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    Anonymous @

    My favourite Doctor is, Tom Baker (#4), favourite episode, “The Deadly Assassin.” As for the new series, I too like Capaldi and my favourite episode, so far there would be, “The Husbands of River Song.” My favourite companion is Sarah Jane Smith, from the classic series. I don’t think any of the current ones have surpassed her yet. She just had that rare combination of what for me is the right amount of intelligence, warmheartedness, courage and determination to top everybody else. In short, she seemed to me to be a well rounded, well balanced character, just what the Doctor needed in fact, to keep him in line.

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    @dalektor I love Matt Smith too but joint with Capaldi. Fave episode is dinosaurs on a spaceship. fave companion is Donna as she is hilarious

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    https://www.boombox.com/c/quiz/94369/b940230d-a026-41e0-b233-1e155be642c3   everyone should do this quiz. I found out i am in the Drome chapter of time lords.

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    Does anyone think that there should be an online time lord academy where you can become a time lord. It should be like a n online course or something. Think it would be fun

    Missy @missy



    It seems I’m a CERULEAN. Pity, I don’t like blue. *grins*


    Anonymous @


    I belong to the Patrex chapter which sounds about right (and it’s purple which I don’t mind either).

    I took another Time Lord quiz on gotoquiz.com that says my Time Lord name is “The Wizard”.

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    @missy shame i love blue and my chapter wear silver

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    @theconsultingdoctor  Cool and interesting about being the wizard

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    My favourite companion is Jamie from the second Doctor era because of the incredible chemistry he had with Troughton, he was also quite a funny character from an interesting background (highlands of Scotland during the battle of Culloden)

    If we’re talking about the new series then I think Rory or Donna, not sure?

    I’m just going to pop off and do those quizzes, back soon!

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    I got cerulean and I don’t mind the colour blue, I disagree with the quiet life on Gallifrey though, who’d want to live there when you’ve got a bloody TARDIS!!!!

    Anonymous @

    @thedentistofdavros @missy @1997whovian @Theconsultingdoctor

    OK, I did the thing…

    It was pretty long. Also, odd to have six or 7 questions in a multi-choice ‘paper’ no? 🙂

    I believe I am in the Arts and Arty chapter

    Which is so weird because that’s where I actually used to work. Bizarre. Did they hack my computer?

    Also, I have heliotrope which is terrible name for any colour!

    But I feel better now. I am restored to health and peace.


    Anonymous @

    Oh Gawd, I shouldn’t have started those quizzzezzzz  -I’m hung over from last night still (well, sort of)

    I did the Sparta one and I’d die of old age (not good in some countries like America but I’m an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie).

    Also I did the DC or Marvel vote: Only 36% vote for DC apparently. If I recall @jimthefish you’re more a DC gentleman rather than a Marvel man?

    (I base this on discussions from the Buffy Blogs -heady and wonderful times they were)

    DalekTor @dalektor

    @puroandson @thedentistofdavros @missy @1997whovian @Theconsultingdoctor

    I took the quiz too! I got Cerulean, and then I took it again and got Arcal.

    I also took the Sparta quiz, because it looked fun. I also got old age, which apparently has all the sane answers!


    Slightly off topic, but there’s no thread for it. I checked. Also, SPOILERS. Although it is Two, so really, it’s been around for practically forever…


    Today I found some reconstructions of The Evil of the Daleks, and it was really good. Two pulled off some really good gambits, and Jamie had some good moments in there as well.

    However, does anyone else agree that Alpha, Beta, and Omega, along with the rest of the “Factors” were the best part?


    Seriously, they sound like they got drunk and decided that snorting helium would be a great idea. Got some links!


    for Episodes 1 and 3-7

    and Episode 2 is in here:

    Seriously, watch them!

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    @thedentistofdavros  Cool Donna is my favourite companion

    Missy @missy

    Copying and pasting names is getting difficult.

    So, I agree with you dentistdavros, who would hang around if you had a Tardis – I wouldn’t

    Green is my favourite colour, followed by red.


