer some of the pain to that writing.

    @phaseshift. I didn’t know about that gentleman? He sounded really very gifted and talented! The cartoon work is impressive.

    Thank you,


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    OK, I realise I probably have too much time on my hands, but:

    Is Russel Tovey (who played Midshipman Frame in ‘The End of Time-part 2’, and in ‘Voyage of the Damned’ and huge amounts of other stuff including the Sherlock episode ‘The Hound of Baskerville’) related to Roberta Tovey (who played Susan in the two Cushing Dr Who Movies) who herself is the daughter of George Tovey, who played Ernie Clements in the 1975 Who story ‘Pyramids of Mars-part 2’?

    Well, I did tell you I had too much time on my hands…

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