    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    The Evil of the Daleks is definitely in my top five possibly even in my top three, it’s a fantastic story and one that was originally intended to kill off the Daleks forever (mad I know!)

    The three human Daleks are actually I find quite creepy and Maxtible is one of my favourite characters from classic who. The one thing I don’t like about the story is Victoria Waterfield, I do like the companion a lot but here she just seemed so hysterical (which is understanding when being held captive but it just got on my nerves!)

    In the story we get to see Troughton’s darker side of the Doctor which can be seen in other stories as well, he can be quite manipulative which is interesting and gives his character even more depth, it also reminds me of how McCoy would play his Doctor.

    The final battle at the end feels epic even if we can’t see most of it, the story definitely feels like a finale to a great season.

    If I could have any missing story back it would be Power followed by this one, have you seen The Power of the Daleks? If not I highly recommend it!

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    I don’t think I could join you in the arts and arty chapter (I’m quite bad to put it mildly!)

    On the DC vs Marvel thing, I’m not into superheroes that much but if I had to pick I’d be picking DC, mainly for Batman!

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    Green and red always remind me of Christmas, my favourite colour would be either yellow or blue.

    DalekTor @dalektor


    Really? You find Alpha, Beta, and Omega creepy? Honestly, I just can’t help but giggle when I hear them, for the aforementioned drunk and helium reasons.


    1997whovian @1997whovian

    hey have any of you’s thought about doing a quiz on here?

    Missy @missy

    Good question .


    ichabod @ichabod

    Interesting find on ye internette; have folks here come across this?





    Missy @missy

    No, thank you ichabod.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @1997whovian   I’m a scendle, it seems; how odd — pretty accurate, actually.  I am scholarly type by nature . . .

    @missy  You’re welcome.  I’m also given to snooping around for Doctor-y stuff in the internet, I guess.  Must go see if I might live to an old age in Sparta . . . which might be not such a great thing, what with story about the Spartan boy so hungry he was hoping to sneak away in private and eat a *fox*!  Jeez, the scent glands on those things . . .

    Anonymous @

    @1997whovian @ichabod @missy

    I think that particular quiz seems to oddly resonate! I found their conclusions eerily correct. So thank you!

    And also @ichabod please DO keep looking for these articles on the ‘net -during the long break time between last season and this season we need to snack on whatever we can!

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  Oh, never fear, I am always on the scent; and somewhere, somehow, the game is always afoot.

    Got to the second interview on Radio Free Skarro with Rachel Talalay, this one (#534, I think) centering on Hell Bent; fascinating, particularly her generosity toward everyone involved, and her ardent admiration for the actors and what they can do — on command, sometimes, which is just unthinkable.  What’s most interesting, though, is what fools this conversation makes of the haters (not here; you all know the other places!) who have nothing more interesting to say against DW and Steven Moffat than “It’s the lazy writing, of course”.  Absolute drivel, particularly when you realize how *everything* in the script gets discussed in microscopic detail with the writers and the actors and the Directors and the lighting guy etc.

    Also it strikes me that there’s this matter of time — in the US, Talalay points out, everything is done in a rush, usually with no rehearsal time and limited takes allowed, but at Cardiff there’s time built into even a very tight, fast shooting schedule, for actually talking through what she calls “the textures” of pivotal scenes — the layers of meaning, the progression of the emotional build, etc.  That “extra” time, as a US TV producer might think of it, is put to sharp-edge good use here, that’s clear.

    And, damn, the brain-power, the professional skills, and the heartfelt commitment that goes into this show now — wow.  Just, wow.  I’m just a sucker for the skilled craft work that ends up making art.

    Anonymous @


    Yes indeed. There is that ridiculous waffle of “lazy writing” to which I generally respond with a “ba ha ha ha ba ha”. And fear it, some have been here……But they didn’t last long.  🙂

    I think the “lazy writing” comment is like a psychic paper -it helps them find a like minded comrade who dislikes the Moffat era and follows up with a: “you all call us haters. When we truly think he/they [the show runner/director/writer ] are lazy. End of.” But they never analyse in what way this laziness manifests. As you say, there’s a lot of time built in for constructive thinking and thoughtful perusals in rehearsals.

    I wonder if this little show became too big for some of these watchers -as if they wanted it to be an average show for an average night?

    Whether, too, people confuse dissent with disloyalty -that things can be different and that’s not just OK but necessary for change. People who claim “if it aint broke, don’t….etc etc” when again change works. Tiny calibrations mixed in with the monumental move. There are those who simply dislike it and then run to the line with “he’s lazy” when really it’s, “I don’t like it, Mummy. I want it the way it was before”

    One thing I find distressing is the commenter who says exactly this:

    I loved that series, it was so inspiring.

    who then goes onto say in the next sentence, this:

    the stuff nowadays is all rubbish.”

    If only they stopped with the first full stop or period.

    Missy @missy

    I think most of us agree with the sentiments above. People  allowed to have an opinion however, but I feel sorry for them. They know not what they miss.

    This member doesn’t want change either – but only about the Doctor having a sex change.


    Anonymous @

    This member doesn’t want change either

    I remember Moffat saying somewhere that “change makes grownups of us”.

    It’s a good thing. But it can be bewildering.

    Missy @missy


    Sometimes it is, somtimes it isn’t. Mind you, this is only my opinion.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  @missy  Well, strictly speaking, change is an unavoidable thing, being a function of time; and nobody’s figured out yet how to stop time, at least as far as I know!  I’d not eager for a female Doctor either, but I reserve the right to be so surprised, in a good way, that I end up raving like a lunatic about a female actor in the role.  And of course I’m a fan of more maturity, not less, so I’m hoping that if/when they *do* have a female doctor, it’s not some prancing or vamping glamor puss in her mid-twenties.  A grown-up woman with lines of life on her face and some depth to the gaze, that’s what I’d start with.  (I like what Moffat said about choosing Capaldi: that the Doctor should be handsome, but always with a twist, an oddness to his look, not straight-up conventional good looks.)

    Fat chance of a such a woman being cast, though, IMO, and realistically speaking.  The producers wouldn’t want to alienate millions of youngsters with a Doctor who looks like Mom.  Dad, now — Dad’s okay with most, apparently.  Same as it ever was . . .

    Missy @missy


    In that case, there is always Lindsay Duncan?


    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy  Hmmm.  Looks a little like *my* mom, come to think of it . . . !

    Missy @missy

    *Snigger* Besides,  she has already been in Waters of Mars.


    Anonymous @

    I think, Lindsay Duncan, in the role is not a bad idea actually, but I don’t expect that to really happen. As far as being on the show before, however, so was Capaldi.

    Anonymous @

    Lindsay Duncan isn’t my first choice for the Doctor, but if she was, it would interesting for her Doctor to go back to the idea of Time Lord victorious and not letting power go to her head–a slight contrast to CapDoc and Pompeii.

    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond

    seems legit

    Anonymous @

    Er, right…..

    Anonymous @

    Yes, this reminds me of the day I was walking down the street and somebody stopped me and offered me an airplane for free–yes, really, I’m not kidding. Of course, if it had been a man in a velvet coat, standing next to a blue police box, well then, there’s no telling where I might have ended up. 😉 (*Thinking*) Oh dear, what if that airplane was a TARDIS with a working chameleon circuit?–I hadn’t thought of that. It could even have been Clara’s TARDIS transformed into an airplane. I could have really missed the boat, er, plane, er, TARDIS on that one. 😉

    Anonymous @

    I feel bad for the new user who apparently deleted their account. I got a few of those spam emails similar to that one when I first made an account, but I deleted them and stopped getting them after 2 or 3. It’s just spam.

    Anonymous @

    Oh, that’s a shame, as the same thing happened to me as well, although not quite so detailed or obvious, but I spotted it fairly quickly, deleted and ignored them and they stopped.

    Then again, maybe the recipient has already gone off to the Riviera (whichever) to buy a villa with a portion of the proceeds. 😉

    MissRori @missrori

    Looking above at the comments about people who complain the show’s not what it used to be…

    I confess to being a bit of a sinner in that regard. I sampled all of the classic Doctors when I got into the show in the ’90s, and lots of expanded universe stuff.  I found the Fourth Doctor to be my favorite and focused on his era (as a young, hungry college student I had only so much money for VHS tapes!).  When the series was revived in ’05, I wound up binge watching Series 1 and later worked my way through most of Series 2…but while I knew it was quality work, it wasn’t my preferred “flavor” of Who, much the way I wasn’t a fan of the New Adventures novels.  So I just moved on to other interests, but I kept up with major news about the show and didn’t waste time complaining about it in forums and the like.  Why be a negative Nellie?  😉

    Last summer, I was feeling a bit guilty about not being better caught up with things, not liking the feeling of being an outsider in a larger, bigger fandom.  I was nervous about sampling the Twelfth Doctor’s stories, because an online critic I respected, who’s been a Who-fan for years, had been dismissing Moffat-era stories right and left and was coming down especially hard not only on Twelve’s stories, but on Twelve as a character.  With all that negative talk, and the understanding that Series 8 did have an often-gloomy story arc when all was said and done, I was prepared to sample one or two of the better-regarded episodes, and move on.  Just to have some headcanon.

    But I worked my way through the bulk of Series 8 and wound up loving the character of the Twelfth Doctor, warts and all, and feeling awful that I hadn’t just gone in cold and instead let online chatter scare me off.  Soon I started writing fan poems — I’d never felt such a drive to create before — and not a month had gone by before I sent Peter Capaldi a fan letter and one of my better poems, just as I’d done once upon a time with Tom Baker.  (Both men sent me a sweet personal reply.)

    And that was how I watched Series 9 as it unfolded, bearing up under mountains of feels, ending with the sheer joy of the realization that he got a “happy ending” at last.  And while I still respect that critic, a good person, it breaks my heart that she thinks so little of the show right now; save for the Zygon 2-parter and “Sleep No More”, oddly enough, she disliked/hated every episode of that season.  Yes, even “Heaven Sent”.  I couldn’t bear to read the full reviews.

    I’ve felt very happy to become a part of this forum — I feel welcome, the conversation is fun and constructive, and positive!  <3  <3


    @stitchintime @theconsultingdoctor

    Unfortunately such message are maddeningly hard to defend against (I think it was Einstein who observed that it is impossible to make something foolproof, because fools are so ingenious). It is not just newbies who get them – everyone does, it’s just that some of us are used to them.

    If you get something that bothers you, pop over to Website Comments and tag @craig. He likes killing trolls.

    I must admit the Nigerian scam is a new one. Usually it is Russian laydees looking for lurve…

    Anonymous @


    No-one sent me any euros. Mind you, I’m surprised I haven’t been given some ‘pounds’ to look after -as Australian economists seem to think is a “good idea”

    There there: I shall wait till the next scammer long lost father/mother/niece/aunt

    Anonymous @


    Interesting about your friend and reviewer who detests the current iteration of the show. Shame. Clearly though they still have a real and genuine emotion for it -hence the harsh review about why they dislike it etc/maybe?

    Which is fine -everyone loves or dislikes something. I’m reminded of dissent with loyalty and perhaps they’re still loyal? If they weren’t, they may not bother with a lengthy review in the beginning.

    Having said that I don’t particularly enjoy the Dalek excerpt above (no offence @dalektor) -I think it probably improves (with time) -whilst the creepy beginning is astonishing and the music is so forward thinking it still blows my mind despite spending most of my life listening to music of the 20th and 21st centuries (this theme is infinite and authentic for a programme such as this)- I still believe any good show must evolve which explains why it’s been around in various forms since 1963.

    Change is good. 🙂

    Hmm, @dalektor still listening to that episode; I enjoy those crescendo trilling arpeggios by the clarinet —> 10 mins later, I’m still listening. It is rather good, isn’t it?

    hallo Miss Rori (Son here -mum’s resting) it’s good you like being in this   foram. I love   it too. And I am 14 and not enjoying or liking most of the instagram messaging, forums and websites people my age tend to like. So I hope you continue to enjoy it   here.

    From Puro and Son

    janetteB @janetteb

    @missrory your story about your friend reminds me that many many years ago I was friends with someone who did not particularly like Tom Baker and thought the show had really gone downhill since he took over. I sometimes think I am just way too easy to please. There is only one incarnation of the Doctor whom I haven’t liked. I do however think that AG (after gap) we have been rather blessed with four superb actors who really fit the role.



    Missy @missy


    It is fun here isn’t it, even though we don’t always agree, it’s interesting to hear all the theories.


    Hear, hear. Superb and superlative I’d say. The strangest thing  is that all the new Doctor theme music suits every one of them. Maurry Gold, is astonishing.


    MissRori @missrori

    Thanks for the emotional support everyone!  😉

    @puroandson  Oh yes, the reviewer I’m describing is still passionate about the show, but the Zygon 2-parter and a few other stray episodes aside — ones like “Time Heist” and “Sleep No More” that, tellingly, don’t have much impact on story arcs — she’s pretty harsh on it (she’s really not a fan of how female characters are generally depicted under Moffat…Osgood is one of the few exceptions, and even then, there was what happened to her in “Death in Heaven”).  When her blurb for her “Face the Raven” review includes the phrase “I feel nothing”…well, there’s no choice but to agree to disagree.  She hasn’t even reviewed “The Husbands of River Song” yet.

    So between that and the fact that Twelve is a broodier, frostier sort and that causes a lot of unhappy drama for him in Series 8, it was hard not to get the impression from the various review sites I track that it was a total gloom-fest, even when reviews were positive.  Upon watching it, I realize it really isn’t, though it is feels-heavy.   Because I am awfully sensitive (part of it’s my autism), I still haven’t caught up with “Kill the Moon”, the season finale, and “Last Christmas” as yet.  But hey, it took me years upon years to finally bring myself to watch the entirety of “Logopolis”!  😉  I’ll get there.  Someday.  😉

    (Actually…one reason I find the Twelfth Doctor so fascinating and compelling is that many of his character traits and quirks aren’t far removed from those of many autistics.  If anything, Twelve comes off as a more authentic, sympathetic portrayal of an autistic person, both strengths and weaknesses, than some of the attempts to depict autistic people in fiction that I’ve read are.  One autistic, Catholic blogger who is also a fan of the show once joked, while discussing the lack of a saint for autism, quipped “Sadly the Catholic Church has been slow to canonise the Twelfth Doctor”.)



    Some people just can’t handle arc-based storytelling.

    They need to be strapped to a chair, Clockwork Orange-style, and made to watch Buffy all the way through, repeatedly, until they get it.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant   Uh — well, yes, the Clockwork/Buffy treatment might help create a breakthrough for some, but most of the objectors . Story arcs can require an unusual commitment to a show and its characters that not everyone is inclined to make.

    And arcs can be overdone, too — e.g., “The Mentalist” and the “Red John” theme, which finally drove me away — the way they kept dragging that gloomy thing in to tag every episode with it, many of which were interesting little crime dramas just as they were, without the obligatory link to this rather boring “criminal mastermind” element.  But then, I never met a criminal mastermind who didn’t bore the pants off me.  Mmm.  Well, maybe Reddington, but that’s James Spader for you — an actor who projects hidden (usually for good reasons) depths as few others can.

    @missrori  one reason I find the Twelfth Doctor so fascinating and compelling is that many of his character traits and quirks aren’t far removed from those of many autistics. If anything, Twelve comes off as a more authentic, sympathetic portrayal of an autistic person, both strengths and weaknesses, than some of the attempts to depict autistic people in fiction that I’ve read are. One autistic, Catholic blogger who is also a fan of the show once joked, while discussing the lack of a saint for autism, quipped “Sadly the Catholic Church has been slow to canonise the Twelfth Doctor”.

    Lovely, and thanks for the insight.  So, how would you break down CapDoc’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of feeling authentically autistic to you?

    As for Sainthood — well, 12 probably wouldn’t like to share some of the company he’d find himself in.  He might go whooshing off to Vatican City to be his own Devil’s Advocate, and get himself out of it for a concatination of reasons; the clever boy.

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